Enlarging district boundaries

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48131148-1311.  Enlarging district boundaries

A.  At any time after the district has been formed, the district may adjust its boundaries by a vote of the board and upon approval of the council pursuant to subsection B.

B.  To expand the district all producers in the expansion area must petition the council to be included in the district.  Within thirty days after receiving the petition the council shall notify all cotton producers in the district and the expansion area of the receipt of the petition and of a hearing on the petition.

C.  The council shall hold the hearing as provided by the notice to receive oral and written comments favoring and opposing the proposed expansion.

D.  The council shall announce its finding within thirty days after the hearing and either approve or deny the expansion.

E.  If the council denies the expansion:

1.  Within ten days the council shall state in writing the reasons for denial.

2.  The proponents of expansion may submit a new petition to the council at any time.

F.  A decision by the council to approve the expansion is final. 481311

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