Ibm power 595 Server (9119-fha) Solution Assurance Discussion Guide

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IBM Power 595 Server (9119-FHA)

Solution Assurance Discussion Guide


Updated May 22, 2009

The following document is being made available in a revisable format to Business Partners on an 'as-is' basis. IBM makes no representations or warranties regarding these Materials and does not provide any guarantee or assurance that the use of such Materials will result in a successful customer installation. It is provided solely for the use of IBM Business Partners to facilitate the documentation of their Solution Assurance procedures. The Business Partner takes responsibility for any and all of its contents and their solutions.

© 2008, 2009 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved.

Change History

  • 23Jan09 (Version 04)
    Added RPQs for overhead cabling
    Added RPQs for non-raised floor installations
    Added RPQ for non-raised floor bolt down
    Added PowerCare offering updates, IBM Systems Director Implementation
    Added Primary OS with IBM i install considerations

  • 23Feb09
    Added On/Off Capacity on Demand considerations

  • 28Apr09
    Updates for Concurrent Maintenance
    Updates for Customer Supplied Placement (CSP)
    Announcement updates (T24, SSD, et al)

Table of Contents:

Change History 3

Section A: Introduction & Overview 7

Section B: Client Environment 11

Client Environment and Expectations 11

Section C: Pre-Sales Checklists 12

Capacity/Performance/Sizing 12


Availability 13

Disk Storage 15

Hardware Management Console (HMC) 15

System Management Environment 15

General Hardware Considerations 16

Section D: Pre-Install Checklists 17

General Considerations (new & upgrade) 17

Migrations/Upgrades/MES 19

Availability 21

Systems Management 21

AIX 22

IBM i 22

Linux 22

Section E: Product-Specific Checklists 24

Power 595 24

IBM i Disk Storage 43

Hardware Management Console (HMC) 46


Operating Systems & High Availability 51

Virtualization/LPAR/Capacity on Demand 55

Section F: Reference Information


Documentation 59

Bulk Power Regulators (BPR) and Bulk Power Distribution (BPD) Assemblies Requirements 60

Power 595 Power Cord Rules and Restrictions 67

HMC Networking Examples 68

Preinstallation configuration worksheet for the HMC 72

Notices: 79

Section A: Introduction & Overview

This document remains the property of IBM and may not be disclosed outside of IBM without proper management approval. Its purpose is to provide insight into the installation of IBM Power™ Systems server models. It is intended to be read by IBM and IBM Business Partner personnel involved in the Solution Assurance process.

Any references made in this document to IBM licensed programs are not intended to state or imply that only IBM licensed programs may be used. References in this publication to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that IBM intends to make these available outside of the United States.

Solution Assurance reviews, called Technical and Delivery Assessments or TDAs, may be performed at various levels depending upon the complexity and requirements of the solution:

  • Self – performed by a knowledgeable member of the proposal team. Used for proposals of low complexity, or solutions for which there is a great deal of previous implementation experience.

  • Peer – performed by a knowledgeable individual on behalf of the proposal team. Used for more complex solutions where there is value in having a reviewer with more subject matter experience, or who has been less involved in the development of the proposal.

  • Expert – a formal review methodology used for complex solutions or for solutions involving new technologies. Outside Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are used to evaluate the technical details of the proposal. A formal report is generally prepared with recommendations and a risk assessment.

TDAs should be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1 - Pre-sales (pre-order) TDA:

IBM recommends that all solutions be reviewed prior to the proposal being presented to the client. During this pre-order solution review you examine many of the key components of a successful solution, including:

  • Capacity planning to correctly size server model, capacity

  • Required features

  • For upgrades:
    Unsupported devices, features, LPPs, PRPQs
    Migrated devices/features

Phase 2 - Pre-installation TDA:

The pre-installation review should be accomplished one to two weeks before the solution/system ships, or earlier if significant porting, moving, or site preparation tasks will be required. During this review the following items should be discussed:

IBM Business Partners have Solution Assurance responsibility for the Power servers they sell. An IBM Service Representative must participate in Power 595 pre-installation TDAs called by the IBM Business Partner. Contact your Distributor or IBM representative for details.
TDA Requirements for IBM Power Systems Solutions for IBM and IBM Business Partners


Pre-Sale TDA

Pre-Install TDA

Power 595

Expert-level Review

Expert-level Review
completion of the “IBM Power 595 Server (9119-FHA) Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) Confirmation Form”

located on Resource Link at:

Systems implementing any of the following:

  • Logical Partitioning (LPAR)

  • Hardware Management Console (HMC)

  • Systems targeted for decision support applications (BI, DB2, etc.)

Expert-level review

Self- or peer-level review

Systems implementing CSM

Expert-level review

Expert-level review

Requesting a Solution Assurance Review or assistance
Review the IBM Solution Assurance website at:

  • IBM - or

  • IBM Business Partners -

For geography specific details:

Americas: IBM sales representatives may request a solution assurance for Power Systems servers they sell via TechXpress. To request assistance, go to: -> Request Technical Sales resources - Americas, or call the Sales Productivity Center at 877-707-2727 for the US and Canada; or 770 858-5451 for Latin America.
EMEA: To request a TDA or for assistance:

  • IBM - refer to this link: or

  • IBM Business Partners - contact technical sales support in your country

AP: To request a TDA or for assistance, refer to this link:

Get the most recent SA Discussion Guide via the Internet

This Solution Assurance Discussion Guide is available via the web. Utilize one of the URLs below to access the most recent copy at the Solution Assurance Home Page:

  • IBM - (search on document number SA818).

  • IBM Business Partners - (Select: Technical Support->Solution Assurance->Partnerworld for Systems and Services Business Partners. Search on document number SA818. You must log into Partnerworld® to access SA material).

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