Grade 11: Marina Tsikouras Grade 10: Kathleen Dolan Grade 9

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Merion Mercy Academy

Underclassman Awards Ceremony

Thursday, June 7, 2012
General excellence medals for Academic Achievement for this school year are awarded to:
Grade 11: Marina Tsikouras

Grade 10: Kathleen Dolan

Grade 9: Julie Bevilacqua
The Princeton Book Award is presented to a junior for outstanding academic achievement and exemplary community service. The book is presented this year to:
Katherine Riga
The Rensselaer Medal is presented each year to a junior who has excelled in the areas of math and science. Each medalist who is accepted and subsequently enrolls at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute receives a special medalist scholarship worth $60,000 over 4 years. This year the award is presented to:
Christine Hill
Certificates and pins are presented to students in each academic course. The Academic Excellence Award is presented to the student who has performed the best in the course for this academic school year. The Honorable Mention award is presented to the student with the next highest average. The Excellent Effort Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated outstanding effort throughout the course.
Course Academic Excellence Honorable Mention Excellent Effort


Hebrew Scriptures Julie Bevilacqua Moira McChesney Grace Harbison

Christian Scriptures Erica Murphy Sarah Jensen Megan Rogers

Church History Kathleen Dolan Amanda Browne Katherine Lee

Sacraments Tam Le Caitlin Harrison Mary Hope

Morality Olivia Gallagher-Kowit Mary Kate Donahue Elizabeth Sack

Social Justice Marina Tsikouras Brittany Cunningham Alison Kane


Literature and Writing Moira McChesney Erin Parker Jasmine Raj

Literature and Writing A Julie Bevilacqua Genevieve Manning Jamilah Jones

American Literature Katleene Stone Paige Pecora

American Literature A Audrey Cooney Kathleen Dolan

British Literature Mary Kate Donahue Christina O’Shea Maggie DeVlieger

British Literature A Katherine Riga Krista Rossi

Fiction and Poetry Writing Allison Starr

Foundations in Writing Alyssa Giosa Marissa Spalucci

Effective Writing Mary Hope Sarah Hughes Elizabeth Backe

Course Academic Excellence Honorable Mention Excellent Effort
Algebra 1A Jasmine Raj Erin Donnelly Olivia Giangiordano

Algebra 1 Caroline Corzel Lauren Dice Olivia Alessandri

Geometry A Julie Bevilacqua Alison Snarponis Kerlyn Rodriquez

Geometry Elizabeth Backe Elisabeth Gavin Kimberly Rodriquez

Algebra 2A Alexandra Hecht Catherine Gormley Catalina Walsh

Algebra 2 Krista Rossi Summer Ziernicki Natalie Trerotola

Advanced Pre Calculus A Christine Hill Bridget Cashel Anna Pappas

AP Calculus AB Elizabeth Bae

PreCalculus Molly Powers

AP Statistics Christine Hill Christina O’Shea Sara Maminski

Statistics Jeannette Cecchi


Sci. Methods, Appl, Reas & Theory Madeleine Procopio Allegra Malgier Rebecca Purcell

Biology A Erica Murphy Julie Bevilacqua Jennifer Quach

Biology Jasmine Raj Mary Hope Nolan Campbell

AP Chemistry Christine Hill Maura Dougherty

Chemistry A Alexandra Hecht Kathleen Dolan Jennifer Laske

Chemistry Natalie Trerotola Samantha DiFabio Kayla Lane

AP Biology Mary Klatt Alyssia LaMonaca

Physics Bridget Cashel Ciara Tucker

AP Environmental Science Marina Tsikouras Mary Kate Donahue

Physiology A Christina O’Shea Gianna Croce Julianne Kerwood

Earth Science Christina Pawlish

Biotechnology/Bioethics Alexandra Hecht Katherine Lee Erica DiPascale

Social Studies

Cultures in World History Julie Bevilacqua Meghan Henry Emma Ibrahim

20th Century U. S. History Bridget Cashel Megan McCaffrey Anna Pappas

AP U. S. History Marina Tsikouras Katherine Riga Erin Snyder

Women’s History Audrey Cooney

Sociology Audrey Cooney Mary Catherine Carr

Themes in U.S. History Tam Le Caitlin Harrison

World Geography Alexandra Hecht Amy Weiss

Intro to Law Rebecca McCarron


Latin 1A Erica Murphy Julie Bevilacqua Ashley Graves

French 1A Emma Ibrahim Catherine Maurer Madeleine Procopio

Spanish 1A Meghan Henry Madeline King Gabriela Ferroni

Spanish 1 Jianna Pappalardo Audra Adams

Latin 2A Taylor McElwee Maria DiGiacomo

French 2A Christine Fay Alessandra Zito Sarah Hughes

Course Academic Excellence Honorable Mention Excellent Effort
French 2 Sokha Lanctot

