Fbaati-25/ 79 /2011-12 circular to members # 18

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FBAATI-25/ 79 /2011-12 CIRCULAR TO MEMBERS # 18

November 28, 2011

Loadshedding update
Yesterday, Sunday November 27, 2011, we received the following SMS message from Syed Adnan Sami, General Manager, KESC FB Area; that was promptly circulated amongst members:
“Revised schedule for load shedding in industries from Sunday 27 November 2011 will be as follows:
4 hours x 2 Cycles: 10 am to 2 pm 6 pm to10 pm”
Later on, we received an email message from Mr. Abdus Sami, Deputy Chief Operating officer (Distribution), KESC Region-4; which reads as under:
“ There seem to be a confusion regarding load shed plan for Industrial consumers. Yesterday my GM sent you an update on the LS plan for Industries for Sunday. As per agreement reached in yesterday's meeting at Governor House, KESC will not shed load for Industries starting from Monday tomorrow provided SSGC supply at least 180MMCFD. We are optimistic that adhering to the agreement, we will get the gas as above and consequently there would be no load shed in Industries. Hope it clarifies the situation.”
Earlier on Saturday after the final round of talks at the Governor House, the Federal Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources Dr. Asim Hussain announced that a decision had been taken to end the industrial loadshedding forthwith as reported in daily Dawn. However, he added, loadshedding in residential areas would be curtailed to a maximum of four hours a day.
He told the media that loadshedding in industrial areas during December would be carried out only on Sundays. “ this has been decided because of a paucity of gas in the country,” he added. He said that the KESC would be provided with 180 MMCFD gas while it would try to resolve its circular debt issue. He however assured the protesting business community in the city that electricity loadshedding would come to an end by Monday as the government had arranged supply of additional furnace oil to KESC. He also proposed to look into the option of handing over the KESC management to industrialists.

M. Siddique

Secretary General

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