Industrial Ecology nre 557/cee 586 Section 002 – one credit hour

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Industrial Ecology NRE 557/CEE 586

Section 002 – one credit hour

Winter 2002

Industrial Field Trips and Assessments
Instructor Gregory Keoleian

Assoc. Research Scientist, Industrial Ecology

Co-Director, Center for Sustainable Systems

2046 Dana Bldg.

GSI Dov Brachfield
A new one credit field component was added last year to NRE 557/CEE 586. Industrial/municipal field trips have been very effective in demonstrating industrial processes at a full scale and a range of industrial ecology strategies for improving environmental performance. Credit hours are assigned accordingly.
3 credits: lecture/discussion Section 001

1 credit: industrial field component (optional) Section 002

4 credits: lecture plus field component

Scheduled Trips

Trips to the following seven industrial/municipal/commercial sites have been scheduled for W 2002:

(dates may be rescheduled due to unexpected problems, e.g., plant shutdown)

January 18: Automotive component manufacturing facility (Instrument Panel Plant in Saline)

February 1: Steel Making (National Steel Corporation Great Lakes Division in Ecorse)

February 15: Glass Manufacturing Facility (Guardian Industries Float Glass Plant in Carleton)

March 8: Photovoltaic Plant (Solar Currents Facility in Ann Arbor) and Central Power Plant at UM

March 15: Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Composting Facility, and Reuse Center (Ann Arbor)

March 29: Automotive shredder (Fritz Enterprises in Taylor) and non-ferrous processor (Huron Valley Steel in Belleville)

April 5: Leopold Bros. Brewery and Greenhouse (Ann Arbor)


Specific requirements for one credit field trips and industrial assessments:

  1. Participate in each site visit.

  2. Preparation for each site visit:

  1. Read background materials in preparation for each field trip and make notes in log. Prepare a simple flow diagram and identify major input and output streams.

  2. Prepare questions on technology, environmental management, or other matters that would help enhance your understanding of the industrial processes (also record these questions in your log).

  3. Record and assess TRI emissions from each facility using the Environmental Defense Scorecard. The web site for Toxic Chemical Releases from Manufacturing Facilities is You can generate a Facility Report using the Pollution Locator Search Engine at

  1. Record observations and data during visit in your log.

  1. Sketch out a process flow diagram and describe major process steps.

  2. Identify major inputs and outputs including products (indicate quantities when possible)

  3. Identify sources of material and energy inefficiencies

  4. Record cost, corporate policies, regulatory and other key drivers influencing the industrial sustainability of this industry

  1. Analysis during or after site visit (record in log)

  1. Benchmark facility against other facilities in the US (relative size, technology used)

  2. Recommend improvement strategies

Evaluation for the one credit will be based on the following:

Participation on trips 50%

Log 50%

Gather at the main door to the Dana Bldg. (east side - on the E. University pedestrian mall) at 1:00 pm.
A University of Michigan Van will leave at 1:10 promptly for all trips unless otherwise indicated.
We will return to Ann Arbor between 5pm and 6:30 pm depending on the facility location and weather conditions.
Dress: wear clothing that may get dirty and boots that will protect you when walking in often muddy conditions.

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