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The Nitrate Film Interest Group

of the

Association of Moving Image Archivists


A Reference Guide to Books, Articles, Periodicals, Manuals, Glossaries, Pamphlets and Websites concerning

Nitrocellulose Motion Picture Film

Compiled & Edited

Criss Kovac
November 2004 Edition

I. Archival Sources 2

Articles 3

II. History 6

Articles 8

III. Safety & Storage 10

Articles 10

IV. Technical Sources 11

Articles 12

V. Patents, Standards, Manuals, Glossaries, & Pamphlets 15

VI. Specialist Periodicals, Festival Programs, & Miscellaneous 17

VII. Websites 17

The American Film Institute Catalog: Of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States :

Feature Films (1894-), University of California Press

Aubert, Michelle, and Richard Billeaud, eds., Archiver et communiquer l’image et le son:

Les enjeux du 3ème millénaire / Image and Sound Archiving and Access: The

Challenges of the Third Millennium (Bois d’Arcy: Centre National de la

Cinématographie, 2000)

[Billington, James H], The Librarian of Congress, Film Preservation 1993: A Study of the

Current State of American Film Preservation (Washington, DC: Library of

Congress, 1993)

Bowser, Eileen, and John Kuiper, eds., A Handbook for Film Archives (Brussels: FIAF,

1980). [Plus new edition, New York: Garland Publishing, 1991]

Butler, Ivan, “To encourage the art of the film”: The Story of the British Film Institute

(London: Robert Hale & Co., 1971)

Carey, Gary, Lost Films (New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 1970)

Cherchi Usai, Paolo, Burning Passions. An Introduction to the Study of Silent Cinema

(London: BFI Publishing, 1994)

Cherchi Usai, Paolo, The Death of Cinema. History, Cultural Memory and the Digital

Dark Age (London: BFI Publishing, 2001)

Cherchi Usai, Paolo, Silent Cinema: An Introduction (London: BFI Publishing, 2000).

[Revised and expanded edition of the author’s 1994 book Burning Passions]

Cineteca Nacional de Mexico/FIAF, La Imagen Conservada (Mexico, 1993)

Comencini, Luisa, and Matteo Pavesi, eds., Restauro, conservazione e distruzione dei

film (Milan: Editrice Il Castoro / Quaderni Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, 2001)

Dennis, Jonathan, Under the Macrocarpas: Treasures of Early European Cinema – The

Alan Roberts Collection (Wellington: New Zealand Film archive, April, 1996)

Espert, R, ed., Protection and Preservation of Film (Barcelona: Oficina Catalana de cine,


Eyles, Allen, and David Meeker, eds., Missing Believed Lost. The Great British Film

Search (London: BFI Publishing, 1992)

Farinelli, Gian Luca, and Nicola Mazzanti, eds., Il Cinema Ritrovato. Teoria e

metodologia del restauro cinematografico (Bologna: Grafis Edizioni, 1994)

FIAF, Preservation and Restoration of Moving Images and Sound (Brussels: FIAF,

1986). [A report by the FIAF Preservation Commission]

FIAF, 50 ans d’Archives du Film, 1938-1988 (Brussels: FIAF, 1988)

Film Preservation 1993: A Study of the Current State of American Film Preservation,

Volume 1: Report, June 1993, Report of the Librarian of Congress

Gad, Urban, Filmen, dens Midler og Maal (Copenhagen and Kristiania: Gyldendal, 1919)

Galloway, Christopher, “Too Late For Nitrate? The Future of Nitrate Film in the 1990s”

(Norwich: University of East Anglia, 1996; unpublished MA dissertation)

Giacci, Vittorio, et al., Via col tempo. L’immagine del restauro (Rome: Centro

Sperimentale di Cinematografia / Gremese Editore, 1994)

Harding, Colin, Herber, Stephen, and Popple, Simon, Victorian Film Catalogues: A

Facsimile Collection (UK: Projection Box, 1996)

Harrison, Harriet, ed., The Fiaf Cataloguing Rules for Film Archives (Film Television

Sound Archive, Vol 1), (München: G K Saur, 1991)

Horwitz, Rita, and Harriet Harrison, preparers. The George Kleine Collection of Early

Motion Pictures in the Library of Congress: A Catalog. (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1980)

Kress, E, Conferences sur la cinematographie (Paris, 1929)

Lane, Tamar, What’s Wrong With the Movies (Los Angeles: Waverly Co., 1923 [lists the

15 “greatest” films of which only four survive]

Lescaboura, Austin, Behind the Motion Picture Screen (New York: Munn and Co., 1919;

reprint edition, Benjamin Blom, 1969)

