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To: John Butler, Chief, Property Management Branch

Office of Facilities and Administrative Services
From: (Insert Name and Title)
Subject: Designation of Accountable and Custodial Property Officer(s)

I hereby appoint the following individual as the (Office Name), Accountable and Custodial Property Officers, for the Cost Centers listed below:



Cost Center(s):

Accountable Property Officer (APO)

Name and Title:



Custodial Property Officer (CPO)

Name and Title:



If you have any questions concerning this request, please contact (Insert the OS Office name and point of contact information here)

(Instructions on Designating an APO or CPO: An APO may either be an Office Director, a Supervisory Division or Branch Chief, or comparable position held responsible for personal property within an accountability area or Cost Center(s). The CPO is appointed by the APO and is responsible for the “daily control” of the personal property in the assigned Cost Center(s). Offices may choose to designate one CPO to manage multiple Cost Centers for efficiency as CPO’s must be role mapped and trained for managing personal property assets in FBMS.)

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