Guide to the Birds of Western Africa. Princeton University Press: Princeton

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**Common names of Cameroon Highlands endemics are preceded by a double asterisk

*Common names of Cameroon and Gabon Lowlands endemics are preceded by a single asterisk

Please note, nomenclature follows Borrow, N. and Demey, R. 2002. A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa. Princeton University Press: Princeton. Where taxonomy often differs, i.e. where species are often split, this is indicated in parentheses following the common name. The exact taxon recorded is given together with site descriptions for that species.
1. Ostrich Struthio camelus - Five in Waza NP

2. Little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis - Seen once in the Bamenda Highlands

3. Long-tailed cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus - Fairly common and widespread

4. Black-crowned night heron Nycticorax nycticorax - First seen in Douala; also at Ngaoundaba and Waza

5. Squacco heron Ardeola ralloides - Seen regularly in the north, and on the Wouri River

6. Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis - Widespread

7. Green-backed heron Butroides striatus - One seen near Buea

8. Black heron Egretta ardesiaca - A few at the Wouri River

9. Western reef egret Egretta gularis - Fairly common along the Wouri River

10. Little egret Egretta garzetta - Fairly common and widespread in suitable habitat

11. Intermediate egret Egretta intermedia - One along the Wouri River, and another at Waza

12. Great egret Egretta alba - A few along the Wouri River; regular in the north

13. Purple heron Ardea pururea - A few seen in the north

14. Grey heron Ardea cinerea - One at Ngaoundaba and Benoue

15. Black-headed heron Ardea melanocephala - Regular in the north

16. Hamerkop Scopus umbretta - Regular in the north

17. Yellow-billed stork Mycteria ibis - A few at pools in Waza NP

18. African openbill stork Anastomus lamelligerus - Fairly common at Waza

19. Abdim's stork Ciconia abdimii - One large flock seen circling over Ngaoundaba

20. Woolly-necked stork Ciconia episcopus - Seen at Benoue and Waza

21. White stork Ciconia ciconia - One at a waterhole in Waza NP

22. Saddle-billed stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis - Two at Waza NP

23. Marabou stork Leptoptilos crumeniferus - Regular at Waza

24. Glossy ibis Plegadis falcinellus - Seen once at Waza

25. Hadada ibis Bostrychia hagedash - Regular in the north

26. Sacred ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus - Regular in the north

27. White-faced whistling duck Dendrocygna viduata - Small numbers at Waza

28. Egyptian goose Alopochen aegyptiacus - One along the Benoue River

29. Spur-winged goose Plectropterus gambensis - Seen twice in the north

30. Knob-billed duck Sarkidiornis melanotos - Small numbers at Waza

31. Garganey Anas querquedula - A flock of at least 50 at Waza

32. European honey buzzard Pernis apivorus - At least 5 at forest edge around Mt Kupe and Korup

33. Bat hawk Macheiramphus alcinus - One in the Bamenda Highlands

34. Black-shouldered kite Elanus caeruleus - Fairly common at Waza and in the Bamenda Highlands

35. African swallow-tailed kite Chelictinia riocourii - Good numbers of this eloquent raptor seen north of Mora (see photo)

36. Black kite (incl. Yellow-billed) Milvus migrans (parasitus) - Very common and widespread (parasitus), with some migrans at Waza

37. African fish eagle Haliaeetus vocifer - Regular in the north

38. Palm-nut vulture Gypohierax angolensis - Fairly common in lower lying areas of the south

39. Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus - Three seen in Waza NP

40. Hooded vulture Necrosyrtes monachus - Common in the north; also seen in the Bamenda Highlands

41. African white-backed vulture Gyps africanus - Seen regularly at Ngaoundaba and Waza

42. Rueppell's griffon vulture Gyps ruepellii - Small numbers alongside the smaller White-backed at Waza

43. Lappet-faced vulture Torgos tracheliotus - Four seen in Waza NP

44. Brown snake eagle Circaetus cinerus - Two in the north

45. Western banded snake eagle Circaetus cinerascens - One along the Benoue River

46. Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus - Regular at Benoue and Waza

47. African harrier hawk Polyboroides typus - Common and widespread in semi-wooded habitats

48. Montagu's harrier Circus pygargus - Frequent in the north, particularly around Waza

49. Eurasian marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus - Regular in the north; also seen in the Bamenda Highlands

50. Gabar goshawk Micronisus gabar - Common at Waza, particularly around waterholes

51. Dark chanting goshawk Melierax metabates - Small numbers north of Garoua

52. African goshawk (incl. Red-chested) Accipiter tachiro (macroscelides/tachiro) - At least five seen around Mt Kupe (macroscelides)

