Geog 1011: Landscapes & Water Lab Syllabus, fall 2004 Sections: #016, #011, #012

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GEOG 1011: Landscapes & Water

Lab Syllabus, fall 2004

Sections: #016, #011, #012
TA: Adina Racoviteanu


Office: Guggenheim 314

Office Phone: 492-3684 during office hours or 2-5546 (INSTAAR office)

Mailbox: 1st floor Guggenheim, “Racoviteanu”

Office Hours: Mon. 12 - 2pm or by appointment

Required Lab Manual:

Lab Manual to Accompany GEOG 1011, Pitlick and Clayton.

  • Attendance to the lab is MANDATORY. I will take attendance.

  • If you miss a lab due to medical/emergency problems, I will need a doctor’s note. In that case, you are allowed to make up the lab, but let me know as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for you to attend another lab session.

  • If you know in advance that you will be missing a lab for a good reason, and would like to make it up, let me know in AHEAD OF TIME. Most of the labs require that you attend a lab session in order to be able to complete the material, due to the use of maps, etc.

  • Once you sign up for one lab section, you are not allowed to change it after the first week.

  • Field trips are mandatory and cannot be made up without prior arrangements (in case of emergencies/medical problems). If you miss a field trip without an excuse, you will not be able to hand in the lab assignment. This includes labs #3, #5, #8.

Assignments and grading policies:

  • Lab Assignments are worth 30% of your total course grade (so it is very important that you come to lab)

  • There are 12 lab assignments in all. Your lowest lab score will be dropped, and you will be graded out of 11 labs, each weighted equally.

  • Lab assignments are due in lab the week after we have worked on them. Labs are due at the BEGINNING of lab. Labs that are handed in at the end of lab will be considered late, no exceptions!

  • Late labs will be deducted 10% each day they are late. Labs that are more than 1 week late will not be accepted.

  • You are encouraged to work on your lab assignments together, but please be sure to put your answers in your own words and hand in your own assignments.


  • Please come to lab PREPARED! This means reading the day’s assignment before you come to lab! WE WILL OCCASIONALLY HAVE A SHORT QUIZ AT THE BEGINNING OF THE LABS.

  • Quizzes will be worth 10% of your total lab grade.

Things to bring to lab:

  • Calculator and ruler;

  • Lecture notes and text book;

  • Appropriate clothing (rain gear, boots or comfortable walking shoes), water and (if necessary) snacks for the field trips.

Contact me:

  • Email contact is best. I encourage you to email me or come to my office hours if you are having any problems. I check my email often, but please do not email me the night before a lab is due and expect me to get back to you in time.


Date Exercise Due

8/30 1: Maps, Grids, Scale and Contours 9/6

9/13 2: Rock Identification 9/20

9/20 3: FIELD TRIP to Mesa Trail * 9/27

9/27 4: Azimuth, Aspect, Gradient & Profile 10/11

10/4 5: Soils FIELD TRIP * 10/18


10/18 Soils Internet Lab (no class)** 10/25

10/25 6: Hillslopes & Mass Wasting 11/1

11/1 7: Hydrographs & Flood Frequency Analysis 11/8

11/8 Hydrology Internet Lab (no class)** 11/15

11/15 8: FIELD TRIP to Boulder Creek 11/22

11/29 9: Stream Channels & Fluvial Landforms 12/6

12/6 10: Glacial landforms- LAST LAB!! 12/13

* these labs are off campus field trips- we will meet at the cul-de-sac on the south side of the Rec Center. Please be on time!!
** Days of internet labs we will NOT meet. The labs from the previous week will be due in my mailbox (main floor GUGG) by lab time. You will work on these labs on your own.

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