Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 10-16 May Latest events 14 May 2010

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Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 10-16 May

Latest events - 14 May 2010

From Germany to Sierra Leone to Venezuela, IANSA members are using the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence to demonstrate global civil society’s support for a strong Arms Trade Treaty. In Nepal a signature collection campaign aimed at policy makers, journalists, police and citizens was held in Kathmandu. Kapil Kafle, from IHRICON said: “We are urging governments to make sure ethical principles and robust rules are included in an ATT. These should be based on international human rights law and international humanitarian law. The ATT should also include measures that prevent arms transfers when there is a risk that the arms will undermine sustainable development or poverty reduction.”
Below you will find information and pictures of today’s Week of Action events





Civil society representatives gave an interview on the Arms Trade Treaty to Infosambila Newspaper in Luanda



Campaigners distributed flyers calling for a gun free election in Bujumbura

Femmes Unies pour Paix  en Afrique (FUP/GL)


Local leaders from Kinama attended a film screening illustrating the devastating impact of small arms in the region, followed by a debate.

Association de Lutte contre la Délinquance et la Pauvreté (A.L.D.P/Emmaüs)


CAMYOSFOP organised a meeting with parliamentarians to discuss the Arms Trade Treaty and the importance of regulating the irresponsible global arms trade. Parliamentarians were also urged to push for a law to prevent illegal manufacturing and the sale of small arms.


Central African Republic

Campaigners went door to door awareness raising on the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign in the Ngaragba neighbourhood followed by a programme on national radio on the topic of the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign


DR Congo

Civil society held an information session for journalists in Kinshasa covering the UN Small Arms process and the Programme of Action and how the media can report on the issue of gun violence in an influential way.


DR Congo

IANSA members participated in a radio interview in Kinshasa on the Arms Trade Treaty that stressed why it is important for the government to support the ATT


DR Congo

Campaigners collected testimonies from women survivors of gun violence and interviewed the police about cases of armed domestic violence in Goma ( Noth-Kivu)

The Great Lakes Youth Initiative for Peace and Development


Members of the army attended a debate on the Disarm Domestic Violence campaign in Conakry



In Nairobi, FECCLAHA organised a successful women-only training on the ATT. 16 women attended from women’s groups and organizations working on small arms as well as representatives from RECSA, the Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and the Institute for Security Studies. The training concluded in a statement and a set of action points on how women can work together towards an ATT.



To mark the Week of Action the public participated in a peaceful procession in Wajir, displaying banners and messages including slogans such as ‘Stop Small Arms’, ‘Small Arms Kill’, ‘Small Arms Displace’ and ‘Stop the Small Arms Business’.

Frontier Indigenous Network


The latest in a series of events organised by Umoja As One was a meeting of students to discuss ways to reduce the negative impact of small arms in the community this was followed by a concert for peace in Embakasi, Kayole

Umoja as One

Republic of Congo

The High Commissioner for Ex-Combatants Disarmament and Reinsertion’s legal advisor attended a debate in Brazzaville, on Small Arms in the Republic of Congo. There was also a TV programme on the Week of Action’s themes and objectives.



Women in Black organised a street action in Belgrade distributing anti-militarist flyers. An artist drew guns on pieces of paper and other activists formed a line with the audience and tore the papers apart.

Women in Black


Plataforma Per la Pau hosted a conference about peace and firearms in Lloret. The main speaker was a researcher from the Peace Institute of Catalonia. Earlier in the week, activists had visited primary schools and invited the students to draw and express their thoughts regarding gun violence. The drawings were presented after the conference.  

Plataforma Per la Pau Lloret


There were public meeting at schools in Arusha on the impact of gun violence in the community and the danger of having guns in the home



Complimented by an online petition for the public to show their support for an ATT, Amnesty International organised a public meeting in Sousse with an address that urged countries of the world, and especially the United States of America, to push for a strong ATT. Following this, members of the public attended a film screening on the topic of the illicit use of small arms in Darfur and a talk on the small arms issue in North Africa.

Amnesty International Tunisia


EASSI and CECORE jointly organized a women-only training on the Arms Trade Treaty. 28 women attended the event including IANSA Women's Network Coordinator and the Director of Gender in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. 



NGO representatives met with parliamentarians to discuss the PoA and ATT processes.


Remember that you can follow the Week of Action events on IANSA’s Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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