Final Presentation Guidelines 1357

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Final Presentation Guidelines 1357
Contents presented on 3-sided display board:

Introduction – statement indicating the disability selected, major points of interest (i.e., prevalence and medical) and identifying a strategy to assist the individual with the disability

1-2 page typed paper describing disability

Must have 3 references (online articles, book, journal articles)

May choose any disability either mentioned in the text or found on your own. Provide information describing the disability, prevalence, eligibility, etc.

Abstract of article (not the same article used for the paper – this is separate)

Copy of Article (should focus on a strategy or assistive device that is helpful to the population you selected to write about in your 1-2 page paper)

Description of strategy – can use graphics to display on poster board

Statement introducing strategy

Why it will be helpful

In what area will it be helpful?

Pictures of strategy or materials for strategy

Procedures for implementing strategy

Materials needed to implement strategy

Research supporting strategy – Who’s used it in the past, was were the results

Cost of strategy

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