Fluidix Changelog

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Fluidix Changelog
1.0.0: February 13, 2014

  • Initial version.

1.0.1: March 9, 2014

  • Added parameter “i” to FUNC_LINK as the index of the link in the link set.

  • Added function getLinkCount() to return the number of links in a link set.

  • Changed printed DLL error code to 64-bit integer to avoid compile cast warning.

  • Changed setParticleInfo parameter order so “w_mode” is last, for the convenience of setting radius or color using the default value for “w_mode”.

  • Added newlines in QUIT() messages where needed.

  • Examples are now .txt files instead of .ini and are read directly rather than QSettings to work around windows protecting them from opening without administrator access.

  • Added 64-bit simulation support to Windows. A full version of Visual Studio is required. Both libraries are included in the same package, and the IDE still is 32-bit.

  • Fixed Linux build mode option to select “Match CUDA Installation” by default.

  • Added 32 and 64-bit libraries to both versions of Linux to allow switching between 32 and 64 bit simulation. Note that CUDA is not typically installed ready to compile in the opposite mode, but with a correct configuration, Fluidix will select the correct library at runtime.

  • Fixed bug in IDE, allocating wrong memory size for per-particle data arrays which caused crash when viewing growing particle sets.

  • Added function to specify absolute path to nvcc in Settings. This is currently necessary for Mac, and makes it possible to select between multiple CUDA installations.

  • IDE now loads file in passed parameter, allowing .cu file type to be associated.

  • IDE now loads .cu files when dragged into IDE.

  • Added .cu file association prompt in installer for Windows.

  • IDE code editor now indents selected lines with tab and shift-tab.

  • Implemented “Export Images” checkbox which exports all viewed frames as PNG images while playing, which can be converted to a video using a tool such as VirtualDub.

  • Improved handling of CUDA errors which were causing IDE to quit in certain cases when simulation is stopped and viewer is running.

  • Fixed and improved SPH examples.

  • Added icon for fluidix.exe.

  • Added mapf() macro which maps a value from one range to another.

1.0.2: March 15, 2014

  • Add parameter to Fluidix constructor to select CUDA device.

  • Fixed possible runtime crash affecting only 1.0.1 due to libraries compiled with CUDA 6 used on CUDA 5.5.

1.0.3: April 5, 2014

  • Fixed mapf() macro to prevent overflow.

  • Changed “Analysis” group in Viewer to “Section View”.

  • Improved node order and traversal logic for binary trees. Minor performance gain for Pair, Inside, Surface, and Collision interactions.

  • importModel() now reads triangle data directly from STL instead of auto-generating triangles from cycles of edges. If the link set changes, triangle data will be regenerated.

  • Since importModel() now uses the actual triangle list, the normal of each triangle is as specified in the model, improving display for semi-transparent meshes.

  • Removed initializeMesh() since it is no longer needed.

  • Fixed memory allocation bug related to crash with dynamic links and Vertex interactions.

  • Fixed vector-triangle intersection algorithm to work at very small length scales.

  • Fixed getParticleBox() to return the correct bounding box instead of the slightly padded box used internally.

  • Added peridynamics example.

1.0.4: June 15, 2014

  • Added Mac OSX support (tested on OSX 10.9).

  • Added settings for selecting font and size for interface, editor, and console.

  • Linux 32-bit installer removed. The IDE no longer supports 32-bit mode, but compiling 32 or 64-bit simulation executables can be done using –m32 and –m64 nvcc flags. Note that nVidia plans to remove 32-bit Linux support from CUDA soon.

  • Fixed second derivative weight functions in SPH examples.

  • Added setOutputFrameStart() to control the output frame numbers to allow simulations to be executed in parts and grouped together.

  • Added “Invert Background” checkbox on viewer to allow white background images.

  • Updated CUDA required version to 6.0.

1.0.5: January 24, 2015

  • Added Maxwell support and forward compatibility for newer GPUs.

  • Windows installer will recognize CUDA 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 as a valid prerequisite.

  • For Windows, the installer now includes VS Community 2013 instead of VS Express 2012. This is free and fully supported by CUDA 7. It has been tested to work with CUDA 6.5 also.

  • The installer currently includes the network installer for CUDA 7 RC, and it will be updated when CUDA 7 is officially released.

  • Because VS Community 2013 supports 64-bit compiling, and Fluidix no longer works with CUDA 7 in 32-bit mode, Fluidix no longer supports 32-bit mode.

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