Hundred-and-second Session Rome, 5 – 9 May 2003 Provisional Agenda

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FC 102/1

March 2003

Finance Committee

Hundred-and-second Session

Rome, 5 – 9 May 2003

Provisional Agenda

  1. This document does not constitute an invitation to the session. While complete sets of documents cannot be provided, one copy of specific committee documents can be provided upon written request.

1. Adoption of Provisional Agenda and Timetable (docs. FC 102/1, FC 102/1 Add.1 and

FC 102/INF/1)

2. Election of Vice Chairperson


3. Annual Report on Budgetary Performance and Programme and Budgetary Transfers
(doc. FC 102/3)

4. FAO Interim Accounts at 31 December 2002 (doc. FC 102/4)

5. Report on Investments 2002 (doc. FC 102/5)

6. Financial Highlights (doc. FC 102/6)


7. 2002 Annual Activity Report of the Office of the Inspector-General (doc. FC 102/7)

8. Progress Report on Implementation of the External Auditor’s Recommendations

(doc. FC 102/8)

9. Programme of Work of the External Auditor (doc. FC 102/9)

10. Appointment of the Inspector-General (doc. FC 102/10)

11. UN Joint Inspection Unit Reports

  • Support Costs Related to Extrabudgetary Activities in Organizations of the United Nations System (JIU/REP/2002/3) (doc. CL 124/INF/10)

  • Extension of Water-related Technical Cooperation Projects to End-Beneficiaries: Bridging the Gap Between the Normative and the Operational in the United Nations System (Case Studies in Two African Countries) (JIU/REP/2002/4)
    (CL 124/INF/11)

  • Involvement of Civil Society Organizations other then NGOs and the Private Sector in Technical Cooperation Activities: Experiences and Prospects of the United Nations System (JIU/REP/2002/01) (doc. CL 124/INF/18)


12. Capital Budgeting (doc. FC 102/12)

13. Review of Project Proposals to Confirm Compliance with FAO’s Mandate

(doc. FC 102/13)

14. Proposal to establish a Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities

(doc. FC 102/14)

15. Innovative Models for Leveraging Resources in Support of the Field Programme

(doc. FC 102/15)

16. Information Note on the Cost of the World Food Summit: five years later

(doc. CFS 2003/INF/10)


17. Summary Programme of Work and Budget (2004-2005) (doc. CL 124/3)

18. Split Assessments (docs. FC 102/18 and FC 102/INF/18)

19. Scale of Contributions 2004-2005 (doc. FC 102/19)

20. European Commission for Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease - Budget for 2004-2005 (doc. FC 102/20)

21. Regional Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA) - Budget for 2003-2004 (doc. FC 102/21)

22. Approval of the Budgets of the Desert Locust Commissions (doc. FC 102/22)


23. Progress Report on Human Resources Management Issues (doc. FC 102/23)

24. Statistics of Personnel Services (doc. FC 102/24)

25. Annual Reports of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly, and Summary of the Decisions Taken (doc. FC 102/25)


26. Methodology for the Determination of Equitable Geographic Distribution
(doc. CL 124/15)

27. Progress Report on the Oracle Project (doc. FC 102/27)


28. Working Methods of the Finance Committee (no document)

29. Date and Place of the Hundred-and-third Session

30. Any Other Matters

For reasons of economy, this document is produced in a limited number of copies. Delegates and observers are kindly requested to bring it to the meetings and to refrain from asking for additional copies, unless strictly indispensable.
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