Lindgren, Ernest, The Permanent Preservation of Cinematograph Film (London: BFI,


Loughney, Patrick G, A Descriptive Analysis of the Library of Congress Paper Print

Collection… (PhD diss., George Washington University, 1988)

Magliozzi, Ronald, S, ed., Treasures from the Film Archives: A Catalog of Short Silent

Fiction Films Held by Fiaf Archives (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 1988)

Mannoni, Laurent, Le Mouvement Countinue: Catalogue Illustree de la collection des

appareils de la Cinematheque francaise (Milan: Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta, 1996)

McKernan, Luke, Yesterday's News: The British Cinema Newsreel Reader (London:

British Universities Film and Video Council, 2002)

Mesguich, Felix, Tours de Manivelle: Souvenirs d’un Chasseur d’Images (Paris: Bernard

Grasset, 1933)

Montagu, Ivor, Film World (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1964)

Niver, Kemp R. Early Motion Pictures: The Paper Print Collection in the Library of

Congress (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1985)

Païni, Dominique, Conserver, montrer (Paris: Yellow Now, 1992)

Reid, William Scott, A Multi-Component Study of the Administration and Preservation of

Nitrate Negatives (Vancouver: University of British Columbia, 1991; unpublished

Master’s thesis)

The Rescue of Living History. Report on the Needs of The National Film Archive by a

Committee of the Governors of The British Film Institute (London: BFI, 1969).

[12-page pamphlet; especially p.6: Part 7, “The Nitrate Film Problem”]

Sadoul, Georges, “A propos de la conservation des films”, La technique et l’exploitation

cinematographique, n. 284 (April, 1967)

Sargent, Ralph N, Preserving the Moving Image (New York: Glen Fleck, 1974)

Schou, Henning, for the FIAF Preservation Commission, Preservation of Moving Images

and Sound (Brussels: FIAF, 1989)

Smither, Roger, Imperial War Museum Film Catalogue I : Volume l - The First World

War Archive (Westport CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995)

Smither, Roger, and Klaue, Wolfgang, eds., Newsreels in Film Archives: A Survey Based

on the Fiaf Newsreel Symposium (Teaneck, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Pr, 1998)

Smither, Roger and Surowiec, Catherine A eds., This Film is Dangerous: A Celebration

of Nitrate Films (Belgium: FIAF, 2002)

Surowiec, Catherine A, ed., The LUMIERE Project. The European Film Archives at the

Crossroads (Lisbon: Projecto Lumiere, 1996)

Volkmann, Herbert, La conservation des films (Brussels: FIAF, 1967)

Volkmann, Herbert, Film Preservation. A Report of the Preservation Committee of the

International Federation of Film Archives [FIAF] (English version, published London: National Film Archive / British Film Institute, 1965). [Originally published in German by the Staatliches Filmarchiv der DDR, Berlin, German Democratic Republic, in 1963; a French version was also published, by the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels]

Volkmann, Herbert, with Henning Schou, eds., Preservation and Restoration of Moving

Images and Sound (Brussels: FIAF, 1986)
Archival Sources Articles

“A National Film Museum”, The Bioscope (26 May, 1910), p. 3

[Anon.], “Film und Feuersgefahr” and “Die Aufbewahrung der Negative”, both in

Internationale Lehrfilmschau, v.1, no.1 (Rome: Internationales Institut für

Lehrfilmwesen, July 1929), pp.77-81

“Archives of the Kinematograph”, Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly (29 August,

1912 p.1303

Bland, R. Henderson, “The Need of a National Repository for Films”, Kinematograph

and Lantern Weekly (17 April 1913), pp. 2489-2491

Bradley, John G, “Report of the Committee on the Preservation of Film”, Journal of the

SMPE, v.27 (August, 1936), pp. 147-154

Calhoun, John M, “The Preservation of Motion Picture Film,” The American Archivist,

v.30 (July, 1967), pp. 517-525

Canosa, M, Farinelli, G L, and Mazzanti, N, “Black on White. Notes On

Cinematographic Restoration: Documentation”, Cinegrafie n. 10 (1997)

Carson, W H, “Report of the Committee on the Preservation of Film”, Journal of the

SMPE, v.20 (June, 1933), pp. 523-530

Cherchi-Usai, Paolo, “The Color of Nitrate”, Image, v.34, nos.1-2 (Spring/Summer

1991), pp.29-38

Cherchi-Usai, Paolo, “Immagini perdute, archivi ritrovati”, Segnocinema n.54 (March/April 1992)

Cherchi-Usai, Paolo, “Film da salvare: guida al restauro e alla conservazione”,

Communicazioni di Massa n.3 (1985)