53. Shikra Accipiter badius - Fairly common at Ngaoundaba and Benoue

54. Ovambo sparrowhawk Accipiter ovampensis - Fantastic views of a bird constructing at nest in Benoue

55. Black sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus - Seen twice in the vicinity of Mt Kupe

56. Grasshopper buzzard Butastur rufipennis - Small numbers north of Garoua

57. Lizard buzzard Kaupifalco monogrammicus - Fairly common and widespread

58. Long-legged buzzard Buteo rufinus - One individual, presumably on passage, seen just north of Mora

59. Red-necked buzzard Buteo auguralis - Small numbers throughout, except at Waza and Korup

60. Tawny eagle Aquila rapax - One at Benoue

61. Steppe eagle Aquila nipalensis - At least five at Waza, presumably birds coming through on passage

62. Great spotted eagle Aquila clanga - One pair, presumably on passage, near Ngaoundaba Ranch

63. Booted eagle Hieraaetus pennatus - Seen twice, north of Mora

64. Long-crested eagle Lophaetus occipitalis - Seen once at Benoue, Waza and in the Bamenda Highlands

65. Cassin's hawk eagle Spizaetus africanus - Spectacular views of a pair displaying low over our heads between Mundemba and Ekondo Titi, with other views at Mt Kupe and in the Bakossi Mts.

66. Crowned eagle Stephanoaetus coronatus - One bird soaring along the Mundemba-Ekondo Titi road

67. Martial eagle Polemaetus bellicosus - One juvenile at Benoue

68. Common kestrel Falco tinnunculus - Regular at Waza and in the Bamenda Highlands

69. Fox kestrel Falco alopex - At least three birds seen in the Bamenda Highlands

70. Red-necked falcon Falco chicquera - Great perched views of a single birds south of Waza

71. African hobby Falco cuvierii - At least one, possibly more, seen at Benoue

72. Lanner falcon Falco biarmicus - One very active juvenile near the entrance of Ngaoundaba

73. Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus - Two sightings near Waza

74. Stone partridge Ptilopachus petrosus - First seen at Ngaoundaba, with many more seen at Benoue (see left photo)

75. White-throated francolin Francolinus albogularis – Stunning views at Benoue, where recorded each day (see right photo)

76. Schlegel's francolin Francolinus shlegelii - Crippling views of a pair of this elusive francolin at Ngaoundaba were certainly one of the highlights of the trip

77. Scaly francolin Francolinus squamatus - Seen Bakossi Mts

78. Double-spurred francolin Francolinus bicalcaratus - Common at Ngaoundaba and Benoue

79. Clapperton's francolin Francolinus clappertoni - Very common at Waza only

81. Helmeted guineafowl Numida meleagris - Common at Waza; a few at Benoue

82. Quail-plover Ortyxelos meiffrenii - Superb views of one bird on the ground near Mora, doing its peculiar chameleon-like walk

83. Little buttonquail Turnix sylvaticus - One flushed in Benoue NP

84. White-spotted flufftail Sarothrura puchra - Heard at Ngaoundaba, the Bakossi Mts, Mt Kupe and Korup

85. Buff-spotted flufftail Sarothrura elegans – Unforgettable spotlight views of a male perched at eye-level above Nyasoso

86. Red-chested flufftail Sarothrura rufa - One male taped out into the open on Mt Cameroon, in broad daylight

87. African water rail Rallus caerulescens - Heard at Ngaoundaba

88. Black crake Amaurornis flavirostris - Heard at Ngaoundaba

89. Purple swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio - Two seen at Lake Dang

90. Common moorhen Gallinula chloropus - One in the Bamenda Highlands

91. Black crowned crane Balearica pavonina - Seen in impressive numbers at Waza NP, with a flock of at least 500 at one waterhole

92. African finfoot Podica senegalensis - One female seen on the Wouri River

93. Denham's bustard Neotis denhami - One in flight across the road south of Waza

94. Arabian bustard Ardeotis arabs - Three seen on one morning in Waza NP

95. White-bellied bustard Eupodotis senegalensis - Seen most days in the Waza-Mora area

96. African jacana Actophilornis africanus - Regular in small numbers in the north

97. Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus - A few on the Wouri River and at Waza

98. Senegal thick-knee Burhinus senegalensis - First heard at Benoue; later seen at Waza

99. Spotted thick-knee Burhinus capensis - One on a night drive south of Waza

100. Egyptian plover Pluvialis aegyptius - This highly sought after icon species was not difficult to find along the Benoue River

101. Bronze-winged courser Rhinoptilus chalcopterus - Heard at night at Ngaoundaba

102. Rock pratincole Glareola nuchalis - Seen along the Mana River at the entrance to Korup NP

103. Grey pratincole Glareola cinerea - Good numbers on sandbars along the Sanaga River

104. Three-banded plover Charadrius tricollaris - A few seen at scattered localities in the north

105. White-fronted plover Charadrius marginatus - Two seen along the Sanaga River

106. African wattled lapwing Vanellus senegallus - Heard at Lake Dang; seen at Waza

107. Long-toed lapwing Vanellus crassirostris - One photographed at Waza, the first confirmed record for Cameroon (photo)

