Guide to determine the meal contribution of different sizes of apples

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Is An Apple Always An Apple?
The question is – if I can’t find the size of the apple I purchase in the

Food Buying Guide, how do I determine how to credit the apple?
Using the Food Buying Guide to determine the meal contribution of different sizes of apples:

  • There are 14.80 (column 3) - ¼ cup servings (column 4) per pound (column 2) of edible portion (EP) for 125-138 count whole unpeeled, uncored apples (column 1).

  • That equals .91 lb. or 3 2/3 cups of ready-to-cook or serve raw, cored, unpeeled apples for every pound of apples as purchased (AP) (column 6).

  • The Serving Size per Meal Contribution column (column 4) in the Food Buying Guide gives you the information that there are about 4 – ¼ cup serving ( 1 cup) per apple.

However, if you are purchasing a 150-163 count apple, how would you determine how many ¼ cup servings you would get from each apple?
Try This:

Divide the case weight by the largest number of apples in the case to equal the average weight per apple. The next step is, times the average weight per apple by the amount of edible portions per cup. The answer is the meal contribution.


40 ÷ 163 = .2453

.2453 X 3.66 = .89 round down to .75

  1. 40# case weight ÷ by 163 as the number of apples in a case = .2453 which is the average weight of each apple.

  2. .2453 (average weight of each apple) X 3.66 (cups of edible portion per as purchased pound = .89 rounded down to .75 which would equal ¾ cup is the amount of meal contribution of a 163 count apple.

What if I don’t know how many apples are in the case?
Try This:

  1. Go to the USDA Team Nutrition book - Fruits and Vegetables Galore. Use the section on Quality Food Quality Meals-Buying Fruits and Vegetables. Look up apples on page 30. You can compare your apple to the size chart or measure the diameter by cutting crosswise through the thickest part of the apple and then comparing it to the count size chart. Now you are ready to use the formula above.

  2. You can cut the apple close to the core and then cube the apple and place in a dry measure cup. How many ¼ cup serving does the apple equal?

It’s not just apples; these steps can be used for many other fruits and

vegetables. Use the Food Buying Guide and Fruits and Vegetables Galore

as guides for fruit and vegetable size contribution calculations.

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