How to clean you rifle By Ethan

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How to clean you rifle

By Ethan
After that fun, adrenalin rush hunt. You are on your way home with your first buck that you ever shot. You get home and the first thing you want to do is get your picture and cut up your deer. Then after that you want to grab your rifle and your cleaning kit.

When you get ready to clean your rifle you need a ram rod, a rag, gun oil, and a little piece of cloth.

[[ If you don’t know how to check if it is loaded get someone who does or do not touch it.]]

  1. Then first you grab the ram rod the gun oil and the little piece of cloth.

  2. Second you grab the little piece of cloth and roll it up so it fits in the barrel, put some gun oil on it and stick it in the barrel.

  3. Third you want to open the action, then stick the ram rod on the cloth in the barrel and push to run the cloth down threw. You will want to do this a couple of times so you make sure you get all of the gun powder.

That was just the inside of the barrel now you have to clean the bolt and around the bolt.

4. You take your rag and the gun oil. Then take the bolt out of the gun.

5. To do that you lift the bolt up and pull the trigger then pull it out.

6. Then you should grab your rag and your gun oil and put the oil on your rag.

7. Pick up the bolt action that you took out of your gun and wipe it down till you can’t see any black grease or gun powder any more. Then wipe around were the bolt goes.

8. Then you pick up the bolt, pull the trigger, match the in graves and shove the bolt in.

Now you are done with the inside of the barrel and the bolt. Now we have to get the outside of the gun done.

9. Grab your rag , oil, and the rifle.

10. Flip the rag to a clean side and spray some more oil on it.

11. Then wipe down the barrel as good as you can.

12. Then the stock and the scope if you want to.

People say that it will hurt the scope or make your target blurry if you wipe the lens of the scope down, but I don’t see what the problem is because I do it all the time. After you are down with all that you will have your nice clean rifle for the next big buck you might see next year.

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