Idas form 18 -removal of quarry material from a watercourse or lake

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IDAS form 18—Removal of quarry material from a watercourse or lake

(Sustainable Planning Act 2009 version 3.2 effective 3 August 2015)

This form must be used for development applications that involve removal of quarry material from a watercourse or lake if an allocation notice is required under the Water Act 2000 for the removal.
You MUST complete ALL questions that are stated to be a mandatory requirement unless otherwise identified on this form.
For all development applications you must:

  • complete IDAS form 1—Application details

  • complete any other forms relevant to your application

  • provide any mandatory supporting information identified on the forms as being required to accompany your application.

Attach extra pages if there is insufficient space on this form.
All terms used on this form have the meaning given in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) or the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009.

Note: If this development application involves a state resource, this application is not required to be supported by evidence of resource entitlement. The allocation or entitlement to the resource is a separate process and should be obtained prior to development commencing.

Mandatory requirements

1. What is the quantity of quarry material proposed to be removed from the watercourse or lake per annum?

cubic metres

Mandatory supporting information

2. Confirm that the following mandatory supporting information accompanies this application

Mandatory supporting information

Confirmation of lodgement

Method of lodgement

A sketch plan showing:

  • the location of the proposed development and any existing works for removing quarry material


  • lot boundaries and descriptions


 Not applicable

  • the position of any roads.

 Not applicable

Written documentation

Operations plan including:

  • how the quarry material is proposed to be extracted

  • how the quarry material is to be transported from the site

  • how the site will be protected and/or rehabilitated during and after the extraction operation.


A statement addressing the relevant part(s) of the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP).

 Not applicable

Privacy—Please refer to your assessment manager, referral agency and/or building certifier for further details on the use of information recorded in this form.


Date received

Reference numbers

The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 is administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. This form and all other required application materials should be sent to your assessment manager and any referral agency.

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