Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust Scottish Charity Number: sc032801 Minutes of Trustees’ Meeting held at Cluain, Fortingall on Monday 20 January 2014 at 15 pm

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Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust

Scottish Charity Number: SC032801
Minutes of Trustees’ Meeting held at Cluain, Fortingall

on Monday 20 January 2014 at 7.15 pm.

Present: Bill Hoare (chairman), Margaret Jarvis(minutes), Jim Low, Richard Paul, Andy Pointer, , Ian Wilkinson, Sandra Winter, Advisors Tim Fison, Julie Gardiner,
Apologies: Rob Coope, Harry Ross, Innes Smith, John Taylor


Minutes of previous meeting on 20th November 2013 : Approved. Prop SW; sec JG

Matters arising: Approval had been granted for tracks to be retained on the east of the road, opposite DC. The work, involving landscaping the tracks, is to be approved and done by 31st Dec 2014.

Treasurer’s report: IW tabled copies of annual Income and expenditure accounts for the year ending 30th November2013, including a detailed breakdown, as prepared for Tim Ambrose, IFA. These showed a deficit of £3233. At present the amount in the general account is £9275.

MJ pointed out the advantage of Trustees, and others who spend a significant sum on purchasing materials etc for HPCLT, providing receipts to the treasurer, claiming the sum involved and then making an equivalent donation on which Gift aid can be claimed.

Insurance: Is HPCLT covered for the situation where there are guns on the hill? AP suggested that a small warning notice about guns should be put up. This was agreed ACTION BH

AGM March 2014: Simon Pepper has agreed to be our speaker. His subject will be ‘People and Nature’. BH will contact SP about an exact title, and find out whether any equipment (projector etc) is required ACTION BH.

SW will organise certificates to be presented to the new Honorary Life Members. The wording was discussed; drafts will be sent to all for comment. She will also organise tea, coffee, wine. Various trustees will provide food. ACTION SW and others

A draft poster was produced by BH; he will amend it on the basis of comments made, distribute around area, and add to website ACTION BH

Publicity: BH’s draft notice was approved wholeheartedly; it will be put in Comment (mid-February issue) the Quair etc. A photo of the new footbridge, including TF and RP, will be added. BH will find out about using Heartland radio, which now also transmits from Perth, possibly for an interview.. ACTION BH .Displays at the AGM will include photographs (RP, BH, AP), herbarium specimens of grasses collected by a visiting group from Kindrogan (MJ), a selection of specimens of buds of the trees on DC (JG), etc. ACTION ALL

A party to celebrate and ‘launch’ the new footbridge will be publicised. TF was ‘volunteered’ to organise this party.

BH calculated that that TW & JS must retire with both eligible for re-election. BH was co-opted and should now be elected. There will be additional vacancies for Elected & Co-opted Trustees.

All are asked to think about finding new blood! ACTION ALL

The Annual report: BH will co-ordinate. Volunteers to write various sections were as follows: Trees (planting done, plans, status etc) JG

Fencing (done, plans, problems, status) RP

Deer:(culling, count, plans)BH from RC


Grant Applications: BH and Willy McGhee

Whitebridge area: pylon, car park, plans, planning; BH and John Taylor

Visitors and groups: MJ
Trees: WGS, planting plan, FC updates etc JG had ascertained availability and suggested ordering from Charles Arnott, Forfar. Woodbury could not supply this year. The species were suggested by email. JG will provide a map showing the planters where to plant, and what species to go where. She suggested that a supervisor would be needed, to plant and to be in control of any other planters. ‘Mitch’ was thought to be a good choice. 12,000 trees are needed, with sufficient planters. There was discussion over use of fertiliser - it was agreed it would be used.

John Taylor has offered to plant more nursery trees at Tomphubil, to help screen the pylon. This was agreed. BH to advise him.

It might be possible to get more Woodland Trust tree packs for schools

.The Royal Dunkeld school was suggested. ACTION ??

BH to update Matt Young(FC) once JG’s plan is finalised.

BH suggested that cuttings from the willow if the nursery could be taken and planted on the far side of the scrapes. This was agreed to be a good project for school groups

Fences; TF, RF and RP had fixed a weak section of fence by the burn. BH, SW, & AP had removed posts and rails from Whitebridge. Balfour Beattie had put 3m-long rails, and posts, in the car park for us. These will be very useful.
Deer: RC and Thomas C had shot 6 deer in late December. This did not include the red stag recorded on the count. Another count is planned, possibly on 22nd February or 1st March. IS will organise. RP thought the next move should be to construct a deer leap. He has identified a suitable place on the southern boundary; some of the rails could be used to build a take-off ramp. He will mark the position and possibly enlist a retired army engineer to assist. ACTION RP

Grant applications: Nothing to report.

Community visits: Pitlochry HS have a visit scheduled for March – To be confirmed.

Whitebridge area (car park, restoration programme, John’s wood, future): Balfour Beattie have begun to remove some of the ‘quarry stone’. BH will mark the area to be retained by car park & bell mouth. JL said that P KC would prefer deer fencing rather than posts and rails at the bell mouth. JL, MJ and BH will meet on site to draw up a plan for approval. John Taylor and Jacquie Smith will be invited to take part. TF also volunteered. ACTION JL, BH, TF and MJ. JL WILL ORGANISE

RP suggested that chicken wire on the fence would improve protection

A car park area planting plan must be approved, together with the bellmouth design. Shrubs such as hazel, blackthorn, hawthorn and guelder rose were suggested, with birch and rowan further back. Plans for the rest of the Whitebridge area have to await exit by SSE & Balfour B.

JMT liaison, Living landscapes,:Nothing to report

Regrouping, division of responsibilities Discussion deferred.

Membership (Recruitment): IW reported that 15 email addresses were not functioning. He was contacting by post, including CDs, and so far has had two responses .BH and IW will meet after the Annual Report etc is complete and put together a mailing. ACTION BH and IW


Tayside Biodiversity Group: It is ten years since DC was chosen as a sample site.

There is to be a meeting, at Invergowrie, at which BH will report on the practical work done to improve the biodiversity on DC. BH had circulated a list in advance. BH to ask Biodiversity group advice/help on doing a proper 10-yrs-on Wildlife survey on DC.

Bill McEwan, Strathtay Ramblers Group, had asked RP about using DC as a route to Schiehallion. The group will be invited to the AGM. ACTION BH
BH had received a Charities Newsletter from Colin Liddell. There will also be a Training Seminar by CL in the Pitlochry Theatre on24th April . IW will check for changes in the financial aspects. BH to circulate a copy in case others are interested in the charity news or in attending the event.(HPCLT will pay the £7.50 attendance fee – Chair).
BH, RP and TF had walked around DC, on the Dun Beag area, with John Milne of the Scottish Wild Land Group.

We should have fire fighting gear (rubber flaps at the end of poles) on DC, at least in the car parks and at FC gate. RC will try to source. Buckets of sand and water in the hut might also be good.

There had been three requests for memorial plaques- those making the requests would give a donation in return. A discussion resulted in a consensus that small brass plaques on a rock surface would be acceptable. One request involved replacing the old pine plantation in the southern part of DC; it was thought that this was acceptable. BH to follow this up.

Car park tidy-up. BH & TF to action. IS has offered to help.

Date of next meeting: Monday, 31st March 2014 at 6.30 pm

at Richard Paul’s (The Gate Lodge, West Tempar, Kinloch Rannoch)


IW will check the possibility of future meetings at ‘Treats’ ACTION IW

The meeting closed at 10.20 pm

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