English Bill of Rights

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English Bill of Rights 1689
The Bill of Rights was designed to control the power of kings and queens and to make them subject to laws passed by Parliament. This concession by the royal family has been called the "bloodless revolution" or the "glorious revolution."

  1. King can’t suspend laws without consent of parliament

  2. King can’t make or execute laws

  3. No courts focused upon religious matters

  4. No taxes without consent of parliament

  5. Right of subjects to petition the king

  6. No standing army within the kingdom during peace time without consent of parliament

  7. Protestants may have arms for suitable defense

  8. Free elections for parliament

  9. Freedom of speech, debate or proceedings within parliament

10. No excessive bail, fines or unusual punishments

11. Trial by jury of freeholders

12. No fines or forfeitures before prosecution

13. Parliament shall meet to redress grievances and amend,

strengthen and preserve laws.

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