Information is power

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“Information is power”. – author unknown


a) All courses and expenses must be pre-approved by the Local 1936 Education Committee according to guidelines outlined below.

2.a) In Town Expenses:

Expenses reimbursed by the union include only:

a) course costs

b) book off (as below)

c) mileage from worksite to the course site and return (as per the Local’s mileage rate)

d) bus fare above normal to and from work expenses

e) parking if necessary

f) child care in accordance with the policy

g) meals that are directly related to time spent in the course
2.b) Out of Town Courses

Expenses reimbursed by the union include only:

a) course costs

b) book off (as below)

c) minimum cost for transportation to a maximum of bus fare equivalent (members must check with the Local 1936 Education Committee before making arrangements)

d) child care in accordance with the policy

e) meals that are directly related to time spent in the course
Note: CUPE Local 1936 will only pay for courses and cover expenses that are for matters relating to union activity.
2.c) Book Off

CUPE Local 1936 will provide full book off costs for stewards attending Orientation, Basic and Advanced Stewarding Training, Job Evaluation Representative Training, and Occupational Health and Safety Training on regularly scheduled days. All other training that is in excess of one day

will be approved on a shared basis between the union and the member in accordance with CUPE Local 1936’s Education Policy and educational priorities. When approved by the Local 1936

Education Committee, CUPE Local 1936 will continue to cover the course costs and transportation costs as outlined above.


a) Member to demonstrate active commitment and involvement in the union for a period of at least 6 months.

b) Member must have participated in their own bargaining structure, be a member of the Unit Executive or have attended the majority of unit meetings.

c) The Member must have attended at least two Central Membership meetings in the last year.

d) The member must actively raise and enhance the profile of the union within the workplace.
3.a) Accountability:

The member must perform the following responsibilities in order to attend CUPE paid courses:

a) Answer the question “How will the information you acquire be of value to you and the union?” in their application form.

b) Answer the question, “How will the information you acquire be utilized with the membership?” in their application form.

c) Report back after the course, in writing, unless the member is unable due to literacy or disability issues to the Central Membership meeting Under Union Education Committee.

d) The member must be able to answer the question, “How will this particular course fit in with you overall education plan?” in their application.

3.b) Capilano College Labour Studies Courses:

a) Same criteria as above as is consistent with the overall CUPE Local 1936 Educational Priorities as outlined below.

4) CUPE LOCAL 1936 EDUCATIONAL PRIORITIES: Local 1936 deem the educational needs of the Local in the following order:

a) Basic Shop Stewarding Courses

b) Advanced Shop Stewarding courses for members who have completed the Basic Shop Stewarding Training.

c) Occupational Health and Safety Training

d) Preparing for Bargaining

e) Trustees Workshops for Local Trustees

f) Basic WCB Training

g) Advanced WCB Training

h) Resolving Conflict

i) Leadership Training

j) Duty to Accommodate Training
Note: Where possible, and when a number of Local 1936 members request a specific training, CUPE Local 1936 will organize and provide training to members at the Local 1936 office.


a) all applications must be approved by the Union Education Committee

b) CUPE courses to take precedence over other courses

c) Cost of the course to be paid by the Union in accordance with the CUPE Local 1936 Education Policy and outlined priorities

d) Any costs for failing to attend or cancellation of a course will be borne by the applicant

e) Emergencies will be treated on a case by case basis

f) Local 1936 is to include in it’s mandate courses which prepare members to assume Staff Representative duties. This includes tuition for Labour Studies courses. The costs of course materials are only to be covered if attendance at the course is by invitation of the union.

6) COURSE CERTIFICATES: Course certificates will be mailed following the course.

Shop Stewards shall be given the opportunity to attend arbitrations that they have been involved in.

Courses for members that have been dismissed shall be suspended until resolution of the grievance.


“Information is power.” - author unknown



Name: _______________________________________________

Unit Number:__________ Position in the Unit: ________________________________

Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________

Phone (work):_________________________ Home:_____________________________

Fax:_________________________ Job Site:___________________________________ Job Title:________________________________________________________________

1. I would like an opportunity to take the following courses:_______________________ ________________________________________________________________________

2. Why would you like to take these courses?___________________________________


3. How will the information you acquire be of value to you and the union?____________

4. How will the information you acquire be utilized with the membership?____________ ________________________________________________________________________

5. How will this course fit it with your overall union educational plans?______________ ________________________________________________________________________ 6. Briefly describe your involvement in the union:___________________________


7. Do you participate in union activities by:

a) attending meetings regularly? Yes_____ No_____

b) sitting on committees (if yes, please list) Yes ______ No____


c) holding office (if yes, please list) Yes_____ No_____


d) have you taken other CUPE training? (if yes, please describe) Yes_____ No___

8. At your worksite, how many shift rotations are there?___________________________

9. At your place of work, how many worksites are there?_________________________

10.At your place of work, how many staff are there?______________________________

11. Are you currently on Local 1936’s Executive Board? (if yes, please state your position and/or the Unit you represent)._______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

12. Are you willing to participate in Union activities such as by being an active member of your unit or an active member of the Executive Board, by being a member of a Committee or by being a Shop Steward, a trustee, by being a member of the Health and Safety Committee or by assisting with the Education Committee, etc?________________

If yes, please list what positions and/or committees interest you?____________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________.

CUPE LOCAL 1936 and the LOCAL 1936 EDUCATION COMMITTEE wishes to thank you for taking the time to respond to this questionnaire. We look forward to using the information gleaned on this questionnaire to provide you with educational opportunities that best fits the needs of our members.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Sheryl Burns, Chair of the Education Committee Tel: 604-522-8445 Fax: 604-522-8446

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