How to Complete the cacfp annual Financial Report (afr) Revised October, 2013

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How to Complete the CACFP Annual Financial Report (AFR)

Revised October, 2013

In the past, institutions submitted an annual nonprofit status report. The information will now be collected in an online form called the Annual Financial Report or AFR. It will look like the budget, only you will enter actual costs instead of projected expenses.

The annual financial report will now be completed at the end of each CACFP fiscal year, which ends on September 30. This is a change in procedure from previous years. You will enter your actual expenses for the CACFP fiscal year—October 1 to September 30.

On or around October 15, the AFR will be available online. The AFR will be located in the claims section of the CNPweb®. Click on ADD to enter your numbers.

The annual financial report will now report costs for the CACFP fiscal year, which ends on September 30. This report must include the income and expenses for the month of September. This means that you must include the September reimbursement, even though you will not receive it until October, and any expenses that you incurred in September must be included, even if they are paid in October or later.

The report will automatically show what you submitted as your 2013 budget, and you will enter your actual income and expenses in the middle column:

***IMPORTANT*** The first time you submit the report, it will save as PENDING SUBMISSION. After it has been saved at least once, it will show an “I Certify” section at the bottom of the report. You must check the “I Certify” box for final submission, which will change the status to PENDING APPROVAL.

Organizations will have until December 31 to submit the annual financial report. If the AFR is not approved by January 1, organizations will be declared seriously deficient. Don’t risk losing the Program for failure to submit a report.

If you have questions about completing the AFR, contact:

Carol Markle Maggie Boyce Heather Stinson

317-232-0873 317-232-0851 317-232-0869

800-537-1142 ext. 20873 800-537-1142 ext. 20851 800-537-1142 ext. 20869

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