Increase or reduction in number of members on board; election

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48174348-1743.  Increase or reduction in number of members on board; election

A.  The board of directors may on its own initiative, or shall, if so requested by a petition signed by a number of qualified electors of the district equal to one third of the number of votes cast at the last preceding annual election, submit to the electors at any annual election the question of reducing or increasing the number of members of the board. If the number of directors on the board is reduced, the reduction shall be to five or three members, and if increased, the number shall remain an odd number, but in no case less than three or more than fifteen.

B.  When a change in the number of members of the board of directors is submitted, at the same election at which the question is submitted there shall be elected the maximum members necessary to comply with the proposed change in number, but those qualifying shall depend upon the result of the vote upon the proposition to change the number, and in such contingencies shall be decided by lot in some method devised by the holdover members of the board. 481743

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