Eugene Ronin – 10+ years of it management experience

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Eugene Ronin – 10+ years of IT management experience.

Eugene Ronin

Kharkiv, Ukraine,


December 2011, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Interested in position:

Head of Branch,

Development Director

Background information

I started my career as a software developer, but quickly switched to management because of good communication skills. In 2003 my brother Victor and I started our own software outsourcing company Palmosters Development Team, in which I was CEO for six years. As our company grew, I was engaged in all kind of management issues – HR, project management, budgeting, etc. In 2008 Palmosters DevTeam (rebranded as Mobile Effort) was sold to QuickOffice company. In 2009-2011 I worked for several IT companies as Development and Administrative Director.

My knowledge of a starting up software development companies can be very useful for launching new branches and offices. I’m extremely loyal employee and I will be a valuable addition to the growing company.

Skills and abilities

  • Starting up and development of software companies.

  • Technical background (software development and project management experience).

  • Teaching and instructing experience.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • 50+ completed projects.

  • Verbose mindmap of my skills and experience is shown on page 4.

Position of Responsibility

Chief Administrative Officer, Project Manager, “Alice Inc”

2.2011 — 11.2011

  • Negotiations and bargaining.

  • Development formal procedures for office management.

  • Management of new office place search/rent/redesign/company moving.


  • Development team has moved to new office in time.

  • Developed a list of formal procedure documents for streamline office management.

Position of Responsibility

Freelance consultant/project manager

7.2010 — 1.2011

  • Budgeting and creating of business plan.

  • HR management,

  • Project management,


  • 2 mobile software project completed at time.

  • Building small team of experienced mobile software developers.

Position of Responsibility

Head of Branch, UkrGermanEnterprise GmbH

5.2009 — 6.2010


  • Starting the company branch from scratch.

  • Building professional and experienced development teams (PHP, Ruby, mobile development)

CEO of UGE GmbH hired me to create the Kharkov branch of the company. At the beginning, it was a small branch with PHP-oriented development, but later we also created Ruby and Mobile (Bada, Android) development teams. After the successful completion of these tasks I left the company because the goals of my contract were achieved.

Position of Responsibility

Freelance consultant and business analyst.

6.2008 — 4.2009

  • Startup and IT company consulting.

  • Business analysis.


  • Launched five different development teams (mobile development, Web)

Position of Responsibility

CEO and co-owner, “Mobile Effort”

11.2003 — 05.2008

CEO, co-founder and co-owner.

  • Launch of the company.

  • Budgeting.

  • HR management.

  • Customer communications and reporting.

  • Project management.


  • The foundation of the company and its growth from 3 to 25+ employees without external investments.

  • Organization of a team of mobile software developers experienced in all major mobile platforms – Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry OS, Symbian, PalmOS.

  • 50+ successfully finished projects. Happy customers in ten countries including USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Korean Republic, Australia.

  • Assets and team were sold to Quick Office.

We started Palmosters DevTeam in 2003 (in September 2007 it was renamed as Mobile Effort). It was a small garage team of developers and we were mostly engaged in the PalmOS software development. After several interesting projects we earned a good reputation as reliable and experienced mobile software developers. After a year of work we expanded our staff to ten employees. Also we started to support two other major platforms – Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS. At the end of 2007 Mobile Effort had about 30 employees and we were active in development for all major mobile platforms — WM, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone.

As the CEO I was doing a range of management and administrative tasks – HR, Project Management, Accounting and financial management.

In 2008 I decided to sell the company and switched to another project. On 2008/05/31 the main assets were sold to Kharkiv Branch of Quick Office. The Mobile Effort trademark was sold separately to a small Ukrainian company.

Position of Responsibility

Project Manager of ASP.NET, Viacom/SST

01.2003 — 10.2003

    • 10 developers in my team.

    • 2 completed projects.

    • Communications with foreign customers.

Older Positions


  • Web administration teacher and consultant, IST Institute («IST», Kharkiv)

  • Chief Editor, Official website of World Chess Champion Alexandra Kostenyuk

  • Chief Game Editor, Desigh Studio «SPO»

  • Youth club administrator, instructor. Simha/Sohnut Youth club.


Kharkov State University of Electronics

09.1994 — 05.1999

Master of Computer Science, 1999, Diploma with distinction.

The faculty of Software design for computers and automated systems.

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