How to add an aircraft to air carrier operations

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Flight Standards District Office

5707 Huntsman Road
Suite 100

Richmond, Virginia 23250-2415

Ph. 804-222-7494

RIC FSDO Form F022, Revision 9, September 3, 2010 ←revision bookmark

FAX 804-222-4843


Dear Applicant:

To add an aircraft to air carrier operations complete the following steps.

  1. DECIDE what you want to do with the aircraft and where you want to do it, and how you will maintain and inspect the aircraft. The linked OPSPECS CHECKLIST describes most of the available options. Ask for guidance as needed.

  2. CONFIRM that the aircraft, crew, and company procedures will meet the specific requirements related to what you want to do. Refer to applicable parts of 14 CFR Parts 91 and 135, and the Operations Specifications (OPSS).

  3. ASK us by letter to add the aircraft to OPSS, to authorize each kind and area of operation you want, and the maintenance and inspection programs you want (see an example letter next page). Attach any revisions to your Operations Manual to include training programs, operating procedures, Minimum Equipment List, and maintenance/inspection program as needed to support what you want.

  4. DESCRIBE the aircraft configuration and any airworthiness limitations using the worksheets and checklists in the attached SECTION 1 and SECTION 2. Include attachments SECTION 3 & SECTION 4 to show compliance with the requirements. Provide copies of all documents that support compliance as confirmed in step two above.

  5. RECEIVE VALIDATION, ACCEPTANCE, AND APPROVAL: See 3 above: Get our approval for the documents or revisions that require specific approval. All other documents must be acceptable to us before we can issue OPSS. If necessary, we may require your demonstration of aircraft compliance and pilot proficiency, and validation of operations procedures, and training and maintenance programs. Be sure to allow time for that.

  6. REGISTER ECONOMIC DATA: Send OST Forms 4507 and 6410 to the address linked here to register your Air Carrier and identify each aircraft used. You must keep the registration current. For blank forms and guidance go to

  1. RECEIVE OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS: We will isue OPSS Paragraph D085, and any other required Paragraphs when you complete the above steps and meet all requirements.

  2. UPDATE AIRCRAFT LISTING: To comply with §135.63(a)(3) add the aircraft, including the kinds of operations authorized for the aircraft, to your official control listing of aircraft used or available for use in air carrier operations.

ATTACHMENTS: The sample application letter and the attachments—Request to Add an Aircraft, Airworthiness Limitations for Operations Specifications Part D, and Aircraft Compliance Statement for FAR 135 Operations, may help you accomplish steps 1 through 4 above. They offer an organized method to show compliance and give us the information we need to approve the aircraft and operations you request. Use the linked OPSPECS A004 CHECKLIST to request the Operations Specifications you need.

ACCURACY IS IMPORTANT: We need complete and accurate data for the Operations Specifications. The attached forms are not mandatory but the information and supporting documentation is. Personnel experienced with the aircraft make and model and the proposed operations should prepare these documents and sign the statement on page 4 signifying complete and accurate technical information. Technical errors or omissions will delay completion of the project.

The “SCHEDULE OF EVENTS” section on page 1-1 lists the most of the events involved with adding the aircraft to your 135 operation. If you schedule those events in that section, we can schedule our resources accordingly. We will tell you about scheduling difficulties.

We hope you find that these attachments help you determine aircraft eligibility and apply for the operations you need. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


The Richmond FSDO

INSTRUCTIONS: You may print and manually fill in these documents or use on-screen fill-in. For on-screen fill-in, use TAB and SHIFT-TAB and the mouse to navigate around the forms. It may be helpful to print a copy for reference while working on your computer. To preserve the original in case you need to start over, save the document with a new name before you start . Print the completed copy, sign it, and send it to us.


[Insert Date]

[Mr. Ms] [name], Principal Maintenance Inspector

Federal Aviation Administration

Richmond Flight Standards District Office

5707 Huntsman Road, Suite 100

Richmond, Virginia 23250-2415

Dear [Mr. Ms] [last name of the Principal Maintenance Inspector]:

This is to apply for amended Operations Specifications (OPSS), Paragraph D085, [if new make/model aircraft insert “and A003” else hit DELETE] to add [insert the aircraft make, model, series] registration number [insert the registration number including N] to our air carrier operation. Please see the following attachments for details of this application.

Attachment Section 1 provides:

  • Additional information about the aircraft

  • Our Schedule of Events for the activities needed to add the aircraft to our fleet

  • Names and contact information for personnel assigned to this project.

Attachment Section 2: Airworthiness Limitations information for Operations Specifications Section D

Documents for Approval: We include the documents checked below for your review and approval.

 OPSPECS CHECKLIST A004 is included to show OPSS paragraphs to add or that need revision for operations with this aircraft. We attached information that shows the aircraft is equipped and approved for each requested operation. We developed or are developing the written procedures and training programs related to those operations. The Schedule of Events in Section 1 includes dates for completion of the documents and for training and demonstrations of proficiency where required.

 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) (mandatory attachment if you will use an MEL)

 Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP) (optional, but a mandatory attachment if you will use an AAIP)

 Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) (mandatory attachment for 10-or-more-passenger aircraft operations, optional for all other aircraft)

 RVSM Operations, Training, and Maintenance Programs (mandatory attachment(s) for aircraft operated between FL290 and FL410 inclusive—see §91.180 and AC 91-85 RVSM)

 Procedures to conduct a pretakeoff contamination check during ground icing conditions (If not included, Operations Specifications A041 may be delayed. AC 135-16 )

 Deviation request (mandatory attachment if a deviation is required, e.g., reduction in proving test flight time)

 Training program revision (mandatory if any training is required to add the aircraft or operation)

Some Guidance Links: OPSPECS CHECKLIST A004, AAIP Advisory Circular, AC 91-85 RVSM, AC 135-16 Icing Conditions , FAA Guidance on Leases]

Documents for Acceptance: We include the documents checked below for your review and acceptance.

 Aircraft Lease [Mandatory attachment if the Air Carrier is not the legal owner of the aircraft, Ref. 135.25(b) see the above link to guidance]

 Revision to the Operations Manual (mandatory for any change to the MEL or other Part 135 Operations document)

 Attachment Section 3: Aircraft Compliance Statement and supporting documents

 Attachment Section 4: Airworthiness Checklist and inspection statement showing the aircraft is ready for operations under 14 CFR Part 135

 Proof of DOT Economic Registration (insurance) (mandatory attachment for first aircraft, provide within 30 days after adding any additional aircraft)

 The data required by Section 2.8 REQUIRED MAINTENANCE & INSPECTION DATA

Please contact the persons indicated in Attachment Section 1 for any question concerning this application. Please let us know immediately if you are not able to accommodate our schedule of events.


[insert name and title]


NOTE: These forms are designed for on-screen fill-in. To navigate through the forms use TAB (down) and Shift-Tab (up). Use page up/down and the mouse to skip large areas.
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