Goshen College Student Academic Symposium Saturday March 31, 2012 Professor Jo-Ann A. Brant, Program Coordinator Caleb Paul Mechem, Assistant Program Coordinator

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Goshen College Student Academic Symposium

Saturday March 31, 2012

Professor Jo-Ann A. Brant, Program Coordinator

Caleb Paul Mechem, Assistant Program Coordinator
Session One: Concurrent sessions in CC 110-110 and 112-113
Church-Chapel 110-111 12:45-3:05 pm Chair: Jan Zawadzki, Department of Business
12:45-1:00 Jona Sibuor Kawira, Department of Physical Education, “The Effects of the Off Season Conditioning Program for the Goshen College Women’s Soccer Team on Aerobic Endurance, Muscular Strength and Endurance, and Agility”
1:00-1:15 Kolton E. Nay, Department of English, “The Source of North American Immigration”
1:15-1:30 Julia M. Stoltzfus, Department of Biology, “Effects of Antioxidants on Osmotic Fragility of Erythrocytes in Holstein Dairy Cows during Heat Stress”
1:30-1:50 Melissa Justine Kauffman, Department of History, “Amy Sudermann Enss, 1878-1975: A Women’s Reflection on Navigating Multiple Identities”
1:50-2:00 Break
2:00-2:15 Daniel Hershberger Penner, Department of History. “From Capital to Capitalism: MEDA's Role among the Paraguayan Indigenous’ Economic Shift from 1965-1974”
2:15-2:30 Amy C. Brubaker, Department of Education, “Response to Intervention: Tier III Case Study”
2:30-2:45 Matilda K. Yoder, Department of History, “The Rise of ‘The Club Habit’: The Role of Women's Self-Education Clubs in Elkhart County 1880-1920” 
2:45-3:05 Hannah E. Canaviri, Department of History, “‘Noble Sisterhood:’ The 1874 Woman’s Temperance Crusade in Elkhart County”
Church-Chapel 112-113 12:45-3:05 pm Chair: Jair A. Hernandez, Department of Communication
12:45- 1:00 Nora Jane Miller, Department of Social Work, “Social Work and Genetic Testing: Complexities Surrounding Genetic Counselors”
1:00-1:15 Philip Weaver-Stoesz, Department of Communication, “The Culture of Zombification”
1:15-1:30 S. Kate Stoltzfus, Departments of English and Communication, “Celebrities and Advertising: A Mutual Partnership”
1:30-1:50 Natalie D. Harman and Sophie M. Lapp, Department of Bible and Religion, “Delilah in the Media”
1:50-2:00 Break
2:00-2:15 Emily A. Fretz and Jing Jin, Departments of Mathematics and Biology, “Osmotic Hemolysis: Water and Glycerol Transport Across Red Blood Cell Membranes”
2:15-2:30 Benjamin W. Baumgartner, Department of History, “Insurrections on Slave Ships Bound for Charles Towne, SC (1724-1807)”
2:30-2:45 Elizabeth H. King, Department of Education, “Response to Intervention (RTI): A Case Study in Reading Fluency”
2:45-3:05 Elizabeth A. C. Berg, Department of Nursing, “The Health Care Needs of Women Experiencing Sex Trafficking”
3:05-3:25 -Break -- Refreshments provided for all presenters and audience members. Comments from Professor Jo-Ann A. Brant, Program Director
Session Two: Session in Church-Chapel 112 3:25-4:45 pm Chair:
3:25-3:45 David A. Harnish, Department of History, “Respectability and Reciprocity: How African Americans Formed a Community in Elkhart, Indiana 1918-1948”
3:45-4:00 Ted J. Maust, Department of History, “Imagining a Mennonite Community in ‘Modern Babel’”
4:00-4:15 Joshua A. Yoder, Department of Biology, “Landscapes for Native Pollinators”
4:15-4:30 Micah J. Miller-Eshleman, Department of Informatics, “Content and Teaching Methods for Informatics I”
4:30-4:45 David Aaron Stoesz and Luke N. Zehr, Department of Biology, “Responses of Acacia drepanolobium to Fire and Elephant Browsing in the Kenyan Savanna”
4:45-5:00 Abi Abebe Tsigie, Department of Art, “Building Bridges through photography: Puerto Rico 2012”

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