Honors Ambassador Program—Referee Form 2012 Selection

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References are due at Nunemaker Center, 1506 Engel Road by 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 30.

Honors Ambassador Program—Referee Form

2012 Selection

Name of Applicant: ___________________________________

Name of Recommender: ________________________________
Recommender’s Department: ________________________________________

Instructions to the Applicant: Provide a copy of this form to your referee. Be sure to select one of the two options below and sign. Letters not accompanied by this form, with one of the options duly selected, will be returned unread to the referee.
I hereby waive/ do not waive (circle one) my claim of access to letters of reference written on my behalf for the competition for the Honors Ambassador Program.

Signed: _____________________________________________

Instructions for the Referee: The student above is applying for participation in the Honors Ambassador Program. This program will entail meeting with prospective students and families as they consider the Honors Program and the University of Kansas. Students participating in the Honors Ambassador Program are expected to attend a variety of Honors Program events and to be knowledgeable about program happenings. Honors students are eligible for consideration for the Ambassador Program after having completed one year in the Honors Program.
In your letter, please address the student’s communication skills, academic abilities, creativity, and willingness to work as part of a team.

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