How to do apa style

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How to do APA Style

From APA: The Easy Way! Second Edition (rev 5/6/13)

  • The page heading should be centered and called “References.”

  • It follows the final page of the essay and is numbered.

  • Double spacing should be used.

  • The first line of each reference entry must start at the left margin with the following lines being indented one half inch.

For books with one author:

Garner, B. A. (2003). Garner's Modern American Usage (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

For books with more than one author:

Natarajan, R., & Chaturvedi, R. (2003). Geology of the Indian Ocean Floor. Hartford, CT: Merganser University Press.

For an encyclopedia:

Peters, V., & Henz, T. R. (2007). Fossil fuel. In The new world encyclopedia (Vol. 19, pp. 440-449). Yutan, NE: New World Encyclopedia.

For magazines or periodicals:

Thomas, E. & Hosenball, M. (2004, May 31). Bush's Mr. Wrong: The Rise and Fall of Chalabi. Newsweek, 143, 22–32.

For newspaper articles:

Poirot, C. (2004, March 17). Making your own Adirondak chair is easy. The Hartford Courant, p. F1.

For the Internet:

  • Accurately transcribe the entire address, using upper/lowercase letters exactly as they appear.

  • If a URL needs to be divided between lines, attempt to do so after a slash and do not hyphenate.

  • Do not use a period at the end of an entry.

  • If no author is provided, the title should be moved to before the date.

  • In general, if no date is provided, n.d. should be utilized.

  • DO NOT underline web addresses.

Online Newspaper Articles from the Internet:

Hewlett, M.T. (n.d.). Education helps stop turnover. Boston Herald. Retrieved from

How technology can impact learning. (2010, December). Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from

Online Magazine/Journal Articles from the Internet:

Henning, P., & Stein, J. (2007). A controlled study of aggression: Inside a federal prison. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 41(2), 102-116. Retrieved from

Internet Documents that are not from a newspaper, periodical, etc. (with no author):

Hispanic men in the corporate world. (2011, August). Retrieved from

Online EBSCO database:

Muddy Waters (2013, February). Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. (6th ed.). p.1. Retrieved from

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