Environmental Impact Assessment report

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The Local Road improvement PROgram in inner Mongolia


Genhe to mangui section
Environmental Impact Assessment report


December 2006

The local road improvement PROgram in inner Mongolia


Genhe to mangui section

Environmental Impact Assessment report

Accepting Unit: Inner Mongolia Environmental Sciences Academy

The Director: Du Junfeng

Responsible Person: Lu Qianzhong Senior Engineer Certificate number: A14010012

Compiler: Lu Qianzhong Senior Engineer Certificate number: A14010012

Li Xiaoxia Engineer Certificate number: A14010007

Liu Dongmei Senior Engineer Certificate number: A14010011

Tao Li Senior Engineer Certificate number: A14010004

Zhao Jiaming Senior Engineer Certificate number: B14070186
Check: Du Junfeng

Co-operator: Hulunbeier City Environmental Monitoring Station

The Director: Wu Shuozhu

1. General

1.1 Cause of the Task

Communication is an important infrastructure and basic industry of civil economy, as well as basic conditions of improving social development. Expediting infrastructure construction, which is a main measurement of the strategy developing the west part of China, plays a very important role in improving economic development of jumping-off and depressed area, production and consumption environment of countryside and pasturing areas, and living conditions of farmers as well.

The highway possessed by Inner Mongolia is fairly less. The length of highway per million square kilometers is only 1/3 of national average level, even much lower in needy areas. Inner Mongolia “The Local Road Improvement Program” (LRIP) will be constructed in terms with the following standards:

  • To promote local products commerce of needy areas

  • To solve the problems of education and medical treatment for the local residents of needy areas

  • To improve communication in port areas

Considering above principles, IMCD and Hulunbeier city selected 12 roads, which needed to be improved. Through screening, six roads are given the priority to be this “The Local Road Improvement Program” (LRIP).

The reconstruction highway from Genhe to Mangui is a subject of the Local Road Improvement Program.

The project is situated in Hulunbeier city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The existing road belongs to grade IV, being upgraded to grade III with total length of 263.3km.

The project area is a needy city of state level and autonomy region level. Accomplishing the project will be significant to quicken the local economy, improve the production and living environment of inhabitants.

According to the stipulations of the environmental protection administration of construction projects, issued by the State and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the stipulations of environment impact assessment for the building or developing projects financed by the World Bank, an environmental impact assessment report for the Genhe-Mangui highway need to be carried out. Entrusted by Inner Mongolia Communication Department, Inner Mongolia Environmental Sciences Academy undertook the environmental impact assessment of the project.

In accordance with the opinions of Inner Mongolia Environment Protection Bureau and expertise of World Bank, the professional personnel has written up the environmental impact assessment report for this project.

1.2 Aims of Working Out the Project

1. Through investigation and assessment of the natural, ecological and social environments of the to-be-built project areas, to analyze and forecast the various impacts and extents possible for the project to bring about to the environments during and after the project construction period.

2. To put forward practical environment protection measures, plans of environment protection and of environment monitoring so as to reduce or eliminate unfavorable effects brought about by the project.

1.3 Basis for Working Out the Report

1. "Management Methods for Construction Project Environment Protection"

2. "Some Opinions on Construction Project Environment Protection"

3. “Management Methods for Traffic Building Project Environment Protection"

4. "Notice concerning Strengthening Management Work of International Financial Organization Credit Project Environmental Impact Assessment."

5. "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Environment Protection Rules".

6. "Implementation Detailed Rules of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region building Project Environment Protection Management Methods"

7. "World Bank Work Guides for Environment Protection"

8. "Guiding Principles 4.01 of World Bank and Attached Articles"

9."Feasibility Research Report of the Project of the Genhe-Mangui highway."

10. "Mandate about the EIA of Genhe-Mangui highway".

1.4 Assessment Scope and Standard

1.4.1 Assessment Scope

1. Atmosphere Environments

The areas on both sides of the highway within 200m far away from it.

2. Noise Environments

The areas on both sides of the highway within 200m far away from it

3. Ecological Environments

Current situation investigation of ecological environments takes 500m limits on both sides of the road as its working scope.

4. Social economy

The assessment range is Genhe City, focusing on area nearby along the both of the highway.

5. Surface water environment

Upper reaches 200 m and lower reaches 1000m of the new building bridge.

1.4.2 Assessment Standard

On the Basis of the ideas of Hulunbeier city Environment Protection Bureau, the standard for the assessment of this project is:

1. Atmosphere: The Class B standards of “Environmental Air Quality Standards” GB3085-1996 are carried out, seen in Table 4.2-1.

Table 4.2-1 Atmospheric Standard Values Unit: mg/m3


Daily average

Hour average









2. Noise: “Environmental Noise Standards of Urban Areas “GB 3096- 93 is carried out (Inhabitants: Class 4, Schools: Class 1). Seen in Table 4.2-2.

Table 4.2-2 Environmental Noise Standards Values Unit: dB(A)










3. Surface Water: The Grade III of Surface Water Environment Quality ( GB3838-2002 ), as follows table 1.4-3.

Table 1.4-3 Surface Water Environment Quality (GB3838-2002 ) Grade III





Petroleum Products


Standard Value






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