Cherchi-Usai, Paolo, ed., Unesco: Recommendation pour la sauvgarde et la conservation

des images en movement adoptee le 27.C.1980 37th Plenary session”, (Belgrade) n. 3 (1985)

“The Cinematograph Museum”, The Bioscope (11 July, 1912), p. 93

“A Cinema Record Office” New York Times (23 January, 1914), p. 4

Cremonini, Giorgio, “Verso una ideologia del restauro”, Cineforum, n.3 (March, 1991)

(Ed.), Conserving and Preserving Materials in Nonbook Formats (Proceedings of

the Allerton Institute, November 6-9, 1988). Champaign, IL: Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois

De Marinis, Gualtiero, “Riproducibilita tenica e deterioramento”, Cinemforum, nos. 1, 2

(January/February, 1987)

Dean, Basil, “The Future of Screen and Stage”, in Davy, Charles ed., Footnotes to the

Film (London: Lovat Dickson, 1937), p. 180

Donaldson, William R, “Valuing the Inventories of Motion-Picture Producers”, The

Journal of Accountancy (March, 1927), pp. 171-179

“Ein Film-Archiv in Wien”, Licht-Bild-Buhne (2 March, 1912) p. 24

“Film Conservation Methods – A Symposium”, Journal of the Society of Motion Picture

Engineers, v.41 (November 1943). [A collection of papers reporting on

procedures followed at eight US film studios: Universal, Republic, RKO,

Columbia, Paramount, Goldwyn, Disney, and Warner Bros.]

“Film Exchange Relations”, The American Architect (17 July, 1918), pp. 88-94

“Filmes Portugueses Recuperados”, Cinema Novo, no.18 (July-August 1981), pp.19-20

Fredy, Morgan, “Les Archives cinematographiques”, Courrier Cinematographique (18

August, 1911), pp. 5, 8 [also Le Soir 7 July 1911]

Gerard, Lilian, “The Study and Preservation of Films at the Museum of Modern Art”,

Film Comment, v.5, no.3 (Fall 1969), pp.13-14

Griffithiana (Gemona, Italy: Cineteca del Friuli), 1978- .

Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, 1982-1998; Sacile, 1999- .

Hedegat, Pascal, “Le cinema a la Nationale”, L’Intransigeant (1 March, 1910), pp.1-2

[Hedegat is a pseudonym for Guillaume Appollinaire]

“Historical Film Records – The Life of the Nation – A Heritage for Posterity” The Times

(London), (19 March, 1929)

“La Imagen Rescatada. Recuperacion, Conservacion y Restauracion del patrimonio

Cinemagtografico”, Proceedings of a programme organized by Filmoteca Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia, June, 1991

Institut Lumiere, Lumiere – Le Cinema (Lyon: Institut Lumiere, 1992) [Exhibition


Jeavons, Clyde, “The Bernard Happé Memorial Lecture 1999: Film Preservation – Why

Bother?”, Image Technology / Journal of the BKSTS, The Moving Image Society.

Transcript published in 3 instalments: Part 1: v.82, no.2 (March 2000), pp.6-9;

Part 2: v.82, no.3 (April 2000), pp.16-19; Part 3: v.82, no.4 (May 2000), pp.16-19

Johnson, E R F, “The Preservation and abuses of Motion Picture Film by Scientific

Institutions”, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, n. 81 (May 31, 1939)

Jones, G William, “Nitrate Film: Dissolving Images of the Past”, Conservation

Administration News, no.31 (October 1987), pp.1-31

Kula, Sam, “Film Archives at the Centenary of Film”, Archivaria, no.40 (Fall 1995),


Lamont, Austin, “In Search of Lost Films”, Film Comment (Winter, 1971-1972), p. 60

“Lest We Forget: The Motion Picture Needs a Museum”, Photoplay (April, 1923), p. 57

Lichtbildbuhne No. 42 (20 October, 1917)

Lindgren, Ernest, “The Importance of Film Archives”, in Roger Manvell, ed., The

Penguin Film Review No. 5 (London: Penguin Books, 1948), pp.50-51

Lindgren, Ernest, “The Permanent Preservation of Cinematograph Film”, Proceedings of

the British Society of International Bibliography, v.5 (1943), pp.97-104

Lindgren, Ernest, “Preservation of Cinematograph Film in the National Film Archive”,

Journal of the SMPTE, v.78 (October 1969)

Lindsay, Vachel [no title – an appeal for a film archive], Moving Picture World (9

September, 1916), p. 1704

Lobel, L, “Les Nouveaux procede, de virage par mordancage”, Bulletin de Societe

Francais de Photographie (1924)

Massard, Emile, “Musee de la parole et du geste”, Courrier Cinematographique (21 June,


Mitchell, Robert A, “Common Sense: Best Film Preservative”, International

Projectionist, v.37, no.5 (May 1962), pp.4-6

“Movie Archives To Preserve Historic Scenes”, Literary Digest (27 November, 1926), p.


