How to configure recording for dcs-5220 for 3gp record Option

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How to configure recording for DCS-5220 for 3GP Record Option
Allows the user to specify where the video image will be saved on the local hard drive, when the user records video directly from the web interface.

Step 1 Log in to the camera.
Step 2 Clicks on Client Settings.

Step 3 Under Connection > Type > MP4 Recording Option > Browse to the directory one wish to save the output path to.

Step 4 Click on Save, to apply the settings.

Step 5 Click on Record Button to start the recoding.

Step 6 Click on Stop Button to stop the recoding.

Note: The recoding will be automatically stopped when the Internet Browser is closed.
Recommended Media player to play back the recoded files, which extension in .mp4 is RealPlayer and Quicktime.

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