Form 56 Transfer of charge (Rules 52 and 105) land registry county Folio

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Transfer of charge (Rules 52 and 105)
County Folio
Transfer dated the day of 20 .

In consideration of euro (€ ) paid to him/her, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), A.B., the registered owner (or, the personal representative of the registered owner) hereby transfers to C.D. the charge for registered on the day of 20 (or, at Entry No. ) as a burden on the property described in folio of the register County .

The address in the State of C.D. for service of notices and his/her description is:-

(give address and description)

Signed (or, Signed, sealed) and delivered

by A.B.

in the presence of:-

Signed (or, Signed, sealed) and delivered

by C.D.

in the presence of:-

Note (1) - For execution and the attestation of the execution of a transfer see Rules 54 and 55.
Note (2) - Where desired, the covenants for title implied by the transferor transferring "as beneficial owner" or "as settlor" or "as mortgagee" may be incorporated by inserting these words in the transfer after the name of the transferor – see Section 80 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009.

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