Global information society problems have been discussed at the scientific seminar held at the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on May 17 devoted to World Telecommunication and Information Society

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Global information society problems have been discussed at the scientific seminar held at the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on May 17 devoted to World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

In recent years, worldwide ICT, dynamic development, has become an integral part of all spheres of human activity, social-economic relations. The latest achievements of ICT in developed countries contribute to management, education, health, business, tourism and banking, which allowed each member of society to enjoy these achievements. Development of ICT in Azerbaijan is in focus of the state and these universal processes are regularly implemented in our country. Our country is strengthening its leading position in the region in the field of ICT year by year. There has been created large-scaled international relations in this area, the development opportunities of the technology sector of our country is the focus of the relevant organizations and scientific associations. Institute of Information Technology of ANAS which directly involved in the formation of information society is among those leading organizations. It should be noted that this institute, has been functioning both in information technology and information society fields. On this occasion, on 14 May the Institute of Information Technology held a scientific seminar devoted to 17 May - World Day of Telecommunications and Information Society. 

Director of the Institute of Information Technology, correspondent member of ANAS, professor Rasim Alguliyev noted that the World Day of Telecommunications and Information Society had been celebrating since 2006, and the main goal of this international day is to draw attention of the public to the important role of ICT in development: "November 2006, under Resolution No 68 of UN General Assembly on May 17 was celebrated as a day of World Telecommunication and Information Society. The slogan of the day this year coincides with the theme of the World Exhibition EXPO 2010, which opened May 17 in Shanghai -" Better City better life with information and communication technologies. "In connection with this memorable day the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon in his message noted an important role of ICT nowadays and reported that one of the main goals of the UN is to ensure that all people in all corners of the planet have equal access to information and communication technologies. Call of the UN Secretary General - "Let us strive to fully harness the enormous potential of the digital revolution to save human life, sustainable development and lasting peace" - is directly linked with processes occurring in the world”.

Stressing the UN Secretary General message which informed that the "green technologies", would give impetus to the creation of cleaner cities from an environmental point of view, the scientist mentioned that existing environmental problems concerned the whole world. Professor talked about the role of “green technologies” in eliminating of problems that arise as a result of climate changing which happenes in the world also, in Azerbaijan and natural disasters that happens as a result of it and declared about research work that is leading in this field by Institute of Information Technology.

He noted that on 17 May - World Telecommunications and Information Society Day had been celebrated in many countries, including Azerbaijan, and in connection with this date in our country events held at the state level. 

Head of department of the institute Farhad Yusifov made a presentation on "Evaluation mechanisms of formation and development of e-government". He noted that the purpose of the World Day for telecommunications and IS was that the man could be useful to society, through the use of the Internet and ICT, as well as addressing the digital difference: "This year's slogan for the World Telecommunication and IS Day is to ensure living standards of the people in the city environment. ICT is a key tool in accelerating these processes. The most notable trend observed in the formation of a global information society is to improve the electronic preparation and accelerate the development of electronic governments. Regular monitoring of these trends is in the focus of many international and national organizations". 

He noted that the current monitoring and evaluation were relevant to the implementation of projects and programs for e-government. F. Yusifov spoke about the importance of developing a centralized system of monitoring and evaluation, and noted the importance of implementing comprehensive measures in this direction. 

Speaking on the theme "Challenges and solutions in the creation of electronic democratic institutions in the information society" a senior fellow of the Institute Aygun Ahmadova said that at present ICT plays an important role in the democratic realization of the government. She said that creating new forms of governance that promote the dynamic development of the Government apparatus, there were terms such as e-democracy, e-government, e-citizen, etc. A.Ahmadova noted that e-governance will ensure the further development of a wide range of services and creation of new electronic services. She said that the phased transition of government services in the state system of network services played an important role in meeting the real needs of citizens and organizations. 

Post-graduate of IIT, ANAS Rasim Abdullayev also made a speech on the topic "Problems of transport in urban infrastructure". He said that the problem put forward by the impact on individual sectors of the economy and led to negative consequences in the urban infrastructure. The speaker noted that solutions to traffic jam problems relevant throughout the world, had been in the focus of experts and scientists, including large companies. He described the measures taken in this direction in different cities, and which resulted in congestion of urban road transport partially reduced, but the complete solution is impossible. 

Dissertator of the Institute Saadat Nazirova made a presentation on "Spam, as one of the environmental challenges of the information society”. She said that recently the number of spam emails bearing criminal information had increased, for example, phishing, fraud, advertising illegal goods, information attack; noted the importance of developing policies to combat spam. She noted that in recent years, the criminalization of spam had started to worry not only individuals and companies offering Internet services, but public authorities, as well, and stressed that the strengthening of measures of protection against spam was one of the main conditions to ensure protection of information. 

At the end of the event, participants exchanged views, held discussions on the topics. Summing up the seminar, Prof. R. Alguliyev reminded that the information society was a new stage in the history of civilization, its formation and development of a long evolutionary process: "This process, which entailed the need for solving other problems, requires deep research, as well. For this reason, scientists, scientific groups have important tasks. We should direct our efforts in this direction, to prepare appropriate erudite staff and should give full support to the work of building the Information Society, held in our country". 

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