Identifying Europe’s information needs for effective drug policy Lisbon, 6-8 May 2009

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Identifying Europe’s information needs for effective drug policy

Lisbon, 6-8 May 2009
Parallel sessions: Trends
Parallel session B. Drug problems and consequences

Name: Andrea Ammon

Affiliation/Institution: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Address: SE-171 83 Stockholm


Bio note:
Andrea Ammon, MD, MPH has been the Head of the Surveillance Unit at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) since 2005. Dr Ammon is responsible for developing The European Surveillance System (TESSy), providing training for TESSy users, implementing a long-term surveillance strategy for the European Union (EU), evaluating the Dedicated Surveillance Networks (DSN), performing step-by-step transfer of DSN activities to ECDC, revising the EU case definitions, producing an Annual Epidemiological Report of infectious diseases in the EU, and liaising with other organisations, such as the European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organization (WHO). Prior to joining the ECDC, Dr Ammon served in several roles at the Robert Koch-Institut, in Berlin, Germany, most recently as Head of Department for Infectious Disease Epidemiology. In this capacity, she maintained and further developed the German national surveillance system; coordinated the national outbreak response team for current and emerging infections (including SARS and influenza A[H2N2]); performed emergency planning for influenza; directed the national Field Epidemiology Training Programme; coordinated epidemiological research programmes in infectious diseases; provided scientific advice for government Ministries, Members of Parliament, and the public; competent authority for surveillance and EWRS; representative of Germany in ESCON and EWRS; and served as an expert advisor in several ad hoc working groups of the European Commission devoted to priority setting in European surveillance, developing the European influenza pandemic plan, and developing the strategy for integration of data of human diseases into the European zoonoses report. She has published over 88 peer-reviewed journal articles related to her work.

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