Spanish 2A Alexandra Hecht Katherine Lee Marguerite Gorman

Spanish 2 Mary Hope Paige Pecora Elizabeth Backe

Latin 3A Katherine Riga Nicia Chiavacci Mary Grace Zeller

French 3A Marina Tsikouras Stephanie Thomas

French 3 Mary Kate O’Riordan Cassidy Guilday

Spanish 3A Erin McGarrity Allison Starr

Spanish 3 Krista Rossi Melissa De Leon Jenna Ertel

Fine Arts

Art Major 1A Yadira Mejia Emma Brown Mary Paschos

Art Major 2A Samantha DiFabio Gabriella DiFabio

Principles of Design 1 Christine Fay Samantha Fioravanti Catherine Fogarty

Principles of Design 2 Julia Littleton Nicole Marchese Fatimah Maiga

Music Major 1A Kathleen Dolan Clarissa Cooney Audrey Cooney

Music Major 2A Elizabeth Dierkes Marialena Rago

20th Cent Pop & Theatrical Music Caitlin Harrison Juliana Angelone Katherine Dombrowski

The 2012 Exploravision Contest, sponsored by Toshiba and the National Science Teachers’ Association, awards the following students for exercising their imaginations in the areas of science and exploring its impact on technology. Competing among over 5,000 entries in the U.S. and Canada, three Merion team won honorable mention.

  • Honorable Mention:

    • For the Linolector, the latest breakthrough in anti-inflammatory treatment for the heart, joints, and brain:

Kelly Barton, Ciara Bauwens, Emily Conroy, Genevieve Manning

    • For Mommy Needs a New Mammogram, a device that detects breast cancer using thermography and odorant detection:

Madeline King, Corinne Pisauro, Julia Roccato, Catherine West

    • For The Chloroplast Space Pack, a space suit life support system that uses artificial photosynthesis to support an astronaut in space.

Emma Ibrahim, Catherine Maurer, Celia Mongeluzi

The Philadelphia Section of the American Chemical Society sponsors an award for excellence in chemistry and recognizes a student for her demonstrated enthusiasm and perseverance in the study of chemistry. This year’s award is presented to:

Tammy Le
MMA students continued to earn honors in the WordMasters critical reading challenge meets this year. As a result of strong performances in the four challenge meets, the freshmen placed tenth in the nation and the juniors placed ninth in the nation.

In addition to this success, two students have won highest honors for year-long individual achievement as well: freshman Megan Bevilacqua and junior Mary Kate Carr placed among the 22 highest-ranked students nationwide in the cumulative standings for their respective grade levels.
For leading the National Honor Society with a strong sense of duty and dedication, an award is presented to:

Mary Grace Zeller

Honorable Mention: Martha Zeller
The following students have achieved distinction in the National French Exam:

  • Level 1

    • National Winners: Emma Ibrahim and Catherine Maurer (bronze medals)

    • Regional Winners: Mary Kate Magee and Madeleine Procopio

    • Honorable Mention: Emma Drennen, Deirdre McCloskey, Grace Mullen, Audrey Rake, Minh Vu, and Annette Young

  • Level 2

    • National Winners: Sarah Brown and Christine Fay (bronze medals)

    • Honorable Mention: Mary Grace Bullock, Elizabeth Loftus, Fatimah Maiga, Meghan Rafter, Gabriella Schneider, and Alessandra Zito

  • Level 3

    • National Winner: Marina Tsikouras (2nd place trophy and silver medal)

