History of Education Society Annual Conference 2015 – Liverpool Hope University Science, Technologies and Material Culture in the History of Education

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History of Education Society Annual Conference 2015 – Liverpool Hope University

Science, Technologies and Material Culture in the History of Education

FRI 20th NOV





Science and Education for the Home
Betül Açikgöz (Fatih University, Instanbul):

The Advent of Scientific Housewifery in the Ottoman Empire

Lorraine Portelli (University of Malta):

Domestic Science in the Twentieth Century: The Maltese Experience

Bridget Egan & Joyce Goodman (Winchester):

“Do Play with Your Food, Janet” (Egan, 1999) - Revisited

Chair: TBC

Specimens, Objects and Technologies in Medical and Anatomical Education
Henrik Eßler (University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf):

Moulages as Educational Technology in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Scientific Culture

James McKinstry (Durham):

To Cut, Look, and Question: Teaching about ‘New’ Bodies in Early-Modern Dissections

Kathryn Heintzman (Harvard):

Whose Body is this? Tourism and the Anatomical Specimen in Revolutionary France

Chair: TBC

Science, Politics and Educational Thought
Daniel O’Neill (Liverpool Hope):

Hope and Contradiction: The Practical Arts in the Educational Thought of Late Antiquity

Robert Anderson (Edinburgh):

A Scientist in Politics: Lyon Playfair and Scottish Education

Christina Rothen (Zurich):

Educational Administration and the Influence of Social Science in Switzerland, 1960-1980

Chair: TBC




11.30 -1.30

Academics, Public Intellectuals and Universities
Rosie Germain (Liverpool Hope):

The Social History of Academic Philosophers in Britain, 1870-1970

Lottie Hoare (Cambridge):

Dons not Clowns: Isaiah Berlin Challenges Richard Cawston’s Edit of the Educator

Tomás Irish (Swansea):

A Man Called Mahaffy: An Irish Cosmopolitan in Crisis, 1899-1919

Alex Clarkson (KCL):

Russian Dreams and Prussian Ghosts: Immanuel Kant University, Kaliningrad

Chair: TBC

Technologies of Writing, Science and Identity
Catherine Sloan (Oxford):

Juvenile Publishing and Peer Cultures at the Manchester Grammar School, 1890-1902

Craig Spence (Bishop Grosseteste University):

Learning about Space in the Space Age: Exploring a Junior School’s ‘Pathway to the Moon’ Scrap Book of 1969

Tom Woodin (UCL Institute of Education):

Technologies of Writing and the Self in the 1970s

Melisse Thomas Bailey-Ellis (University of Trinidad and Tobago):

Forgotten Science: A History of First Peoples’ Science Education in Trinidad and Tobago, 1970 to Present

Chair: TBC

The Use of Objects in the Teaching of Science
Nicolas Robin (St. Gallen):

Scientific Teaching Collections as Educational Research Artefacts

Sue Howarth (Worcester):

Teaching Biology, Thinking Wider

Eugene Kang (Pusan National University, South Korea):

On the Historical Development and Pluralistic Approach towards the Concept of Electricity in Secondary-School Science

Diana Vidal (Sao Paulo University):

Transnational Education: Brazil, France and Portugal Connected by a School Museum

Chair: TBC





Science, Knowledge and the Domestic Space
Elisabeth Yang (Rutgers):

Infant Feeders and Incubators: The Rise of Domestic and Medical Baby Care in Nineteenth-Century England

Katie Carpenter (Royal Holloway):

Knowledge and Expertise of Mistress and Servant in the English Kitchen, 1870-1914

Joanna Behrman (Johns Hopkins):

Physics Domesticated: Introductory Physics Textbooks for Women in Home Economics, 1910s-1950s

Chair: TBC

Science and Pedagogical Method in the History of Education
Gary McCulloch (UCL Institute of Education):

From Armstrong to Nuffield: Scientific Discovery, Learning and the History of Education

Tom Quick (Leeds):

Moving, Seeing and Learning in Cinematographic Liverpool

John Field (Stirling):

‘Mechanised Mr Chips’: Programmed Instruction in Britain, 1955-1970

Chair: TBC

Science, Play and Recreation in Early Years Education
Mary Clare Martin (Greenwich):

Space, Skill, and Technology: International Perspectives on Children’s Experiences of Play, Recreation and Education in Hospital, 1850-1950

Amy Palmer (Roehampton):

“A pleasant way of teaching the little ones to recognize flowers”: Froebelian Educators and the Use of Drama in Nature Lessons, 1892-1939

Siân Roberts (Birmingham):

Improvisation and Experimentation: Upwood Residential War Nursery, 1940-5

Chair: TBC


HOW TO GET PUBLISHED’ SESSION with CATHERINE WATTS (Routledge) and MARK FREEMAN (History of Education journal)



Professor Ruth Watts (Birmingham)

Science and Public Understanding: The Role of the Historian of Education

Chair: TBC






School Buildings, Classroom Design and Educational Objects
Silvia Muller (Rutgers):

Charles C. Andrews and the 1820 “Hydro-Geographic Map”

Marianne Helfenberger (Zurich):

Technical, Architectural and Pedagogical Transfer about School Buildings in Switzerland, between 1830 and 1930

James Elwick (York University, Toronto):

How to Cheat on a Victorian Chemistry Exam

Cathy Burke (Cambridge):

Designing for Touch, Reach and Movement in Post-War (1946-72) English Primary and Infant School Environments

Chair: TBC

Science and Educational Reform
Ariadna Acevedo-Rodrigo (Cinvestav, Mexico City):

Measuring Mexican Indians: Intelligence Tests and Backwardness in a Mexico City Boarding School, 1926-7

Ting-Hong Wong (Academia Sinica, Taiwan):

State Reformed Examinations of Chinese Middle Schools in Singapore: late 1950s-early 1960s.

