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R1 Supplement 300, 8/82

1342 - ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES. An administrative study is an application of existing scientific knowledge to specific field situations. Requests for administrative studies are initiated through the Research-Needs-Response (RNR) Program (FSM 1251). All requests for administrative studies will be identified as a need-for-knowledge and evaluated as part of the RNR Program. Through the RNR process, a determination will be made as to the suitability of the request for an administrative study.

Using the RNR Program to screen and evaluate administrative study requests will:

  1. Avoid duplication of available information, ongoing administrative studies and research activities.

  2. ldentify subject matter experts and sources of related information that will improve the results and technical validity of administrative studies.

1342.03 - Policy. Administrative studies will:

  1. Be approved by the Regional Forester.

  2. Be proposed and initiated through the Research-Needs-Response Program (FSM 1251).

  3. Have an approved plan prior to initiation of any study action.

  4. Be documented in a report and submitted to the Regional Office within 2 months of completion.

1342.1 - Plans. After the need for knowledge has been screened through the RNR Program and has been deemed suitable for an administrative study, develop and submit to the Regional Forester a study plan containing the following six elements:

  1. Problem definition.

  2. Brief description and schedule of the study process.

  3. Estimated benefits and total cost of the study.

  4. A list of subject matter experts consulted and/or other units coordinated with.

  5. A list of references and research documents reviewed if different from those included in the RNR "response" form.

  6. Copy of RNR Program response related to the study proposal.

1342.2 - Approval. The Regional Forester is responsible for approving all administrative studies.

1342.3 - Coordination. The Staff Director for Administrative Management is responsible for the coordination and staff work related to processing and submitting administrative study plans to the Regional Forester for final approval. Administrative Management will coordinate with appropriate Staff Directors in determining feasibility and benefits of each study proposal. Staff Director comments will be forwarded with the study plan proposal to the Regional Forester for approval.

1342.4 - Reporting and Distributing Results. A list of approved Administrative study plans and results will be maintained by Administrative Management. This list will be distributed by Administrative Management to all Forest Supervisors, Staff Directors, R-4, and the Intermountain Station by November 1 of each year.

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All units should report their final study results (5 copies) to Administrative Management as soon as the study is complete. The final report should include the following elements:

  1. A brief review (abstract) of the study, including names of people responsible for the conduct of the study.

  2. The conclusions reached.

  3. Appropriate appendix material necessary for interpretation of study findings, including a description of the study approach and a copy of the approved study plan.

Copies of completed studies will be maintained in a centralized R-l file for future reference; routed to subject-matter Staff Units; and routed through the RNR Program to lNT and R-4.

1343.04 - Responsibility

  1. The line officer at the lowest organizational level with authority to implement the suggestion will approve or disapprove the suggestion for adoption before submitting it to the next higher organizational level.

  2. The line officer of the organizational Unit approving a suggestion is responsible for implementation and any necessary follow-up.

  3. The Personnel Management Staff Director is responsible for administering the Regional Employee Suggestion Program.

  4. Regional Office Staff Directors have the responsibility to implement and monitor the results of approved employee suggestions that fall within their area of responsibility.

1343.2 - Processing Suggestions

  1. Work Supervisor. Signs, dates, and forwards Form AD-287, Employee Suggestion, through appropriate administrative channels to person responsible for administering Employee Suggestion Program in the Supervisor's Office or for Regional Office employees to Personnel Management in the Regional Office.

  2. Forests

a. Forests ensure appropriate local award action is approved before suggestion is submitted to the Regional Office for Region-wide or Service-wide consideration. Any cash amount awarded by the Forest should be indicated in section 5 of Form AD-287-3, Referral and Appraisal of Employee Suggestion.

b. Forests submit an original and one copy, including all attachments, of form AD-287 with completed form AD-287­3 (sections 1-5) to the Employee Suggestion Coordinator in the Regional Office if (1) the suggestion is beyond the Forest Supervisor's authority to implement or (2) after Forest Supervisor approval, the suggestion appears to qualify for Region-wide or Service-wide consideration.

  1. Regional Office Units. Submit an original and one copy, including all attachments, of form AD-287 to the Employee Suggestion Coordinator.

  2. Employee Suggestion Coordinator (or person responsible for administering Employee Suggestion Program) prepares form AD-287-3, (A and B assembly), and:

a. Confirms validity of suggestion by checking list of exclusions (FSM 1343, items 1 and 2).

b. Sends "Acknowledgement Copy" of form to suggester to notify individual that suggestion is being processed.
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c. Makes referral of suggestion for evaluation.

d. When a cash award is recommended, prepares Form AD-287-2, Approval and Certification of Cash Award.

e. If a suggestion is rejected, a letter will be sent to the suggester stating why the suggestion cannot be adopted.
1343.23 - Evaluation

Regional Office. Employee suggestions requiring Regional Office review will be referred by the Employee Suggestion Coordinator to the appropriate Regional Office Staff Director for evaluation. The Staff Director will assign the suggestion to an evaluator within the Staff. Evaluators will be selected on the basis of their knowledge and functional responsibilities on the subject of the employee suggestion.

Regional Office evaluators shall:

1. Provide information relating to items listed in FSM 1343.24 and recommend

(a) approval for adoption for mandatory or optional use or (b) rejection of the suggestion.

  1. Complete sections 3 and 4 of form AD-287..3. If adoption is recommended, provide estimated amount of first-year tangible savings or description of intangible benefits (FSM 6145.2). The form AD-287-3 is to be signed by both the evaluator and Staff Director.

  2. Return completed form AD-287-3, signed by evaluator and Staff Director, to Employee Suggestion Coordinator, Personnel Management Staff, for final processing.

The Regional Forester will issue supplemental awards for (a) suggestions approved by Forest Supervisors and subsequently approved for Region-wide use, and (b) suggestions that generate greater savings than anticipated.

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