Hearing on denial of license or permit

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41106541-1065.  Hearing on denial of license or permit

Proceedings for licenses or permits on application when not required by law to be preceded by notice and opportunity for hearing shall be governed by the provisions of the law relating to the particular agency, provided that when an application for a license or permit is denied under the provisions of the law relating to a particular agency the applicant shall be entitled to have a hearing before such agency on such denial upon filing within fifteen days after receipt of notice of such refusal a written application for such hearing.  Notice shall be given in the manner prescribed by section 41 1061.  At such hearing such applicant shall be the moving party and have the burden of proof.  Such hearing shall be conducted in accordance with this article for hearing of a contested case before an agency.  Such hearing before such agency shall be limited to those matters originally presented to the agency for its determination on such application. 411065

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