Guide to Family & Medical Leave, by Lisa Guerin

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October 2015
“Nonbeliever Nation,” by David Niose

“Last Words of Jesus,” by Stu Epperson

“DIY Financial Advisor,” by Wesley R. Gray

“The Essential Guide to Family & Medical Leave,” by Lisa Guerin

“Divorce without Court,” by Katherine E. Stoner

“The Lost Boy,” by David J. Pelzer

“Police State,” by Gerry Spence

“Shots on the Bridge,” by Ronnie Greene

“The Year of Fear,” by Joe Urschel

“Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2016”

“Spanish English Bilingual Visual Dictionary”

“The Math Book,” by Clifford A. Pickover

“Mushrooms,” by Thomas Laessoe

“The Patient’s Playbook,” by Leslie D. Michelson

“Anatomy 101,” by Kevin Langford

“The Pain Antidote,” by Mel Pohl

“Uniquely Human,” by Barry M. Prizant

“Taunton’s Wiring Complete,” by Michael W. Litchfield

“Auto Repair & Maintenance,” by Dave Stribling

“How to Raise Pigs,” by Philip Hasheider

“Hero Dogs,” by Lance M. Bacon

“Dog Tricks,” by Debra Eldredge

“Vinegar,” by Vicki Lansky

“Baking Soda,” by Vicki Lansky

“5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes”

“Living Candida Free,” by Ricki Heller

“Voracious,” by Cara Nicoletti

“Plant Based Cookbook,” by Trish Sebben Krupka

“Coconut,” by Stephanie Pedersen

“Handmade Interiors,” by Dorling Kindersley, Inc.

“Natural Beauty,” by Susan Curtis

“Vintage Hairstyles,” by Emma Sundh

“Oh Crap! Potty Training,” by Jamie Glowacki

“The Gift of Failure,” by Jessica Lahey

“The Me, Me, Me Epidemic,” by Amy McCready

“The Baby Bedtime Book,” by Fi Star Stone

“What Color is your parachute?,” by Richard Nelson Bolles

“Cider Made Simple,” by Jeff Alworth

“Moonshine,” by Jaime Joyce

“Homemade for Sale,” by Lisa Kivirist

“DIY T-shirt Crafts,” by Adrianne Surian

“The Handy Art History Answer Book,” by Madelynn Dickerson

“The New Small House,” by Katie Hutchinson

“Wooden Boxes,” by Dennis Lee Zongker

“Paper Goods Projects,” by Jodi Levine

“Wirework Jewelry Workshop,” by Sian Hamilton

“Chain Mail + Color,” by Vanessa Walilko

“Solveig Larsson’s Knitted Mittens,” by Solveig Larsson

“Knit Nordic,” by Eline Oftedal

“One Ball of Yarn”

“Handknits from Norway,” by Karen Marie Vinje

“A-Z of Embroidered Motifs”

“A-Z of Embroidery Stitches”

“A-Z of Whitework”

“150+ Quick & Easy Furniture Projects,” by Pamela Porter

“Porches & Outdoor Spaces”

“100% Pallet,” by Aurelie Drouet

“Digital Photography Complete Course,” by David Taylor

“We Rock,” by Jason Hanley

“How to Entertain, Distract and Unplug Your Kids,” by Matthew Jervis

“Mountain Biking Skills Manual,” by Alex Morris

“The WWE Altitude Era,” by Jon Robinson

“Skiing Manual,” by Bill Mattos

“Kayaking Manual,” by Bill Mattos

“The Netherlands,” by Gerard M. L. Harmans

“Birnbaum’s 2016 Walt Disney World”

“Pacific Northwest,” by Stephen Brewer

“A Full Life,” by Jimmy Carter

“Unofficial Guide to,” by Dana McCullough

“The Orpheus Clock,” by Simon Goodman

“Black Flags,” by Joby Warrick

“Killing Reagan,” by Bill O’Reilly

“Deep South,” by Paul Theroux

“Keepers of the Tradition,” by Leslie Roberts Gregg

“The Storm of the Century,” by Al Roker

“The Japanese Lover,” by Isabel Allende

“Bittersweet Dreams,” by V. C. Andrews

“The Crossing,” by Michael Connelly

“Host,” by Robin Cook

“Depraved Heart,” by Patricia Daniels Cornwell

“Front Runner,” by Felix Francis

“Already Bad: Volume 1,” by Michael Frederick

“Already Bad: Volume 2,” by Michael Frederick

“Golly Springs,” by Michael Frederick

“A Banquet of Consequences,” by Elizabeth George

“Playing With Fire,” by Tess Gerritsen

“Rogue Lawyer,” by John Grisham

“Ghost to the Rescue,” by Carolyn G. Hart

“Avenue of Mysteries,” by John Irving

“The Theory of Death,” by Faye Kellerman

“The Golem of Paris,” by Jonathan Kellerman

“The Bazaar of Bad Dreams,” by Stephen King

“Chasing Sunsets,” by Karen Kingsbury

“The Photograph,” by Beverly Lewis

“Dashing Through the Snow,” by Debbie Macomber

“Fancy Dancer,” by Fern Michaels

“The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine,” by Alexander McCall Smith

