Galileo (Pisa- 1564, 1642)

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Galileo (Pisa- 1564, 1642)
Unlike my predecessors, who inherited their knowledge from a long history of engineers, from the Romans and their still standing achievements, to medieval collections of manuscripts with technical drawings and easy solutions to technical problems. I was the first to attend a proper university and study one particular field. This demonstrates how as a SCIENTIST, I have moved away from the secretive master-apprentice means of passing on knowledge and I have also moved away from being a jack of all trades to concentrate and delve into the specifics of one field. I profit from a free market of intellectual sources which is the academic society.
I make more discoveries rather than acting as an archeologist, unearthing old techniques and refining them to build new machines. I practice a scientific method that had till now been ignored. That is I reduce the problem over and over again to elucidate the essential theory at the heart of a problem. Reductionism.
I have a more academic standing, with my diploma in mathematics and my teaching position at a university. I still depended on the courts for support, but they depend less on me for inventing machines that will satisfy their immediate needs ( boat party or castle storming). I am still a skilled manual worker though and can be consider a mechanical engineer for that reason. I made my own telescopes, which I gave to the court and earned me a larger salary at the university.
In 1610, when I was appointed Chief Mathemitician at the University of Pisa, I can safely say that I had become a university researcher that you may all know some of your current professors to be. I did not teach, but simply followed hunches that I had, attempting to fully catalogue the unknown and provide essential explanations at the heart of our earth system…
An admirer of mine, Maffeo Barberini, was elected Pope Urban II. This was nice in that it protected me and I could do as much research as I wanted, but then I had to hold my tongue when my research ran counter to the beliefs of the church. In the end, this security would be my down fall. I was condemmed for heresay.
As much as my predecessors can be called Renaissance men, profiting from the possibility of practicing many trades. I embody the logical consequence of this. As soon as a field is discovered, it tends to divide itself and specify the knowledge it uncovers. I am the first of the anti renaissance men, I delve so far into one part of what Brunelleschi did, that I have no time for casting bronze, painting pictures, designing buildings, managing teams of workers, winning battles.

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