“The Moving Picture Business in Massachusetts”, National Fire Protection Association

Quarterly, v.3, no.2 (January, 1910), pp.282-283

Musser, Charles ed., Motion Picture Catalogues by American Producers and

Distributors, 1884-1908 [noted as being on microfilm]

Nason, Richard W, “Emergency Operation. Campaign to Save Desiccating Movie

Classics Begun by Film Library”, The New York Times (9 October 1955)

“A National Film Museum” The Bioscope (26 May, 1910), p. 3

Nitrate dossier and bibliography, compiled by Michelle Aubert, Pierrette Lemoigne, and

Jean-Jacques Meusy. [Unpublished dossier, submitted to the Editors by Michelle Aubert of the Archives du Film du CNC, Bois d’Arcy, 1999]

“Pathe, marque de fabrique: vers une nouvelle methode pour la datation des copies

anciennes”, 1895, n.10 (Paris, October, 1991)

Pearson, Harry, “HP Interviews Ron Haver. The Head of the Film Department at the Los

Angeles Museum of Art Discusses the Preservation of Our Film Heritage”, The

Perfect Vision, v.4, no.13 (Spring 1992), pp.31-43

Pierce, David, “Beggars of Life (Why Some American Silent Films Survive)” [paper

delivered at the Symposium, “The Last Nitrate Picture Show” at the London FIAF Congress, June, 2000]

“Preserving Films”, Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly (10 August, 1911), p. 743

“Preservation of Historical Films”, Trans SMPE (January, 1927), p. 80

“Preserving the Present”, The Bioscope (13 April, 1914)

Reed, Langford, “Film Archives. What Has Been Achieved”, The Bioscope (30 July,

1914), pp. 471, 473

“Report of the Committee on the Preservation of Film”, Journal of the SMPE, v.35

(December, 1940), pp. 584-606

La restauration des films: problemes ethiques”, Archives, n. 1 (September/October, 1986)

Reynolds, Herbert, “’What Can You Do for Us, Barney?’ Four Decades of Film

Collecting: An Interview with James Card”, Image, v. 20, no. 2 (June, 1977), p. 19

Seeber, Guido, “Die ersten Jahre…”, Filmtechnik, Nr. 18 (1927)

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Stone, Dorothy T, “The First Film Library”, Films in Review (New York), v.2 no.7

(1950), pp. 29-35

UCLA Film and Television Archive, Annual Festival of Preservation, 1988- .

“Uncle Sam’s Films – How He Preserves Them”, Views and Films Index (16 February,


Variety (New York), 1 June 1988, pp.33-62: “50th Year Perspective: FIAF Film Archives

/ FIAF – At 50”. [Special section, with collection of articles and tributes]

“When a Film Grows Old” The New York Times (28 August, 1921)

“Why Not a Film Museum”, Moving Picture World (11 September, 1920), p. 180

Young, Colin, “An American Film Institute: A Proposal”, Film Quarterly, v.14, no.4

(Summer 1961), pp.37-50

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Engineering Point of View”, Image Technology (July/August 1998), pp.14-17

Zeibell Mann, Sarah, "The Evolution of American Moving Image Preservation: Defining

the Preservation Landscape (1967-1977)" The Moving Image v.1. n. 2, (Fall 2001), pp 1-20

1895 (Paris: Association française de recherche sur l’histoire du cinema), 1984- .

Abel, Richard, The Cine Goes to Town: French Cinema 1896-1914 (Berkeley/Los

Angeles: University of California Press, 1994)

Abel, Richard, French Cinema, the First Wave, 1915-1929 (Princeton: Princeton

University Press, 1984)

Ballantyne, James, ed., Researcher’s Guide to British Newsreels Vol. III (London: British

Universities Film and Video Council, 1993)

Bardeche, M and Brasillach, R, History of the Film (London: George Allen and Unwin,


Barnes, John, The Beginnings of the Cinema in England 1894-1901 (Exeter: University

of Exeter Press, 1996-1998) [Five volumes]

Barnes, John, Writing in Light: The Silent Scenario and the Japanese Pure Film

Movement (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2001)

Bishoff, Rund, Hollywood in Holland: De geschiedenis van de Filmfabriek Hollandia

1912-1923 (Amsterdam: Thoth, 1988)

Borde, Raymond, Les Cinémathèques (Lausanne: Editions L’Age d’Homme, 1984)

Borde, Raymond, and Freddy Buache, La Crise des Cinémathèques ... et du monde

(Lausanne: Editions L’Age d’Homme, 1997)

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