Instructions for Completing Report Form ta-1017-9 (Monthly Employment Utilization) posted on the Internet

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Instructions for Completing Report Form TA-1017-9 (Monthly Employment Utilization) posted on the Internet
This report requires that you download it from the New York State Thruway Authority’s web site. It is an Excel interactive spreadsheet report.
The report is already set up with formulas to compute the monthly and cumulative Minority and Female employment percentages, as well as the total number of Minority and Non-minority employees for the report month. *Instructions for completing the report manually are also provided. Please look for: INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING EMPLOYMENT UTILIZATION REPORT – TA-1017-9 MANUALLY, on this web site.
A. How to organize your report directory before downloading Report TA-1017-9:
Follow these steps:

  1. Set up a folder in Windows Directory and call it NYSTWY Monthly Report TA-1017-9.

  1. Double click on the file and create a sub-folder called – ORIGINAL TA-1017-9

This sub-folder will never be used to complete the monthly reports. It is intended to save an original blank report if needed for the future.

  1. Create another sub-folder in the folder in number 1 above and call it Monthly Reports (year)

Where year is indicated, type the year this report will be used for the first time to complete reports to be submitted. i.e. Monthly Reports 2005.

  1. (For Prime Contractors Only) – Create 2 more sub-folders under the Monthly Reports (year) folder * in 3 above. Call one Prime Report (year) and the other Composite Report (year). i.e. Prime Report 2005 and Composite Report 2005. The Prime Contractor will always need to complete 2 reports particularly if there are Subcontractors on the project.

(For Subcontractors) – Create 1 sub-folder under the Monthly Reports (year) folder and call it Prime Report (year). * see Directory Tree below
Your Directory Tree should look like this:

Progressive months

These steps will be done to insure that there will always be an original report in memory and to provide an organized report file cabinet for future reference.
B. The Formulas:
As indicated before, the report already contains the formulas necessary for computing the required report data. The report also contains MACROS that are intentionally hidden to protect the integrity of the report and to provide a smooth operation.
The MACROS that are used for: (Procedures)

  1. Prompting the user to enter the current month and year upon opening the report for the first time.

  1. Running Year to Date Totals (Yellow button on the upper right hand corner of the report)

(Please Note: The “Year to Date Totals” button should only be depressed 1 time after all of the work hours for the current month have been entered.)

  1. Prompting the user to “Save As” - the report after running the Year to Date Totals – Save in Prime Reports (year) or in the Composite Reports (year) folder. Remember to name the file Prime(month)(year) i.e. PrimeJan05.xls – located in Prime Reports (year) or Comp(month)(year) i.e. CompJan05.xls – located in Composite Reports (year). *see Directory Tree above.

This is the opportunity for the user to save reports by reporting month in the Monthly Reports (year) folder noted in 3 above. The report will be already named because the MACROS will automatically capture the month and year from the computer’s clock. PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to locate the folder that has already been set up and save the report by Month and Year name. i.e. “Save As” – PrimeJan05.xls or CompJan05.xls. *see procedure “ c” above.

  1. Telling the user the Directory Path where the report was saved.

  1. Prompting the user to again before exiting the report by indicating “Do you want to save the information for next month?” and suggest the file name - The report will automatically ask the user to save the report (cumulative totals only – *see below) for the next reporting month. Save in the following path Monthly Reports (year) / Prime Report (year)/ Prime(month)(year).xls. *see Directory Tree in section A of these instructions.

* This operation is controlled by another MACRO. You will notice that when you try to quit the program, the “Save As” screen will pop-up. The macro has also “Cleared the Current Month Data” but has maintained the “Cumulative Work Hours” at the bottom of the report.

Again, this MACRO has named the report for the next month. PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to locate the folder that has already been set up and save the report by the next Month and Year name. i.e. “Save As” – June05.xls. *see procedure “c” above

The macro has progressed the name of the month in preparation for the completion of the “NEXT REPORT MONTH” and has maintained the integrity of the “Cumulative Year to Date Totals”.

Essentially, the program loops to create each progressive Current Monthly Report and Cumulative Year to Date Totals. Important- Steps a-d above are repeated over and over again.
If the project schedule is more than 1 year, the user should set up sub-folders in the NYSTWY Monthly Report TA-1017-9 primary folder for each year the project is operational. * see section “A”of these instructions.

C. What the User Does and What the Report Does:
Data Entry:

  1. The user will enter item numbers 1 through 10 and 17 and 18 only. The report does the rest.

When entering the data, items 1 through 10 are specific to the Project, Prime Contractor and, Subcontractor. This report form’s required information has not changed. The form will have areas (cells) that are locked and unlocked. The contractor will enter the requested data in the unlocked cell adjacent or below the requested information. The “check boxes” immediately after item 7 are self explanatory. Note: The Prime Contractor has to complete 2 reports (Prime and Composite).

a) Job or Trade Category - The contractor will have the flexibility to change the “Job or Trade Category” to mirror the employee trades assigned to the project. These areas (cells) on the report are not locked.

  1. Item 10 – The contractor will enter the total work hours by Trade and Category (Journey Worker, Apprentice, or Trainee) Only whole numbers in ½ hour increments will be allowed. i.e. 40.00 or 40.50. If anything else is entered, the report will have a Warning Message prompt box providing further instructions.

  1. Items 11 through 14 – The contractor will enter the total work hours for the month for each Ethnic Group by Job or Trade Category. The report will automatically keep a running total of hours and calculate the Minority and Female Percentages.

  1. Item 17 and 18 – The contractor will enter the number of employees in each Job or Trade Category. The report will calculate the total number of employees. Only whole numbers with two decimal places will be allowed.

  1. Click to Run Year to Date Total – This yellow button appears at the top right hand corner of the report. After entering all the data in items 1–14 and 17, 18, the contractor will depress this button. The report will calculate the Year to Date Total and prompt to “SAVE AS” – Follow the instructions B3 of these instructions. Print the report for submitting to the Project Engineer, at this time. The contractor will submit the Composite Report only. The Project Engineer will review the report and forward it to the Compliance Unit of the Office of Contracts and Construction Management. The contractor is also responsible for filing the Prime and Subcontractor reports for auditing by the Thruway Authority or the New York State Department of Labor.

  1. Exit Report – After completing the report a-e above, the contractor will exit the report. The report will prompt the user by asking “Do you want to save the information for next month?” and suggest the file name. Save the report as indicated in B5 of these instructions.

Additional Alerts:

  1. The work hours by Ethnic Group (11, 12, 13, 14) must be less than or equal to the hours in item 10 by Job or Trade Category (Journey Worker, Apprentice, or Trainee). If NOT, the report will show “Invalid Hours” in items 15 and 16 (Minority and Female Goal _Percent). The error has to be corrected at this time. Review the hours entered in items 11 through 14 in each Trade and Category (Journey Worker, Apprentice, or Trainee) and insure that the hours are Less than or Equal to the hours entered in item 10 (Total all Employees by Trade (Non-Minorities & Minorities).

  1. Negative Numbers and Alphabetical Letters in items are NOT ALLOWED. A Warning Message prompt box giving further instructions will appear if the user enters inappropriate data.

D. Conclusion:

If for any reason, the contractor errs on a report, the ORIGINAL TA-1017-9 Report, will be resident on the user’s computer (*see Directory Tree for path) or available on the Thruway Authority’s Internet Web Page. In order to correct all of the Monthly and Cumulative Reports, the user will have to follow these procedures again.
Please contact the Compliance Unit at the Thruway Authority if you have any questions.

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