Executive Officer alan h woodcock tel: 01704 220565 Chairman g batten b. Pharm M. R. Pharm. S. Written by Dr Lisa Manning

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Sefton Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Executive Officer ALAN H WOODCOCK Tel: 01704 220565 Chairman G BATTEN B.Pharm M.R.Pharm.S. Written by Dr Lisa Manning.

NHS Flu Vaccination programme

We sent out a letter asking for contractors interest in providing NHS Flu vaccinations to date we have received 45 replies of interest. If any contractors who have not replied and wish to provide Flu vaccinations and meet the criteria specified in the letter please Email woodcocka125@gmail.com

Local intelligence Network (LIN)


The Local Intelligence Network (LIN) is the arrangement through which designated and responsible bodies come together to share information and intelligence (which could include the concerns or activities of a healthcare professional) with regard to the safe management and use of CDs.The group meet once a quarter to discuss incidents, abuse, criminal activity. The group is chaired by Merseyside LAT accountable officer Dr John Hussey.The police also attend these meeting to share information. They have recently reported young men buying pholcodine linctus and mixing it with lemonade to get a ‘high’. This information is just for you to be aware of young persons purchasing this medication


Here at the LPC we hope to send you up-to-date information to keep you informed in local discussions etc. We would like to send certain communications via Email. Could you please send an email with your name, contractor site and address to:


so that we can add this to our database and ensure you receive all the relevant information




There has been a new EPS project manager for Sefton her name is Alison McIntyre. She is available at alisonmcintyre@imerseyside.nhs.net. And 0151 296 7037

She has advised that they are seeking funding for more IT support so that people can obtain smartcards and that events will be held when funding is secured. She has advised that people start or continue to use their premises card and ensure they are scanning bar-coded scripts (EPS1) as this will ensure the process is speeded up and will ensure you collect relevant data for patients.

She also encourages pharmacists and staff to refresh their knowledge on EPS2 . When practices are due to be switched on and Norwood surgery will be the first in Sefton then IT will contact you and help you through the process.

It’s vital you have all other equipment in place for EPS2 as Knowsley area have more practices going live and those patients could potentially bring their prescriptions into the Sefton area.

Finally we also discussed that EPS2 will involve repeat dispensing for a large number of patients and as such will require the same contractual obligations with regards to asking patients about their disease state, medication and side effects etc.



Diabetes network event


We attended a diabetes network event to look at various aspects of improving the current diabetes pathway used in Sefton. We discussed pharmacy being used at the screening process, in which we could screen patients easily and refer those above a certain blood glucose level and also give health promotional and lifestyle advice. Public Health are interested in meeting to see if a screening service could be funded shortly. Also within the management process we could help with concordance with regards to MURs and NMS, flu vaccinations, health promotion, smoking cessation, lifestyle advice.

There was a lack of knowledge of both the NMS and MUR services from GPs, nurse and secondary care, so it was highlighted as a training issue.

Public Health –

They recently held a meeting with contractors to look at the 6 current services they have taken over from the PCT, we will give you more details on these in the next newsletter regarding SLAs and reporting


Health checks

This service is commissioned until March 2014 and there will be a decision meeting in October to determine if this service is viable and it may be reduced or expanded to other contractors. We did explain that pharmacists were interested in providing this service and they stated how it had cost a lot of money to set up the service and there were a lot of non engaging pharmacies. Past results show that those pharmacies that engage fully produce great results but for those not fully engaged the service doesn’t work. We reiterated that more pharmacists are realising this to be an important role and hence more likely to engage and we asked for other contractors to be considered for this service. The service payments will increase to £26 and in the future, most public health services will be available much more on an any qualified provider (AQP) footprint, so those pharmacies interested and can train themselves to the service requirements will be eligible for more services. If you have any queries regarding healthchecks email Ruth Duplessis at :Ruth.DuPlessis@sefton.gov.uk


Smoking cessation

Discussions with the service show this is to be continued and that training will be provided in the next 3 months for Champix for those not yet trained. If you have any queries regarding smoking cessation please contact Paula.Bennett@sefton.gov.uk


Provision of MURs at a patient’s home


There may be circumstances where a patient is housebound and is unable to attend the pharmacy premises but would benefit from an MUR. In this instance a contractor may apply to the relevant LAT- Regatta Place to provide an MUR to a specific patient on a specific occasion. Contractors should use the form developed by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) for this purpose. - PREM2 available from their website 

Applications to provide MURs at a patient’s home must meet the requirements of the 2013 Directions and, after considering the facts of each case, will be approved where:

  • it is not possible for the patient to attend the contractor’s premises as they are housebound,

  • the contractor has provided the required information,

  • the contractor is meeting conditions 1 and 2 set out in Direction 4 of the 2013 Directions, and

  • the pharmacist undertaking the MUR has an enhanced DBS certificate (was CRB).

You have to fill one out for each individual that you propose for an MUR 


Provision of MURs over the telephone 


There may be occasions where a contractor wishes to provide an MUR to a particular patient on a particular occasion over the telephone. Provision of the service in this way is not considered ideal by the NHS CB due to the potential for misunderstandings and it will not be possible to, for example, assess inhaler technique. Approval of such applications will therefore only be given in exceptional circumstances, e.g. a distance selling premises contractor identifies a patient living 100km away who would benefit from receiving the service, or a housebound patient requires an MUR.

Where a contractor wishes to apply to provide an MUR to a particular person over the telephone, they should use the PREM2 form also.

Applications to provide MURs over the telephone must meet the requirements of the 2013 Directions and, after considering the facts of each case, will be approved where:


  • the contractor has provided the required information,

  • the contractor is meeting conditions 1 and 2 set out in Direction 4 of the 2013 Directions, and

the contractor has put arrangements in place so that the telephone conversation cannot be overheard except by someone who the patient wants to hear the conversation, e.g. the call is made from the area for confidential consultation within the contractor’s premises.


Disclosure and Barring Service certificates – replaces CRB

Where advanced services are provided other than at the contractor’s premises, the NHS CB will require the person providing the service to have had an enhanced DBS check in advance. As this requirement is over and above the 2013 Directions, such checks will be paid for by the AT in whose area the contractor’s premises are included. If you require a DBS certificate then contact COM on 01512967093 and allow time for this to be produced. 

Enhanced DBS certificates will be required in advance of approval being given. Where the pharmacist already has such a certificate in connection with providing NHS services, a further certificate is not required. However the NHS CB reserves the right to request a further certificate where it has reasonable cause to do so.

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