    • National Honorable Mention: Abigail Fondren and Christina O’Shea

    • Honorable Mention: Anna Calderone, Madalaina D’Angelo, Maura Dougherty, Julianne Kerwood, Jennifer Laske, L’oreal Oliver, Emily Parker and Stephanie Thomas

  • Level 4

    • Honorable Mention: Olivia Gallagher-Kowit

The following students have achieved recognition for Cum Laude performance in the National Latin Exam:

Latin 1A: Jennifer Quach
Latin 2A: Maria DiGiacomo
Latin 3A: Mary Grace Zeller

The following students have achieved recognition for Magna Cum Laude performance:

Latin 1A : Victoria Basso and Jamilah Jones
Latin 2A: Emma Aldaya, Abigail Fondren, Casey Hofmann, and Allison Toal
Latin 3A: Marygrace Hegarty
The following students have merited a certificate and a silver medal for their Maxima Cum Laude performance:
Latin 1A: Maura Avington, Kristen Konieczny, Jasmine Raj, and Jacqueline Sereni
Latin 2A: Amanda Browne, Lydia Esposito, Erin Loftus, Maura Murphy, and Meghan Rafter
Latin 3A: Meghan McCaffrey and Allison Starr
The following students have merited a certificate and a gold medal for their Summa Cum Laude performance:
Latin 1A: Emma Drennen, Ashley Graves, Katherine Hock, Sarah Hughes, Ahn-thu Le, Elizabeth Mattera, Moira McChesney, Marie McFalls, Elizabeth Messina, Erica Murphy, Elizabeth Schrieber, Alison Snarponis, Minh Vu, and Annette Young
Latin 2A: Audrey Cooney, Kathleen Dolan, Elizabeth Doyle, Elisabeth Gavin, Madilyn Grey, Tammy Le, Taylor McElwee, Erin O’Brien, Anna Pappas, Margaret Quigley, Mariah Quinn, and Erin Snyder
Latin 3A: Mary Kate Carr, Nicia Chiavacci, Sarah Farrell, and Katherine Riga
The following students have merited perfect scores on the National Latin Exam:
Latin 1A: Julie Bevilacqua Latin 2A: Clarissa Cooney and Jodi Jansen
For dedication and excellence as a member of the Latin Club, an award is presented to:
Marygrace Hegarty

Honorable Mention: Olivia Gallagher-Kowit
The following students have achieved distinction in the National Spanish Exam:

  • Level 1

    • Gold Medal: Kelly Barton, Meghan Henry, Madeline King, and Leyla Lewenec

    • Silver Medal: Gabriela Ferroni, Bridget Kayes, Sarah Klippel, Genevieve Manning, Stephanie Paras, and Katherine Riga

    • Bronze Medal: Caroline Barton, Ciara Bauwens, Isabel Cieri, Ashley Graves, Clare Hegarty, Sarah Jensen, Elaine O'Hara, Casey Robinson, Julia Roccato, Megan Rolfes, and Chelsea Stone

  • Level 2

    • Gold Medal: Corinne Pisauro

    • Silver Medal: Marissa Abbonizio, Emma Brown, Jael Brown, Catherine Fuller, Marguerite Gorman, Caitlin Harrison, Alexandra Hecht, Katherine Lee, Kerlyn Rodriguez, and Emily Turek

    • Bronze Medal: Christine Callahan, Rachel Craig, Samantha Fioravanti, Gina Marcozzi, Erin O'Brien, Kimberly Rodriguez, Deanna Rosini, and Gabrielle Sweeney

  • Level 3

    • Silver Medal: Greta Bradbury, Mary Burke, Nicia Chiavacci, Christine Hill, Deanna Javage, Alyssia LaMonaca, Erin McGarrity, Lucia McGettigan, Claire Murray, Maura Murphy, and Erin Snyder

    • Bronze Medal: Mariana Capizzi, Mary Kate Donahue, and Allison Starr

  • Level 4

    • Silver Medal: Elizabeth Dierkes

For her outstanding enthusiasm for the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures, and for her commitment to the Spanish Club, an award is presented to:
Emma Campbell

