Incident Communications Plan (ics 205), Adapted for fda

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Incident Communications Plan (ICS 205), Adapted for FDA

1. Incident Name:

2. Date/Time Prepared:

3. Operational Period:
Date From: Date To:
Time From: Time To:

4. Incident communication information:

Incident Assigned Position

Name (Last, First)

Primary Number

Secondary Number

Other Method (s) of Contact

(pager, email, radio, etc.)



5. Special Instructions:

6. Prepared by (Communications Unit Leader): Name: Signature:

ICS 205

IAP Page _____


Updated by FDA 2/2011

ICS 205

Incident Communications Plan
Purpose. The Incident Communications Plan (ICS 205) provides contact information for all incident personnel. The ICS 205 indicates methods of contact for personnel assigned to the incident (phone numbers, pager numbers, radio frequencies, etc.) and functions as an incident directory.
Preparation. The ICS 205 is prepared by the Communications Unit Leader and given to the Planning Section Chief for inclusion in the Incident Action Plan. This form should be updated each operational period.
Distribution. The ICS 205 is duplicated and attached to the Incident Objectives (ICS 202) and given to all recipients as part of the Incident Action Plan (IAP). All completed original forms must be given to the Documentation Unit. If this form contains sensitive information such as cell phone numbers, it should be clearly marked in the header that it contains sensitive information and is not for public release.

  • If additional pages are needed, use a blank ICS 205 and repaginate as needed.

  • The ICS 205 serves as part of the IAP.

Block Number

Block Title



Incident Name

Enter the name assigned to the incident.


Date/Time Prepared

Enter date prepared (month/day/year) and time prepared (using the 24-hour clock).


Operational Period

Enter the start date (month/day/year) and time (using the 24-hour clock) and end date and time for the operational period to which the form applies.


Incident Communications Information

Enter the communications methods assigned and used for personnel by their assigned ICS position.

  • Incident Assigned Position

Enter the ICS organizational assignment.

  • Name

Enter the name of the assigned person.

    For each assignment, enter primary and secondary contact number(s) to include area code, etc. If applicable, include the radio channel and frequency,

  • Remarks

Enter miscellaneous information concerning how to contact the assigned personnel


Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions or other emergency communications needs.


Prepared by

  • Name

  • Position/Title

  • Signature

  • Date/Time

Enter the name, ICS position, and signature of the person preparing the form. Enter date (month/day/year) and time prepared (24-hour clock).

Updated by FDA 2/2011

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