Instructions for the 1004 mc 5c Spreadsheet

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Instructions for the 1004 MC 5c Spreadsheet

Don Machholz, Colfax, CA (530) 320-8204

For the 1004 MC 5c it is important to gather the proper information from Metrolist. One tool that will do this is the Spreadsheet For The 1004 MC 5c Excel program which I wrote.

These instructions tell how to set up your MLS. For MetroList, on some of your computers you set up the export order, for others you are using the one set up by MetroList. For the 5c you have to set up your own export order, adding two more columns to the original 11 columns for the 1004 MC 4b (and 4c).

It makes it easier if the information is properly formatted when it is copied off the MLS and placed into a separate spreadsheet prior to being pasted into Spreadsheet program.
We can begin by setting our preferences so that your data is in the same order as is needed for the spreadsheet program. Once you make these changes in your MLS setting, you do not need to change it again. Click on “Admin” and click on “Custom Export Setup” (for setting up the export feature, which is what we will do here). We are going to change the order in which the data is given to us in the export.

It takes you to another window which looks like the one to the left. Click on the icon “Create Export”.

You will then get a window like the one at the lower left. I suggest you call this export 1004 MC 5c, but you can name this new export any name you want. It really doesn’t matter what the “Display Order” is, but be sure you indicate “Excel (*.csv), which is the default, it is OK to include field names, and say no to pictures.

Hit “Save”

Then you will get a screen like the one below.

You can move each parameter from the left box to the right box, then move them up or down until they match the order that is needed for the Spreadsheet program. This is what is needed for the Spreadsheet program, in this order:

1) Status Description

2) Address

3) List Price

4) Selling Price

5) Year Built

6) Square Footage

7) Lot Size - Acres

8) On Market Date

9) Pending Date

10) Selling Date

11) DOM (not CDOM)

12) REO Desc (NOT simply “REO”)

13) Short Sale Desc (NOT simply Short Sale”)
You can have the MLS Number or other information first, as long as beginning with the category “Status” you have the same order as shown above. When they are in the correct order, click on “Save” at the top left corner of the page.

Now we are going to conduct the search and scoop up all the actives and solds in the past year. To do this we must also pick up “Expired”, “Withdrawn”, etc over the past year.

Whether using the map or standard search, toggle to receive all these statuses. The dates must be earlier than the first date you wish to check. This is at least one year prior to your Date of Value, which is the effective date of your appraisal. Put no dates in for “Actives” or “Pending”.
When you fill in the other search criteria, remember, we want comparables from the subject’s market area. You, the appraiser, have to decide what that is.

Choose your “Property Types”, Property Subtypes”, Statuses (displayed on the previous page), SF size limits, years built, lot sizes, areas (City, Zip, MLS region and/or draw a map), and anything else that describes “comparable” to you. Then hit the SEARCH button and let MLS deliver your data.

Then click on the box next to “Residential” (upper left), then click on the “Exports” button.

You will see a window like that to the left. Drop down the “Listing Export Option” and click on the name of the export setup you made earlier. Click “Submit” (above left corner of the box.)

You will get a window like that below. Click on the file name and save it to your desktop.

Close out MLS.

Open that file on your desktop and save as a work file. Then copy the first 13 columns of data (but not the Header Row, at the very top!) and paste into the Spreadsheet for 1004 MC 5c Excel program.

One way to highlight it prior to copying it from your spreadsheet is this:

Left click on the top left data box, it will say “Active”, or some status like that.

Hold down the SHIFT key and tap the RIGHT ARROW button 12 times. Then old down both the CONTROL and the SHIFT keys and tap the DOWN ARROW button once. Copy.

Then paste into the 5c program.


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