Honorable Mention: Greta Bradbury
Mock Trial students face the daunting tasks of applying their excellent writing and forensics skills to a complex legal problem. All members of the team are to be congratulated for their efforts. In recognition of their top 16 placement at the Princeton University Moot Court Competition the Mock Trial awards for outstanding underclassmen is presented to:
Christine Fay and Meghan Rafter
For her leadership and her outstanding dedication to the principles of peace and diplomacy as part of the Model U.N., and for her participation in and promotion of the club’s debates, an award is presented to:
Marina Tsikouras

Honorable Mention: Erin Snyder
For a genuine desire to develop an economic, political, and cultural understanding of people from other countries as a member of the World Affairs Club, an award is presented to:
Casey Hofmann

Honorable Mention: Rose DeFino
For promoting the study of and appreciation for history in all its forms, and for demonstrating a devotion to making history interesting and relevant as a member of the History Club, an award is presented to:
Olivia Gallagher-Kowit

Honorable Mention: Rebecca McCarron

For being outstanding members and top scorers of the Junior Varsity Mathletes team, awards are presented to:

Erica Murphy (freshman) and Katherine Lee (sophomore)
Certain Merion sophomores were invited this year to participate in the 63rd annual American Mathematics Contest.  With over 4,000 schools participating nationwide, its purpose is to spur interest in mathematics and to develop talent in problem solving through the excitement of competition in a timed format.  The following participants should please come forward to receive their certificates:

Taylor Barrett

Mary Burke

Kathleen Dolan

Christine Fay

Catherine Fuller

Catherine Gormley

Caitlin Harrison

Alexandra Hecht

Sarah Hughes

Tammy Le

Katherine Lee

Kathleen Dolan has earned special recognition as Merion Mercy’s winner at this year’s American Mathematics Contest.
In the spring semester Director’s Choice Awards were given to seniors for their outstanding contributions to the Merion Mercy Music Theater program’s annual musical.
The Production Staff of MMMT commends the company of The Phantom of the Opera for its tremendous accomplishments. Special recognition was given in March to the following individuals for going above and beyond what was expected, and for their professionalism, enthusiasm, leadership, and excellence in the following areas.

For performance: Allison Boyle

For dance: Cassidy Giordano
For her passionate dedication as editor-in-chief and her willingness to do whatever it takes to produce a magazine worthy of its name, the 2012 Image Explosion award is presented to:
Mary Kate Carr

Honorable Mention: Erin Snyder
For outstanding commitment and faithful service to the Ricordia, awards are presented to
Madalaina D’Angelo

Honorable Mention: Victoria DiRenzo
For outstanding service to the Ministry Team, demonstrating reliability, generosity, commitment to the ideals of the Gospel, compassion for all God's people, and leadership as a Christian role model, an award is presented to:

Anna Pappas

For outstanding representation of the values and beliefs of the Multicultural Club, for fostering the belief that all cultures enrich the world, and for the spirit and joy of sharing oneself, an award is presented to:

Shelsy Tity

For her sense of adventure and effort to promote culture, fine arts, performing arts, the reading of great works of literature, and an appreciation of etiquette, an award for the Finer Things Club is presented to:
Maura Avington

Honorable Mention: Meghan Rafter and Maria Calabrese

For raising awareness of the many works of mercy and service performed by students, parents, and alumnae of MMA as members of Mercy Works, an award is presented to:

Victoria DiRenzo
For superlative teamwork, effort, and dedication as a member of Communications Club, an award for the Good Morning, Merion! broadcast team is presented to:
Greta Bradbury

Honorable Mention: Natalie Trerotola
For superlative creativity, dedication, and for endless hours planning, filming, and editing movies as members of Communications Club, awards for Merion Cinema Society are presented to:
Katherine Buckley and Mary Grace Bullock

Honorable Mention: Madeleine Procopio
The Community Service Corps Award for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to promoting social justice and participating in service activities at Merion and in the community is presented to:
Erin Snyder and Marina Tsikouras

Honorable Mention: Mary Kate Quinn
An overall award for the Best Continuous Program was awarded in May by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to Merion Mercy Academy’s chapter of Community Service Corps for our partnership with LaSalle Academy. This is the second time MMA has won this award in the last three years from among all of the private and diocesan high schools in Philadelphia. Many students and faculty members have been involved over the years with this partnership and are worthy of recognition for their dedication.
Mrs. Meacham came forward to receive a certificate on behalf of the school.
The following students, as committed, enthusiastic members of the Literary Bears Book Club have excelled at this year’s Reading Olympics hosted by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. Certificates and first-place blue ribbons are awarded to:

