Icji 1221 hazing defined instruction no

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The word "haze" means to subject a person to bodily danger or physical harm or a likelihood of bodily danger or physical harm, or to require, encourage, authorize or permit that the person be subjected to any of the following:

1. total or substantial nudity on the part of the person;

2. compelling ingestion of any substance by the person;

3. wearing or carrying of any obscene or physically burdensome article by the person;

4. physical assaults upon or offensive physical contact with the person;

5. participation by the person in boxing matches, excessive number of calisthenics or other physical contests;

6. transportation and abandonment of the person;

7. confinement of the person to unreasonably small unventilated, unsanitary or unlighted areas;

8. sleep deprivation;

9. assignment of pranks to be performed by the person.


I.C. § 18–917(2).

Only those subsections that are supported by at least some evidence should be given in the instruction.

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