Instructions for the ec-1 form begin with the project number and report number. Ensure the project number is correct. Ensure the report number is consecutive

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Begin with the project number and report number. Ensure the project number is correct. Ensure the report number is consecutive.

Date of Inspection: date the field inspection was performed

Verify if the inspection is a regular weekly inspection or if the inspection is the result of a rainfall event (equal to or greater than one-half inch).

Verify that line codes are in accordance with the erosion control legend (ECL).

Check the location of the BMP’s on the EC-1 report against the ESPCP. They should match the plan or the red line mark-ups on the plan. If they do not match, this must be corrected immediately.

Check the date of installation against the BMP installation report.

In the field, spot check the % FILLED column. This is a subjective item, but there should not be great discrepancies between the amount on the EC-1 report and the field spot check. Make note of any discrepancies.

In the field, spot check the maintenance required column. This will include repair to any damaged BMP as well as removal of sediment and filtercake. Maintenance or repair of any item that is not listed on the EC-1 report by the WECS is to be added at this time.

In the field, spot check the ADD/REM BMP’s column. Any new items that have been added or are recommended to be added must be noted. Any existing items that should be removed are to be noted in this column.

Review the comments column and make any pertinent comments on the condition of BMP’s. The person entering the comments is to place their initials with the comment. This will identify if the comment was entered by the inspector, the WECS or the Engineer.

In the field, review the items that were listed as needing repair or maintenance. Note the date these items were repaired or maintained.

A rough calculation is to be performed to determine the amount of total disturbed acreage on the project that is not temporarily or permanently stabilized.

Review the certification sheet for card numbers and expiration dates, and proper signatures.

After repairs or maintenance has been performed a re-inspection of those BMP’s should be performed. When this inspection is complete, attach the Deficient BMP Re-Inspection certification form.

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