Football: Hellenic League Div. 1 east

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24.01.09 football:

Hellenic League Div.1 east

Finchampstead F.C. 2 Holyport F.C. 1

After last week’s exit from the Berks & Bucks Intermediate Cup by a narrow defeat by Binfield, Finchampstead returned to League duty facing Holyport at the Memorial Park last Saturday.

Neil White and Jeff Dennis had a tough prospect but the coach said afterwards that the tactics paid off even though there were mistakes made in defence and selecting recipients in mid-field distribution. Holyport were 6th in the table before kick off and the hosts were 7 places lower. The win has given Finch far more than the 3 points that they deserved on the day.

It was Holyport that asserted themselves from the beginning and an early shot went wide but Finch with Bobby Hogg as skipper for the day, pushed forward and gave Matt Collis something to consider when Dan Dudman headed wide. The visitors regained the initiative although further progress was halted by Sam Wyatt.

At the end of the first quarter, Holyport

Pushed into the Finchampstead half and were awarded a penalty for hand-ball and the responsibility was placed on Aaron Lennon who drove the spot kick low and hard beyond Nick Rumsby in the 22nd minute.

Another raid having failed for Holyport, the defenders found themselves facing Finch frontrunners,

Aston Robinson and Dean Thomas. The latter was stopped in his tracks by Aaron Lennon but after some accurate passing approaching the Holyport goal,

Bobby Hogg rocketed a long range cross onto the head of Dean Thomas who flicked it into the back of the net in the 35th minute.

Holyport regrouped as a result of the equalising goal but neither side could manage to score again before the break.

More front running by Aston Robinson an Dean Thomas created problems for the Holyport defence in the second half but Luke Axton-Hall received a yellow card after a clumsy tackle. Dan Dudman tried hard to put his name on the result sheet but Matt Collis foiled the attempt.

Holyport looked a sharper side but that was because the style of play contrasted with Finchampstead tactics.

Although they broke through several times throughout the second half, Finch defended grittily with more than their fair share of luck One cracking shot hit the bar from a deflection and the lines were eventually cleared after a while. With the clock running towards the end, Nick Rumsby reached the Holyport penalty area with a long clearance Aston Robinson collected and with no hesitation sealed the game with his 87th minute goal. Finchampstead gained 3 points and look forward to visiting Bisley Sports next Saturday in the Hellenic league.

Captain Scott Bursill is still out injured as are, Tom Hopper, Anthony Parson and Danny Isaeuw.


Rumsby (GK), Wright, Carter, Prentice, Axton-Hall, Warner, Dudman, Wyatt, Robinson, Hogg, Thomas,

Subs: Knight, Ryan. Hopper injured during warm up.

Attendance 60.

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