108. White-headed lapwing Vanellus albiceps - This striking lapwing was seen along the Sanaga and Benoue Rivers, and between Mundemba and Ekondo Titi

109. Black-headed lapwing Vanellus tectus - Regular in bare areas north of Mora

110. Spur-winged lapwing Vanellus spinosus - Small numbers around Waza and at Lake Dang

111. Brown-chested lapwing Vanellus superciliosus - Heard at night at Ngaoundaba

112. Little stint Calidris minuts - One along the Sanaga River

113. Ruff Philomachus pugnax - One flock of c. 50 birds at Waza

114. Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus - Two along the Sanaga River

115. Common greenshank Tringa nebularia - Regular at suitable habitat throughout

116. Green sandpiper Tringa ochropus - Seen along the Benoue River and at Waza

117. Wood sandpiper Tringa glareola - Regular at suitable habitat throughout

118. Common sandpiper Acitis hypoleucos - Regular at suitable habitat throughout

119. Royal tern Sterna maxima - One flock over the Wouri River

120. African skimmer Rynchops flavirostris - Good numbers seen on the sandbars along the Sanaga River

121. Chestnut-bellied sandgrouse Pterocles exustus - A few flocks seen at Waza, both in flight and on the ground

122. Four-banded sandgrouse Pterocles quadricinctus - Memorable views of three pairs feeding on the road in Benoue and a few hundred coming to drink after dusk south of Waza (photo)

123. **Cameroon olive pigeon Columba sjostedti - One individual scoped and photographed in the Bamenda Highlands (photo right)

124. Speckled pigeon Columba guinea - Regular from Benoue northwards

125. Blue-headed wood dove Turtur brehmeri - At least five individuals seen at Korup, including excellent scope views

126. Tambourine dove Turtur tympanistria - Recorded regularly in small numbers from Ngaoundaba southwards

127. Blue-spotted wood dove Turtur afer - Very common and widespread, except at Waza

128. Black-billed wood dove Turtur abyssinicus - The most common wood dove at Benoue; also seen at Waza

129. Namaqua dove Oena capensis - Common from Mora northwards

130. African green pigeon Treron calva - Regular from Ngaoundaba southwards

131. Bruce's green pigeon Treron waalia - Regular in the north; first seen at Ngaoundaba

132. Red-eyed dove Streptopelia semitorquata - Common and widespread except at Waza

133. African mourning dove Streptopelia decipiens - Recorded daily in small numbers at Waza

134. Vinaceous dove Streptopelia vinacea - Very common throughout the north

135. African collared dove Streptopelia roseogrisea - Common from Mora northwards

136. European turtle dove Streptopelia turtur - A few seen at waterholes around Waza

137. Adamawa turtle dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha - One bird scoped along the Benoue River

138. Laughing dove Streptopelia senegalensis - Common and widespread in the north

139. Grey parrot Psittacus erithacus - Common in the lowlands of the south; first seen in Douala

140. Senegal parrot Poicephalus senegalus - Seen regularly at Ngaoundaba and Benoue and once at Waza

141. Great blue turaco Corythaeola cristata - Superb views along the Mudemba-Ekondo Titi road; heard on Mt Cameroon

142. Green turaco Tauraco persa - Common throughout the southern highlands

143. Yellow-billed turaco Tauraco macrorhynchus - Regular in forest in the south, except in the Bamenda highlands

144. White-crested turaco Tauraco leucolophus - Yet another striking Turaco, recorded regularly at Ngaoundaba and along the Benoue River

145. **Bannerman's turaco Tauraco bannermani - Exceptional scope views of this Endangered conservation icon in the Bamenda highlands - one pair perched in a Ecalyptus tree (rather concerning!) and another seen in good forest

146. Violet turaco Musophaga violacea - Seen only along the Benoue River where quite common (photo)

147. Ross's turaco Musophaga rossae - Fairly common in the forested gullies around Ngaoundaba

148. Western grey plantain-eater Crinifer piscator - Regular at Ngaoundaba and Benoue

149. Red-chested cuckoo Cuculus solitarius - Heard daily around the Bakossi Mts and Mt Kupe

150. Black cuckoo Cuculus clamosus - One individual of the unusual race gabonensis seen on the lower slopes of Mt Kupe

151. Common cuckoo Cuculus canorus - One at Mt Kupe

152. African cuckoo Cuculus gularis - Very vocal from the Bamenda Highlands to Benoue

153. Olive long-tailed cuckoo Cercococcyx olivinus - Heard around Mt Kupe

154. African emerald cuckoo Chrysococcyx cupreus - Rather common throughout the south

155. Klaas's cuckoo Chrysococcyx klaas - Widespread, but never common

156. Didric cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius - Recorded in disturbed habitat in the southern lowlands