Olga Campbell-Thomson (Glasgow):

‘Neo-Soviet’ Education or Refurbishment of a Bourgeois Tradition? Natural Sciences in the Compulsory School Curriculum in the Soviet Union

Manfred Heinemann (Hannover):

The Hidden Side of the Re-education of Germany after World War Two

Chair: TBC

Educational Technologies in Teaching and Research
Amanda Phipps (Exeter):

Oh! What a Lovely YouTube Video: The Use of Technology in History Teaching of the First World War

Joyce Goodman (Winchester):

Visualising Knowledge Circulation: Digital Technologies and Time-Space in Histories of Education

Paul Coleman & Laura Sellers (Leeds):

To Touch or Not to Touch: The Use of Object-Handling in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine Education

Chair: TBC






11.30 -1.30

Scientific Associations and Education
Heather Ellis (Sheffield):

The Scholar and the Scientist: British Association Meetings and Masculinity in the Early Nineteenth Century

Jane Wess (Edinburgh):

Unlocking the Mathematics in Mathematical Instruments: Training at the Royal Geographical Society in the Nineteenth Century

Lorna Stoddart (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh):

Botanical Education in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh

Ana Cristina Martins (Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies):

The Association of Portuguese Archaeologists and Archaeology in Portugal during the 1970s: Between Fieldwork and Public Display

Chair: TBC

Science, Religion and Education
Stephen Tomlinson (Alabama):

The Great Didactic: Technology for the “Reformation of Man”

Raymond McCluskey (Glasgow):

Informal Scientific Education in Scottish Catholic Communities in the Late Victorian Era

Jonathan Doney (Exeter):

Its. Oh. So. Quiet: The Marginalization of Education within Ecumenical Discourse during the Mid-Twentieth Century

Chair: TBC

Scientific Training in Military, Medical and Industrial Contexts
Lena Moser (Tübingen):

A study worthy a Philosopher”: The Masters of the Royal Navy and the Research and Instruction of Navigation
Nele Lehmann (Freiburg):

The Material Culture of Mining Education in Nineteenth-Century Freiburg
Jana Sims (UCL Institute of Education):

Stimulators of Popular Science Education and Rational Recreation: Mechanics Institute Museums in South-Eastern England in the Nineteenth Century
Laura Newman (KCL):

Every tuberculosis subject who spits on the floor sows death among his comrades”: Teaching Tuberculosis Prevention and Cure in the British Post office, c. 1895-1930




Greta Bell (California State University, Fresno):

“You certainly never learnt to curse Hoop-Petticoats out of the Practice of Piety.” Hoopskirts, Ideology, and Eighteenth-Century Fashion Invectives

Tugba Karakuş (Fatih University, Istanbul):

Ottoman Armenians in the 19th century in Modern Ottoman Theatre
Jane Shepard (Brighton):

Navigating history, science and technology education in schools; the life and work of Professor David Layton OBE (1925-2010)
Annmarie Valdes (Loyola University, Chicago):

Autopsy of a Doctor; Dissecting a biographer: Dr. Marie E. Zakrzewska and the Training of Female Doctors; Caroline Dall and the Writing of a Life





Professor Jonathan Reinarz (Birmingham)

Learning From Your Mistakes: Writing the History of Five English Medical Schools

Chair: TBC


AGM of the History of Education Society


Drinks Reception


Conference Dinner




Toys, Technology and Play
Jo Elcoat (Leeds):

Boys and their Toys: Scientific Schooling in the Eighteenth Century

Elodie Duché (Warwick):

Monkey Energy: Natural Philosophy and Kinetic Toys for Children in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France

Jane Insley (UCL Institute of Education)

Paper, Scissors, Rock – Aspects of the Intertwined Histories of Pedagogy and Model-Making, from Children’s Games to Professional Skills

Artemis Yagou (Macromedia University for Media and Communication, Munich):

Shaping the Future through Play: Construction Sets and their Manuals (late 19th-early 20th Century)

Women, Gender and Science in Spain
Maria José Tacoronte Dominguez (Universidad de la Laguna, Canary Islands):

The Impact of Modern Scientific Theories on the Debate about Women’s Education in Early Twentieth-Century Spain
Yasmina Álvarez González (Universidad de la Laguna, Canary Islands):

Women, Religion and Knowledge: The Thinking of the First Spanish Female Professor about Women Scholars

Antonio F. Canales Serrano (Universidad de la Laguna, Canary Islands):

Women and Science in Spain: Spanish Women in Scientific Degrees in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Amparo Gómez Rodríguez ((Universidad de la Laguna, Canary Islands):

Education for the Scientific Development of the Country: Science Education in the Spanish Social Contract for Science

Chair: TBC

Words, Images and Education
Hilde Harmsen (Erasmus University, Rotterdam):

Building the Future: Technology and Innovation in Dutch Children’s Literature, 1945-1960

Stephanie Spencer (Winchester) & Nancy Rosoff (Arcadia):

Covers and Illustrations in British and American School and College Stories

Teresa Salomé Mota (Inter-university Center for the History of Science and Technology, Lisbon):

Have they ever been geologists?” Images in Textbooks for the Teaching of Geology In Portuguese Lyceés, 1836-1974
Frances Kelly (University of Auckland):

Material Culture of Higher Education: Exploring an Archive of University Photographs





Dr Claire Jones (Liverpool):

‘All your dreadful scientific things’

Women, Science and Education in the Years around 1900
Chair: TBC



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