General Reserved Words

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General Reserved Words

These reserved words can be used in most cases. You can also use the printer codes, system and dot commands that are shown overleaf.


Reserved Word

Practice Name


Practice Address Line 1, 2 and 3

&pad1 .. &pad3

Practice VAT Number


Practice Ref field


Today’s Date


Current Time


User Name


Users full name


Users Qualifications


Client Name

Full Name

Mr T.W Melvin











Client Address Line 1, 2 and 3

&address1 … 3

Client Address Line 4 / Postcode


Client Type (SA, FC or EQ)


Surgery No. From management record card


Fee Amount (MR)


Drug Amount (MR)


VAT Amount (MR)


Paid Amount (MR)

&paid / &pay

Total Balance (MR)

&total / &bal

E-Mail address


Misc Field

Usually the telephone number

&ffield / &phone

Additional Telephone Numbers

&te0 .. &te9

Mobile number (same as &te0)


Fax Number (Same as (&te1)


Site specific - set in parameters - allows def files to use information specific to a site.

&site1 … &site9

User ID of who did the work.


Reference field (on additional screen)


Date field (On additional screen)


Animal name


Animal Number


Master record number


Weight of animal (Last weight date is &lastwgt)


Colour of animal





Full name


The 1st Word of the breed


The 1st 10 characters of the breed


The 1st character of each word


Sex of animal

e.g. FN, MN


e.g. Female, Male


e.g. Yes / No



Depending on sex of animal






Status Code


Age of Animal


Date of Birth / Age





Number of years old



Yes or No


Insured With


Loyalty points


Identification Number


1st Registered Date


Date the animal was last seen (Last Cons Date)


Next Appointment

Date and Time


Next Appointment Date


Next Appointment Time


Vaccination date (Due)


Recall date (Due)

Where XXX is the recall number


Recall date (Last)


Classification animal is in


Marketing tag applied



  • If the reserved word ends with a full stop white space following it will be preserved.

  • If the 1st character of the reserved word is in upper case the 1st character of the replacement will also be in uppercase

Date Function

Works on current date unless specified.


Add/Subtract X days

@date( w )

Day of week

@date( m )

Month name and year

@date( c )

Month name

@date( n )

The date as a number used in IF/ELSE statements.

@date( f )

Date as per:
10th October 2004

@date( t )

As the 'f' option above except will add full day.

The above can also work on a date
@date(m15.12.01) return December 2001
or @date(c+1) returns current month + 1


The full date

@full(date xx)

Full date + xx days


The number x will be converted to text.

Filter Options


Pass to ‘cmd’


Groff lj4 device


Groff ps device


Groff via Ghostscript

The filter will check for and replace:


Will be replaced with printer destination


Will be replaced with number of copies


Replaced with filename

Attaching Comands

.ATtach text

Attach a copy of the definition file to the record card. If 'text' is specified that will be used as the description.

.AA mime

Used with the .at command above. Specifies the mime type the attachment is to be added as e.g. .aa text/roff for Nroff documents.

.NOtify text

Add a clinical record when the definition file is printed. 'text' if specified will be used as the clinical text. If 'text' starts with a number then this will be used as the analysis code.

Windows Forms and Overlays

.OV overlay

Call windows overlay

.WINFILE filename

Prints the windows document called filename.

.LOGO = filename.prn

Add the logo stored in 'filename.prn' to the document.

System Commands




Ask which printer should the job be sent to.


Ask number of copies to print

.SY Append

Include another file e.g.
.sy append letter.def
as separate document.

.SY NoLog

Switch off logging the fact the form was printed.

.SY Logas text

Change the text used then logging the form has been printed to 'text'.

Special Options




Return the results of the calculation

# text

Ignore lines starting with a # symbol.

.FILE filename

Include another file, if filename is 'SPECIES' this will be translated to the current species (8 chars).

Printer Codes


Reserved Word



Condensed Start/Finish

&cs / &cf

Enlarged Start/Finish

&es / &ef

Font Start/Finish

&fs / &ff

Bold Start/Finish

&bs / &bf

Underline Start/Finish

&us / &uf


&c0 … &c9

Dot Commands

The dot commands MUST start on the left hand edge of the document.




Take new page

.QU text

Ask question


Set right margin


Set left margin


Set number of copies

.PR / .DP

Set printer to print to. A-Z for specific, or 1 for current document, 2 for POS, 3 for label


Set page length


Comment lines

.LOG filename

Copy output to filename

.SA filename text

Save text to filename

.IF / .EL / .FI

If/Else clause

.JO / .JF

Justification On / Off


Enable duplexing options (for groff forms)

.QU Options

The .qu option will ask the user questions. The results will be available in &var0 to &var9



.qu text

Prompt user with text

.qu text [NUMBER]

Forces numeric input, eight chars max.

.qu text [DEFAULT]

Use 'Default' as the answer if no input.

.qu text [DATE]

Validates the answer as a valid date.

.qu number text

Limit the length of the answer to be 'number' characters.

The 'text' can have the format:
ight eft oth to force the user to select one of the choices. or
!text ight eft to prompt for text but still limited to one of the specified answers.

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