Flood warning system grants

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45150445-1504.  Flood warning system grants

A.  The director may grant monies from the flood warning system fund established by section 45-1503 either by advancing monies or by making reimbursements to local entities eligible for flood warning system assistance under this article to defray the cost to the local entity of the following:

1.  Plan and design of a flood warning system.

2.  Purchase of equipment necessary to install a flood warning system.

3.  Installation of flood warning system equipment.

4.  Initial operation of the system including hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and system calibration.

B.  On application, the director shall make a full and careful investigation of the qualifications of the applicant and the proposed project.  The director shall determine whether the proposed flood warning system would provide meaningful flood warning and is in the best interest of this state.

C.  No grant may be for more than seventy-five per cent of the cost of equipment necessary to install the flood warning system.

D.  Each grant shall be evidenced by an intergovernmental agreement between the local entity and the director, acting on behalf of this state.

E.  Grants may be awarded subject to this article in the manner and on the terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the director.  Grants made pursuant to this article are exempt from title 41, chapter 23.

F.  The director shall not grant any monies from the flood warning system fund to a local entity in an area for which the appropriate public agency has failed to adopt and enforce for its area of jurisdiction floodplain regulations required by title 48, chapter 21.

G.  Grants may be made directly to the director pursuant to this section for the purpose of planning, designing, installing, operating and maintaining a flood warning system.  Grants made directly to the director shall be evidenced by a written scope of work. 451504

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