Garden State Parkway

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Directions to Boston & Royal Sonesta Hotel
Take the Garden State Parkway North to the end.
The Parkway ends at 287. Stay to your right at the split for 287 East.

Stay on 287 East and go over the Tappan Zee Bridge.

After the toll at the end of the bridge stay in the left two lanes so you stay on 287 East.
Take exit #9N for the Merritt Parkway/15 North

Follow the signs because you have to exit twice—you exit off 9N, then go through a light, staying to your left...then you have to exit on the right again to actually get onto 15N.

Take Rte. 15 north to exit #68 for 91 North, towards Hartford.

Take exit #29, for 84 East, towards Boston.

84 East will end at the Mass Pike/I-90

After the toll, stay right for I-90 East, towards Worcester

Take the Pike to exit #18 for Brighton/Cambridge (on the left).
After toll at exit #18 stay in the right lane following signs to Cambridge/Somerville.
Cross over the Charles River on the River Street Bridge (Cambridge Street) and turn right at the traffic light onto Memorial Drive (Route #3). 
Follow Memorial Drive East (Route #3 South) using the "cars only" option twice, then stay in the extreme right lane, along the Charles River, as Memorial Drive will become Edwin Land Boulevard.
The hotel is on the right at the second traffic signal, directly across from the CambridgeSide Galleria.

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