Explosives Act 1875 Application for Factory or Magazine Licence

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Explosives Act 1875

Application for Factory or Magazine Licence

1. Applicant Details

Applicants Name:

Company Name:




E mail:

2. Full address of proposed factory/magazine


Parish or District Council:


Postal address:

3. Explosives proposed to be stored or manufactured

(Notes 1 & 2)

UN Number:

UN Classification Code:

(To include Class, Division and Compatibility Code)
Name and Description:

Commercial name:

Max quantity (kg) proposed:

4. Draft Licence

Draft licence to accompany application in accordance with Section 6 of Explosives Act 1875, (Note 3), to include the following:

  1. Maps showing boundaries of land, and internal and external distances to be maintained, including: Scaled plan/s of proposed factory/magazine (Typical scale 1/100). Scaled map/s showing site and surrounding lands to a radius of 1km of site, showing all occupied buildings, institutions, factories, works, roads etc.(Typical scale 1/2500) (Note 4).

  2. Situation, character and construction of all mounds, buildings and works connected with the factory/magazine (Note 5).

  3. Nature and locations of processes to be carried out, including locations for storage of explosives, ingredients and dangerous goods. (Note 6)

  4. Explosive limits for each building, machine or process. (Note 4).

  5. Location of each magazine/building of the factory containing explosives, and explosive limit proposed for each magazine/building.

  6. Maximum number of persons (Man Limit) to be employed in each building .

  7. Any special terms proposed by reason of special circumstances

5. Applicant





  1. Deemed explosives; (ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium chlorate, sodium nitrate and nitrobenzene) and explosives pre-cursers (e.g. matrix/UN 3375 substances) should also be included in the schedule.

  2. In event of multiple item storage or manufacture a schedule should be included giving these details. Schedule should distinguish between explosive ingredients and finished explosives in the case of manufacture.

  3. Refer to following sections of Explosives Act 1875 for the legislative process and legal interpretation:

    1. Section 6: Application

    2. Section 7: Local authority assent.

    3. Section 8: Grant & confirmation of licence.

    4. Section 9: Regulation.

    5. Section 10: General Rules

    6. Section 11: Special rules.

  4. Inside and Outside Safety Distances (quantity distances) may be shown in tabular form in the licence or in graphic form on the maps. Initial details supplied will be reviewed by, and discussed with Government Inspector of Explosives regarding appropriate distances to be maintained and explosives limits to be kept.

  5. Construction features affecting explosives safety should be clearly defined including: mounds (traverses), internal partitions, wall/roof/floor construction. lightning protection, electrical specifications. Security measures may be discussed with the Government Inspector of Explosives.

  6. General details of manufacturing and processing steps should be outlined together with the purpose and use of each building/compartment.

Completed form should be submitted to:
Department of Justice and Law Reform

Crime 4

94 St Stephens Green

Dublin 2

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