Farmers market week on saturday

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August 8, 2015

CONTACT: Amy Tavalin



NASHVILLE— The Memphis Farmers Market has a lot to celebrate, and Pick Tennessee Products will join the Market for a special media day this Saturday, August 8 to acknowledge both the market’s 10th anniversary year and National Farmers Market Week. Media will have access to the market’s vendors and farmers for interviews, and the market area will provide colorful images and video.
The festivities begin at 8:30 am with live music provided by Bruce Barham until 10 am. Adam Levin will perform from 11 am until 12:20 pm. The Farmers Market Fresh program, a partnership between the market and UT Extension Service, will host cooking demos throughout the day, and children will have the opportunity to merge fresh produce with art using a stamping technique activity on shopping bags. The Memphis area’s Save1Pet organization will be on hand with adoptable dogs to encourage pet adoption and responsible ownership.
August 8 is also the market’s “Subaru Saturday,” featuring fun giveaways from the market’s sponsor, Jim Keras Subaru.
The Memphis Farmers Market is a producer-only outdoor marketplace featuring local farmers and artisans. The market showcases local produce and foods, as well as locally produced kitchen and garden arts and area crafts. The market is open 7 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, thru November 21 this year. Free parking is adjacent to the market.
Who: All media are invited. Local officials are also encouraged to attend.
When: Saturday, August 8 from 7:00am- 1:00pm

Contact: Allison Cook, Executive Director, cell 501-765-4123 or

Where: Memphis Farmers Market, Central Station, G.E. Patterson and South Front St., Memphis, 38103

Contact Amy Tavalin at or 615-390-1609 with any questions.

Pick Tennessee Products is the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s statewide program to connect Tennessee farmers, farmers markets and local food makers to consumers. The program is a free service to Tennessee farmers and is available on the Web at, via mobile app, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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