Il "trasporto merci attraverso le alpi" freight across the alpes

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Mario VILLA - Professor, Politecnico of Turin

The debate in course between the problems of the conservation of the environment and of the territory present itself particulary binding when it is evident the contrast between the oneness of environmental facilities, like the Alps, and the consequences, partially only avoidables or mitigables, caused by the realisation of infrastructure between two of the more seattled and productive areas of the planet. Is a debate which, for useful being, implicates the availability to accept the reason of the parts and of advantage on data and common perspective like the increasing availability of conventional comforts are tied of the growth of the conventional mobility that the free exchange of the goods is carrier of balance in the availability of facilities and the law of people exist of hope and of operate for an amelioration of the condition if life. These reasons find in the estimates (still in course) on the mobility of the goods and in the convenience of long terms programs for the continental nets, in the logic of environmental sustainability, the necessity that is proceeded with recognised informative clarity


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