157. Yellowbill Ceuthmochares aereus - Regular in forest from Ngaoundaba southwards

158. Black-throated coucal Centropus leucogaster - This skulking species was regularly heard around Korup

159. Senegal coucal Centropus senegalensis - Seen daily in the north

160. Blue-headed coucal Centropus monachus - Recorded daily in the south, with sightings along the Sanaga River and Mundemba-Ekondo Titi road

161. Barn owl Tyto alba - Breeds at Campement de Waza, where seen every evening

162. African scops owl Otus senegalensis - Very common by voice in the north, with one individual taped in at Ngaoundaba

163. White-faced owl Otus leucotis - Heard at Waza, and frustratingly only seen in flight at Benoue

164. Spotted eagle owl (incl. Greyish) Bubo africanus (cinerascens)- Singles at Ngaoundaba, Benoue and Waza (cinerascens)

165. Verreaux's eagle owl Bubo lacteus - One along a tributary of the Benoue River seen and photographed during the day

166. Pearl-spotted owlet Glaucidium perlatum - Recorded daily at Benoue, with one individual seen

167. Chestnut-backed owlet Glaucidium sjostedti - Heard most days at Korup, but remained elusive

168. African wood owl Strix woodfordii - Heard only at Korup

169. Long-tailed nightjar Caprimulgus climacurus - Unforgettable views on at least 10 birds drinking south of Waza

170. Black-shouldered nightjar Caprimulgus nigriscapularis - Only heard at Ngaoundaba

171. Plain nightjar Caprimulgus inornatus - One individual heard at Ngaoundaba

172. Freckled nightjar Caprimulgus tristigma - One individual heard at Ngaoundaba

173. Golden nightjar Caprimulgus eximius - Undoubtedly the greatest surprise of the trip was finding an utterly superb male on its day roost near Mora. A first for Cameroon, and certainly not even on the 'hoped for' list. Thanks to Ian Sinclair, Rod Cassidy, Barry Rose, Barry Taylor, Alvin Cope and Hannes van Aswegen for sharing this special sighting with us.

174. Standard-winged nightjar Macrodicpteryx longipennis - It has to be seen to be believed; at least 10 males displaying on their lekking grounds at Ngaoundaba

175. Sabine's spinetail Rhaphidura sabini - This attractive swift was seen along the Sanaga River, over camp in Korup and along the Mundemba-Ekondo Titi road

176. Mottled spinetail Telacanthura ussheri - Seen at close range over the Wouri River and at Waza

177. Cassin's spinetail Neafrapus cassini - Superb views of birds feeding low over the Mundemba-Ekondo Titi road

178. African palm swift Cypsiurus parvus - Common and widespread, particularly in the north

179. Bates's swift Apus batesi - Seen on the lower slopes of Mt Kupe and along the Mundemba-Ekodo Titi road

180. Horus swift Apus horus - This localised species was seen around their colony near Ngaoundaba

181. Little swift Apus affinus - Common and widespread

182. African black swift Apus barbatus - Small numbers in the Bamenda highlands

183. Mottled swift Tachymarptis aequatorialis - Two seen in the Bamenda highlands

184. Blue-naped mousebird Urocolius marourus - Regular north of Mora

185. Speckled mousebird Colius striatus - Common from Ngaoundaba southwards, except in the lowlands

186. Bar-tailed trogon Apaloderma vittatum - Seen once in the Bakossi Mts

187. Bare-cheeked trogon Apaloderma aequatoriale - Regularly heard in Korup, but very skittish and only seen by some of the group

188. Chocolate-backed kingfisher Halcyon badia - Frustratingly only heard at Korup

189. Grey-headed kingfisher Halcyon leucocephala - Common in the north; also seen near Douala and in the Bamenda highlands

190. Blue-breasted kingfisher Halcyon malimbica - Recorded daily at Ngaoundaba, although the best views were obtained at Benoue; also seen between Mundemba and Ekondo Titi

191. Woodland kingfisher Halcyon senegalensis - Common in open areas in the southern lowlands

192. Striped kingfisher Halcyon chelicuti - Regular in woodland at Ngaoundaba and Benoue

193. African pygmy kingfisher Ceyx pictus - Fairly common and widespread

194. Malachite kingfisher Alcedo cristata - Seen only along the Benoue River and once at Waza

195. Shining-blue kingfisher Alcedo quadribrachys - One along a river crossing between Mundemba and Ekondo Titi

196. Giant kingfisher Megaceryle maxima - Seen along the Benoue River

197. Pied kingfisher Ceryle rudis - Small numbers at Benoue, Ngaoundaba and in the southern lowlands

198. Black bee-eater Merops gularis - Seen often in the Bakossi Mts and on Mt Kupe


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