Emma Brown

Kathleen Dolan

Jodi Jansen

Aisha Maiga

Yadira Mejia

L’oreal Oliver

Jennifer Quach

For her incredible creativity and enthusiasm in promoting a love of literature and in bringing the magic of Harry Potter’s world to Merion Mercy through dynamic activities, an award for S.P.E.W. (Students Perilously Entertained by Wizardry) is presented to:
Madalaina D’Angelo
For her creativity, teamwork, and perspective in dedication to and organization of the Photography Club, an award is presented to:

Stephanie Thomas

Honorable Mention: Sarah Byrnes

In recognition for outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the Merion Mercy Community as an officer of Student Council, an award is presented to:

Deanna Javage
For being an outstanding member of the National Science Honor Society who has encouraged interest in, and awareness of, scientific knowledge and discovery within the Merion Mercy community, an award is presented to:

Julianne Kerwood

Julianne has received the Annenberg Scholarship to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine this summer.
For her respect for the natural world, and her initiative and commitment to promoting awareness of important environmental issues as part of Environmental Club, an award is presented to:
Emily Parker

Honorable Mention: Cierra Tucker
For outstanding performance and commitment to the development and excellence of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, an award is presented to:
Elizabeth Dierkes

Honorable Mention: Allison Boyle
Recognizing our communal prayer in the liturgy, the following have served the Merion Mercy community by enhancing all of our liturgical celebrations. For outstanding service and commitment through time and talent, an award for the Liturgical Ensemble is presented to:
Kathleen Dolan

Honorable Mention: Alessandra Zito
For outstanding performance and dedication to the MMA Ensemble, an award is presented to:
Elizabeth Dierkes

Honorable Mention: Kathleen Dolan
For excellence in performance and dedication to the Glee Club, an award is presented to:
Jasmine Raj

Honorable Mention: Caitlin Harrison
For excellence and commitment as a distinguished member of the Chorale, an award is presented to:
Mary Kate Carr

Honorable Mention: Christina Brennan
Two other members of Chorale, Allison Boyle and Elizabeth Duska, earned recognition in a regional contest hosted by the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Allison was a semi-finalist and Elizabeth won 2nd place.

For excellence in performance and dedication to the Handbell Choir, an award is presented to:

Anna Pappas

Honorable Mention: Katherine Riga
The following students received special recognition throughout the school year from their peers and mentors for being models of mercy within our community. For the outstanding ways in which they put into action our school’s core values of compassion, service, and collaboration, pins are presented at this time to the various winners of the Miss Mercy honor for 2011-2012:
Julie Bevilacqua, Emma Ibrahim, and Katie Lee
Recognition of perfect attendance for the 2011-2012 school year is awarded to:

Class of 2015

Caroline Barton
Julia Brenner
Olivia Diaz
Erin Donnelly
Gabriela Ferroni
Sara Figueroa
Cameron George
Clare Hegarty
Patricia Markey
Ann Marie McShea
Ashley Miller
Erica Murphy
Christina Nunno
Jianna Pappalardo
Erin Parker
Madeleine Procopio
Jasmine Raj
Audrey Rake

Maya Rhodes

Class of 2014

Jane Burke
Christine Fay

Catherine Fuller

Catherine Gormley

Sarah Klippel

Katherine Lee

Eileen Tran

Class of 2013

Christina Burgese

Aisha Maiga

Allison Starr

Recognition of perfect attendance for two (2) consecutive years is awarded to:

Class of 2014

Emma Brown
BriYana Crocker

Kathleen Dolan

Caitlin Harrison

Nicole Marchese

Audra Musumeci

Jennifer Quach

Rodesha Washington

Class of 2013

Gianna Croce

Maura Dougherty

Marygrace Hegarty

Alyssia LaMonaca

Recognition of perfect attendance for three (3) consecutive years is awarded to:

Class of 2013

Megan Brennan
Emma Campbell
Maria DiGiacomo

Sarah Maminski

Anna Pappas

Christina Pawlish

Katherine Riga

Natalie Trerotola

Cierra Williams

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