From the stump of Jesse

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4Q 285, fr.4-5
…wickedness will be smitten…the leader of the congregation and all of Israel…the mountains…the Kittim…the leader of the congregation up to the Great Sea…before Israel at that time…he will rise up against them and they will be disturbed…they will return to the dry land in that time…they will make him enter before the leader of the congregation. Isaiah the prophet: [The thickets of the forest] will be cut [down with an axe and Lebanon with its magnificence will fall.] And there shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse (Isa 10:34-11:1)…the Branch of David and they will enter into judgment with…and the leader of the congregation, the Bran[ch of David], will kill him (whymtw)1…by strokes and by wounds. And a priest will command…the slainof the Kittim…

1 The Hebrew can be interpreted either as a third person singular verb with a third person suffix, or as a third person plural verb. I have taken the first solution. Some scholars originally took the second, and translated: “they will kill the leader of the congregation.”

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