“Love Everlasting,” by Tracie Peterson

“Dark Corners,” by Ruth Rendell

“Saturn Run,” by John Sandford

“Corrupted,” by Lisa Scottoline

“Streams of Mercy,” by Lauraine Snelling

“See Me,” by Nicholas Sparks

“All the Stars in the Heavens,” by Adriana Trigiani

“Foreign Affairs,” by Stuart Woods

“Killing Reagan,” by Bill O’Reilly

“The Secret Chord,” by Geraldine Brooks

“The End Game,” by Catherine Coulter

“The Imposter,” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

“The Photograph,” by Beverly Lewis

“Streams of Mercy,” by Lauraine Snelling

“X,” by Sue Grafton

“Corridors of the Night,” by Anne Perry

“80’s Blast Off”

“Yoga for Weight Loss, Beginner & Beyond”

“Celtic Woman”

“Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration Live from Dublin”

“Battle at Shiloh”

“Boot Hill”

“Captain Phillips”


“Danielle Steel’s Daddy”

“Get Hard”

“Green Zone”

“Mad Money”

“The Magic Sword”

“Pot O’Gold”


“Swept From the Sea”

“Texas Rangers”

“Vampires Suck”

“Max Ride,” by Marguerite Bennett

“The Anatomy of Curiosity,” by Various Authors

“The Sleeper and the Spindle,” by Neil Gaiman

“Traffick,” by Ellen Hopkins

“Twilight,” by Stephenie Meyer

“Confessions,” by James Patterson

“Library of Souls,” by Ransom Riggs

“The Finisher,” by David Baldacci

“The Keeper,” by David Baldacci

“A Whole New World,” by Liz Braswell

“Mirrored,” by Alex Flinn

“The Sleeper and the Spindle,” by Neil Gaiman

“Nightfall,” by Jake Helpern

“The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen,” by Katherine Howe

“Hunter,” by Mercedes Lackey

“Dumplin,” by Julie Murphy

“Deception,” by C. J. Redwine

“Defiance,” by C. J. Redwine

“Zeroes,” by Scott Westerfeld

“Everything, Everything,” by Nicola Yoon

“Guinness World Records 2016”

“Encyclopedia of careers and Vocational Guidance”

“Concise World Atlas,” by Dorling Kindersley Cartography

“Stories of Women during the Industrial Revolution,” by Ben Hubbard

“Stories of Women in the 1960’s,” by Cath Senker

“Stories of Women’s Suffrage,” by Charlotte Guillain

“Complete Photo Guide to Sewing,” by Janith Bergeron

“Craft Camp”

“Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bean Crafts,” by Amy Kopperude

“This Side of Wild,” by Gary Paulsen

“Stories of Women in World War II,” by Andrew Langley

“District Doubleheader,” by Matt Christopher

“Perfect Game,” by Matt Christopher

“State Showdown,” by Matt Christopher

“World Series,” by Matt Christopher

“Play Ball,” by Stephanie True Peters

“The Doldrums,” by Nicholas Gannon

“Just My Lost Treasure,” by Mercer Mayer

“Creature Keepers and the Swindled Soil Soles,” by Peter Nelson

“The Cloud Castle,” by Thea Stilton

“The Lost Girl,” by R. L. Stine

“Attack of the Heroes,” by Rich Thomas

“Crenshaw,” by Katherine Applegate

“Confessions of an Imaginary Friend,” by Michelle Cuevas

“Connect the Stars,” by Marisa De Los Santos

“The Trouble in Me,” by Jack Gantos

“Switch,” by Ingrid Law

“The Blackthorn Key,” by Kevin Sands

“Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic,” by Jason Segel

“The Poe Estate,” by Polly Shulman

“All Dogs Go to Heaven”

“The Little Princess”

“Strawberry Shortcake”

“The Berenstain Bears Hospital Friends,” by Mike Berenstain

“Clifford Goes to Kindergarten,” by Norman Bridwell

“Imaginary Fred,” by Eoin Colfer

“Cubby’s Mixed-up Map,” by Sheila Sweeny Higginson

“Training Army Al,” by Sheila Sweeny Higginson

“After a While, Crocodile,” by Melinda La Rose

“Birthday Bash,” by Melinda La Rose

“Treasure of the Tides,” by Melinda La Rose

“Battle for the Book,” by Bill Scolon

“Gossie & Gertie,” by Olivier Dunrea

“Ollie,” by Olivier Dunrea

“Ollie the Stomper,” by Olivier Dunrea

“Pup, Pup and Away,” by Harry Moore

“The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep,” by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin

“A Chipping Cheddar Christmas,” by Katharine Holabird

“Angelina’s Best Friend Dance,” by Katharine Holabird

“Just Fishing With Grandma,” by Gina Mayer

“Christmas Mice,” by Bethany Roberts

“Thanksgiving Mice,” by Bethany Roberts

“Land Before Prime,” by John Sazaklis

“Return of the Dino Bot,” by John Sazaklis

“Ballet Lesson,” by Elizabeth Schaefer

“The Big Helper,” by J. E. Bright

“Splat the Cat Goes to the Doctor,” by Cathy Hapka

“Good Po, Bad Po,” by Natalie Shaw

“Andrea’s New Horse,” by Jenne Simon

“Louis I, King of Sheep,” by Olivier Tallec

“Gift of the Night Fury,” by Maggie Testa

“Max’s Special Spring,” by Rosemary Wells

“Max and the Fall Parade,” by Rosemary Wells

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